We’re Not Hitting The Sun & Sand Without These And You Shouldn’t Either

Yes, beach. Yesssss.

Traveling is the best thing to splurge on because it’s the only thing you purchase that makes you richer. Someone really cool said (something like) that. Nothing beats jet-setting to someplace tropical (right??) and something we love almost just as much is finding out what everyone loves traveling with. Yeah, we’re nosy. Not in the airplane routine/flight necessities way, but what key pieces are going to save them when at their destination. Just so it’s fair, we thought it would be fun to share ours.


Bikini Separates

It’s way too hard to find a high-fashion affordable ethically-made, eco-friendly bikini. Just when we thought it was a pointless feat, we discovered LÉ BUNS. It’s an Australian brand (surprise, surprise…not. Aussie’s make some of the best stuff) after our own hearts. First of all, don’t you love the name? So cheeky (pun definitely intended).

When it comes to packing for a getaway, minimalism is paramount. The less we pack, the better. What we also love about LÉ BUNS’s collection is that every piece is simple, versatile, and made well. If you’re into packing light you know how important interchangeable pieces are. A monochrome color palette also helps increase the utility of each piece.

Their commitment to social responsibility starts with exclusively using 100% regenerated materials to make their swimsuits, but doesn’t end there. You don’t have to worry about this brand relying on sweatshop labor or employing any other despicable labor practices to make their designed-in-Melbourne swimwear separates. Usually when we see manufactured in Indonesia on a label, we haul ass in the opposite direction. But LÉ BUNS guarantees that each piece is made ethically in Bali. They exclusively work with boutique family owned facilities that conserve water and energy use. To top it off? They have a strict no-waste philosophy, so strict that not even cuttings or scraps are thrown away at the manufacturing facilities. They’re given to local orphanages so they can use them to make dolls. Like authentic rag dolls, guys. So sweet.


Travel candles

By now you know we’re candle-obsessed so obviously we need candles wherever we go. Not only are we extremely sensitive to foreign smells and adore anything mini-sized, but we also love how lighting a votive makes you feel at home even if you’re thousands of miles away. We were trying to stick it out and not burn these babies before our first getaway this year, but failed miserably. But at least we get to tell you about them, right?

In case you’ve never heard of one of the best niche candle companies out here (that’s what we’re here for), get ready to indulge yourself in a few sensory gems. So (obviously) Brooklyn Candle Studio is based in the 718 and what’s not cool that comes from Brooklyn? Exactly. These days we’re all about supporting locally-produce everything, but that’s not where the goodness ends. BCS’s candles smell incredible and burn evenly.

These gold travel versions come in a gorgeous gold 4oz can and some seriously yummy scents. Wild peony, rose botanica, and Japanese citrus sound dreamy, right? If you get super stressed out when you travel, you can also pick up their CALM set, which includes scents like lavender and green tea. Just in case you don’t have any trips planned this year yet, don’t worry — traveling to your parents’ house for the weekend totally counts. Stuff two of these babies in your weekender and let them help you wind down after your mom gets on your last nerve during dinner. Sound like a plan?

Brooklyn Candle Studio also offers (this is so cool!) a monthly subscription service so you can have fresh ready-to-burn candles ready sent straight to your door. Come on, does life get better than that? Talk about luxury. You can opt to get their deluxe, apothecary, or mason jar candle of the month dropped right at your doorstep.


‘What’s Your Motto’ Hat

You’ve seen those super cute motto straw hats all over Instagram and Pinterest, right? Well, they’re the perfect beach accessory because don’t we all forget to reapply our sunscreen every two hours? Even though we have a deep golden complexion, we’re still religious with applying moisturizer that contains SPF daily, yup, even in winter. At the beach? We need extra assistance. Cue a gorgeous, statement-making wide-brim topper.

Hat Attack is seriously one of our favorite brands for fashion travel essentials. We already confessed to /our obsession with their amazing beach bags/, so it’s only natural that we do the same with their hats. They, of course, are a hat brand after all.

So, not only has HA nailed making high-quality pieces that incorporate trends into their designs but not making them so trend-based that by your next getaway it’s so old news, but they’re also making avoiding harsh UVB rays effortless (lazy people, this is where you want to pay attention, k?) by incorporating UPF technology into some of their designs. Do you know what mean means? Don’t worry about googling it, we did the research for you.

Our favorite designs with the UPF technology are the What’s Your Motto hats. You can get cute sayings on your hat like, “Privacy Please,” or “Rosé All Day,” or our personal favorite from Hat Attack’s range, “Get Lost.” When you see a creeper coming all you gotta do is tip your head down. Speaking is overrated. Plus, as soon as you say something, they think you’re ‘just playing hard to get’ when you reject them.


Sunless tan

We’re just going to put it out there — our legs are (at least) three shades lighter than our face.  Seriously. Our face is always saying, “just got back from St. Tropez, bitches,” while our legs be like, “we’ve been trapped in this igloo for weeks, will we ever make it home?” It’s pretty tragic.

Other thing is that we have really sensitive skin and okay, we just don’t like sun tanning. After ten minutes, we’re done. So if you’re like us and you like to tan safely, or if you have a mismatched complexion and like to make your legs, arms, face, and anywhere else on your body all match, you probably love a good cream tanner. Introducing your to Luna Bronze, the sunless tanning geniuses.

We graduated from using a drugstore brand to using Luna Bronze, which is cruelty-free, all natural, organic, and vegan (!) and couldn’t be happier. LB is based Down Under (like why are all Aussie brands so amazing?!) and have three main products in their minimal range. There’s Nourish, the daily moisturizer that’s not going to get your any color, but perfect to keep your skin well moisturized, plus it smells like a citrus dream. Next up is Glow, LB’s gradual tanning moisturizer (our favorite). This you use every day to get the exact glow you want, from subtle to intense. It contain coconut and rosehip oil, which are only the best oils for your skin. Last up is Radiant, their self-tan lotion. If you’re wondering what the difference between the last two is, while the Glow is perfect to achieve a super natural-looking sunless tan over the course of a few weeks, Radiant is for instant bronzation, you know, a short cut.

The trio is for all skin types and are best when used together. (You can buy them bundled in a cute set here.) BTW, LB has such a gorgeous Insta feed filled with so much beach bum inspo, you should definitely follow them. But make sure it’s not taco Tuesday, k? There’s so much tone and definition, you might get your feelings hurt.


New You Mask Pack

If you don’t love face masks, are you even a girl?

Never travel without a stash of sheet masks ever again, k? Traveling, whether it’s from a long flight or just being away from your normal skincare routine for a few days to a week, can really have a detrimental effect on your skin. A good way to make sure your skin doesn’t freak out from the stress, is to always have a mask handy, but who wants to travel with a jar? This is why you should always pack a couple sheet masks. Right now, we can’t get enough of Trefiel.

Discovered this brand on Instagram. Literally had to see what they were about after seeing girls with half their faces covered in what looked like gorgeous black lace masquerade masks. Trefiel only makes sheet masks — so you know they’re good — and there’s one for every kind of skin issue.

We’re taking the entire New You collection with us so we have options, but if you only try one, definitely go with the Brightening Hydromask. It’s designed to reduce redness and blitz pimples, which basically means in 20 minutes you’ll have a selfie-ready glow that will have everyone thinking you’re pregnant. And that’s not all. Get this guys: the Hydromask can be rinsed and reused! Yup, give it a gentle rinse and you can reuse it, so you literally get two masking sessions in one. What more could you ask for in a mask?


Perfume oil

You can’t travel without a fragrance. You just can’t. We have to share our love for a niche fragrance brand that we’re currently loving.

MCMC is run by two sisters (yay) in Brooklyn (double yay) and their mission is to create original scents with only the best ingredients. (Translation:) Every perfume is carefully crafted in small batches and bottled by hand by their in-house production team. So nice, right?

We love their perfume oils for traveling because the size is perfect. The perfume oils are also diluted in fractionated (odorless) coconut oil, so when you apply them with the rollerball, it feels luxuriously silky. MCMC fragrances are also perfect if you want to smell amazing but don’t have $100 to spend on a perfume.

Check out our favorite scents in the edit below.


Designer sunnies

We don’t get cheap sunglasses. Instead of having twenty pairs that break easily and are ill-fitting at best, we’d rather have two well-made frames that can either camouflage the remnants of a long night or take any basic look to the next level — get you a pair that does both, babes. We were in love with Illestevas way before we even realized that some of their handmade designs are eco-friendly. Yup, they’re one of the few brands proving that sustainable fashion is not an aesthetic.

How are the sunnies good for the planet you ask? Select frames have a 100% biodegradable structure and an organic, sustainable acetate made from repurposed cellulose flake and plasticisers. Sounds a bit technical, but these made-to-last (they’re really sturdy) are sunnies that won’t end up in a landfill so by getting a pair to go in your beach bag, you’re doing a little to help the planet.

If you’re familiar with the brand already you know their do-good efforts don’t come at the sacrifice of design. They also have some really cool collabs with the likes of Jordan Dunn, Zac Posen, and Jennifer Fisher.

BTW, the two made-well frames we’re currently coveting and will have to pick up before our next getaway: the Leonard II in Tortoise and the Positano in White Tortoise with Silver Mirrored Lenses.


SPF25 Sun Cream Cell Protection

We ranted about sun protection so we had to let you know the SPF we’re loving, right? You will find no shortage of anti-aging beauty products on the market. Most are useless because signs of aging cannot be reversed (sorry), but they can be prevented. And we all know the best way to prevent aging is protecting yourself from the sun’s harsh rays.

The first time we tried Susanne Kaufmann’s natural and organic body care range we fell in love. She has this body gel that’s going to be divine for the hot and sweaty months straight ahead and an unbelievably thin, but moisturizing hand cream that we tote around everywhere. When we saw a beauty editor raving about her SPF, we knew it had to be equally as good.

This formula is great because it can be used for the face and body, who doesn’t love a good multitasker? All of SK’s products are tested by pro derms so we knew we could trust this one. The light formula is perfect for heading to the beach so we can’t wait to chuck it in our bag. Yes, it’s definitely pricey, but you only need a very small amount every two hours when in direct sunlight.

**FTC: No monetary compensation was received for this post, however some products mentioned above were sent to us. Opinions are 100% our own, of course.**

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