This is where looking gorgeous and living consciously collide. We’re resetting what it means to be socially responsible and the two most essential areas are up first: curating a covetable, yet conscious wardrobe and an equally lust-worthy clean and cruelty-free beauty cabinet.


Think of GOCO as a handy online dossier packed with everything you need to know about embracing a more minimal, conscious, and ethical lifestyle without sacrificing aesthetics or quality. Our vision? To keep sustainable and cruelty-free fashion, skincare and makeup relevant, bridge the gap between luxury and compassion, and prove that looking gorgeous and living more consciously are not mutually exclusive concepts.

Everything on GOCO is vetted to the best of our ability to ensure that nothing contains animal products or has been tested on animals. We do our best to make sure that nothing on our site contains leather, fur, wool, down, silk, and byproducts like honey, and beeswax. We also do the best we can to avoid featuring items that contain traces of animal byproducts in the form of glues, dyes, and other chemicals, but unfortunately due to the lack of transparency common in these industries, we cannot always guarantee that these trace chemicals are completely absent in 100% of the products we list.

We (we’re twins and yes, we share all our clothes/beauty products) live by an unapologetic commitment to helping modernize the perception of leading a more intentional life. Veganism, minimalism, and consciousness is not weird. Annihilating the, “Oh, you’re one of those types” stigma that’s attached to this refined lifestyle is our top priority. None of us will ever be perfect. We certainly aren’t and will never pretend to be, but that’s not what we’re about. Growth, evolution, and progress are the cornerstones of GOCO. We hope this community inspires you to live a high-quality, well-curated, and meaningful life.

GOCO is more than a blog; it’s a way for us to connect with all of you. So come on, join the movement and #beGOCO.

GOCO is based in New York City, with readers all over the world.

And hey, now that you know more about us, what do you say we take our relationship to the next level? You know, be friends with benefits? You can also join over three hundred other girls like you who have taken our signature masterclass, “Your Ideal Wardrobe” with the button below. It’ll change your closet forever.



So what’s your story? Don’t be shy!


My closet is shit

Do you hate everything in your closet…like to the point if your place burned down you wouldn’t even shed a tear over the loss of your current wardrobe? Sounds like you need to rebuild your wardrobe with versatile pieces, adopt a minimalist philosophy (it’s probably not what you’re thinking it is), build a style uniform that you love, and dare we say it, go on a shopping detox.

I’m so over fast fashion, ugh!

Your goal is to curate a beautiful fully functional wardrobe filled with high-quality pieces that you feel confident and inspired in on the daily, huh? Definitely check out our “Quit Fast Fashion Series,” starting with the first installment and working your way to the most current. But after you quit, you’re going to need to rebuild you wardrobe and the best way to ensure you make all the right decisions and embrace the strategies and philosophies that will help you curate your most perfect wardrobe, you should definitely sign up for our free 10-day masterclass, “Your Ideal wardrobe. Sign up here!

I want a cruelty-free top shelf

Glad you agree with us that testing beauty products on animals is disgusting and are willing to do something about it. First, this is everything you need to know about WTF cruelty-free beauty actually means. If you want a full guide to transitioning from conventional beauty products, here’s the shortcut. You can also shop some of our favorite brands and products in our curated online shop.

Read a cool post, want more

Now that’s what we like to hear! Here are a few of our favorite posts: that time when we put ethical-but-not-ethical brands on blast for using animal skins in their collections. This is when we broke down how CPW *really* works. Want to know how to never regret an expensive purchase again? These are our favorite affordable (and super luxe) candles. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss a post!


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I'm new here

+  What does GOCO stand for?

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+  What does it mean to be a conscious shopper?

+  How large should my wardrobe be?

+  My closet is a hodgepodge of randomness. Any quick fixes?

+  What's the best way to be more conscious with fashion?

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General inquiries

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