The Sleek, Stylish Bad-Weather Boots Your Closet Is Dying For

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By: Amber

First of all, how incredibly hard is it to find a stylish pair of rain boots? It’s borderline impossible, so when we stumbled upon the Alice + Whittle’s collection and perused the minimal designs, we had to get a pair ASAP.
Nowadays, the trend is for brands to be more transparent. We would be super excited about that except lots of brands like to cut corners or even worse, put up a “we’re conscious” facade purely to draw people in when, in truth, they haven’t fully committed to being socially responsible. They just want us to think they have.
We’ve seen a lot of greenwashing lately because, well, it’s the thing to do. Even brands that are the poster children for sustainability and transparency have flaws somewhere down the line, most often their supply chain. Alice + Whittles is the antithesis. Yes, guys. We’ve found a fashion brand that not only puts out gorgeous designs, but isn’t putting on a show when it comes to sustainability and for sure doesn’t sacrifice on style. We got founders, Sofi and Nicholas, to break it down for you. Keeping reading for her thoughts on the mainstream fashion industry and find out what Stella McCartney has to do with all this.

What transparency *actually* looks like

“When we decided to launch Alice + Whittles, we knew that an important factor was understanding how the product was made was of utmost importance. In Sri Lanka, we immerse ourselves in both the rubber community and in research to better understand the complexities of production. We never use middlemen, we spend time in the region getting to know the factories, owners and workers so that we know people at every level of our supply change. This is time consuming, but a critical part of our business model.”

On their commitment to social responsibility

“Alice + Whittles partners with NGOs, factories and communities that have the specializations we need and who work together to create our product line. For our rubber collection, Alice + Whittles works with the Fair Rubber Association to ensure that proceeds from the sale of each boot is benefiting the living and working conditions of communities whose livelihoods depend on the rubber forests. And our rubber is only sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified and sustainably-managed forests.
We spend weeks out of the year on the ground, vetting each level of the supply chain ourselves and understanding the community and lives of our workers. Alice + Whittles is about empowering and creating self-sufficient communities by supporting communities at every stage of our value chain, which is how we see the social sustainability piece of our company.”

You really can help make a change

“The fashion industry is a trillion dollar industry that operates with almost complete impunity around the globe. The industry has the potential to touch million of lives of workers in a positive way. Embracing ethically-made fashion is a small, yet powerful way to make incremental changes in a world filled with inequity.”

If you still think ethical fashion is synonymous with ugly

“Tell that to Stella McCartney! Times have changed and we’re thrilled to be one of the companies moving ethical fashion mainstream.”

What’s to come

“We are always thinking of new products to create, however, we take partnerships seriously. We don’t want to just produce lots of “stuff.” We would rather spend the time reviewing our existing lines to make them even better. For example, in 2016 we updated our classic rain boot to an even more minimalist design that removed the metal tab on the back of the shoe with a rubber tab and simplified the creation process for our workers. The natural progression for us would be to continue in footwear but we do have a few surprises in the works!”
Super excited to share the exclusive discount code Alice + Whittles gave us for you guys. If you’re in the US or CA, you can score $15 off your entire order (!) when you use the code: SLOWFASHION. Best part is there is no usage limit (!!) and no end date. Get to shopping now!


Eco-friendly | Natural rubber audited by the Fair Rubber Association
Ethical | Cruelty-free, made in Sri Lanka, HQ’d in Canada
Our top picksMinimalist Black Ankle Rubber BootClassic Black Riding Boot
Price range | $160 – $205

If you’re in need of a new pair of gorgeous rain boots…or just need to upgrade your current pair…definitely shop the selection below!

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