We Just Tried Balmain Hair Couture, And It’s Everything

When you’re dying to join the #BALMAINARMY ranks, but too broke to spend thousands of dollars on a double-breasted blazer.

By: Amber

It’s so rare to find luxe brands that are cruelty-free, so we were elated to find out that the Balmain Hair Couture line does not test on animals. We even shot them an email to verify their CF status to which they responded, “Our products are not tested on animals. Moreover it is illegal.” This news cemented our deep admiration for the French fashion house and without hesitation, we ordered a few from their new haircare range. The line is described as a “unique product line of bare essentials” and we have to say the selects we made definitely lived up to that claim. The fact that aside from the Balmain Paris webshop, you can only buy products from this range from Net-A-Porter just makes it even better because if there’s one thing we’ve been consistently obsessed out of our faces with since its inception is NAP. Now, the receipts…


Yes…just YES for Balmain Hair Couture. This was definitely one unboxing we were excited about. We are not only a self-proclaimed aesthete, but also unapologetic snobs when it comes to the products that we put on our top shelf. The monochrome packing is minimal, but not too parred down; couture without looking cheesy or over-the-top. It’s the perfect blend of simplicity and high fashion. Chic. That’s the obvious word. The brand didn’t stop at aesthetics. They considered function as well, which is always a major plus. The oil has a tiny hole in the top (after your unscrew the cap) that’s perfect so you don’t pour more than you want and waste any. Love that the Revitalizing Mask ($48) comes in a glass jar (!). And the hair perfume’s spray bottle evenly disburses the light product evenly. Beautiful and pragmatic, what more could a girl want?


Anything with Argan in the name is worth trying, right? The stuff is legendary for repairing and protecting from future damage. Which is why we were tempted to try the Argan Moisturizing Elixir, ($45). Texture-wise, this is definitely what you get if oil and serum had a couture baby. Best part about this product is a toss-up between the fact that it’s completely organic and how lightweight it is. The fragrance is identical to the scent of the hair perfume (more on this below), so I love to layer them so the smell is more intense and longer-lasting.

We tried this oil on wet and dry hair, just to see how versatile it was. When we applied it to our dry, straight hair, it added a completely weightless shine, or dare we say glow, because that’s really what it’s like. It was as if our hair was radiating from within. Even though our hair is in a pretty healthy state right now, this elixir made it look ten times more rich and healthy. When we applied it to wet hair – on the ends and roots after deep conditioning – it had more of a built-in effect and worked wonderfully to seal in all the moisture. Compared to other oils that we’ve tried in the past, we don’t think it that much different in terms of performance – this product has pretty basic claims when you strip away all the fancy wording in the products description – but we would still recommend this one over others. So, if you’re looking for a multi-purpose hair oil because you don’t have one yet, we say try this one because the smell is wonderful and it gives lots of shine.

There is nothing sexier or more irresistible than good-smelling hair. We love the idea of a hair perfume because 1.) we’re obsessed with scents, and 2.) perfume lasts the longest when it’s in your hair since, as we all know, hair holds onto odors. (BTW, we’re itching to try Byredo’s hair perfume in Gypsy Water, which to us, is the mother of all hair perfumes). The problem with spraying regular perfume on your hair is that most perfumes have a pretty high alcohol content, which when you apply it to your hair, it can be very drying. For a girl with perpetually dry hair, that’s a big no-no. The scent of the Silk Hair Perfume is not overpowering; it’s quite the opposite, actually, which is not what I was expecting. This is a very light mist of a spray. It’s not heavy or too wet. It’s light and airy and doesn’t weight your hair down at all. It literally makes it feel like silk (I wonder where they came up with the name?). You can barely tell you’ve sprayed it on other than the fact that your hair has this really beautiful, healthy shine. We use it on damp hair so the sensual notes can sink in and last longer, but it’s perfect for dry hair because the formula is magically dry and won’t cause your hair to revert after applying.

Not sure if we love masking our face or our hair more – it’s a toughie. Either way, we have a strong penchant for deep treatments that can be done on lazy Sunday mornings or Friday nights after a long work week (shows you how exciting our typical weekends are.) A hair mask is an essential step in our weekly hair-washing regime. We never skip it. That said, we’re always skeptical of using products from haircare lines that are note specifically geared towards girls with curly/kinky hair because they’re usually not powerful enough to tackle the perpetual dryness. Still, we went in with an open mind and decided to leave the Revitalizing Mask in for 45 minutes versus the 5-10 the jar suggests, as we do with most deep conditioners and masks. Just like the Balmain Hair Couture serum and perfume, the formula is super light despite it’s thick, creamy consistency. So light that we would actually use it twice a week (if it wasn’t $45 a pop). After rinsing, our hair was soft and visibly appeared nourished. We decided not to apply a leave-in conditioner just to test how moisturizing it was alone (paired with the elixir). To our surprise, our hair wasn’t parched like we were expecting. It actually looked super healthy and the fragrance was still there.

Is Balmain Hair Couture worth the money?

Our theory — products that work are worth the money, despite how steep the price tags may be. The same goes for clothes and accessories in your wardrobe, but it’s especially true for what you put in your beauty cabinet because these products are meant to improve, repair, replenish…you know the deal. There is no point in having anything in your collection that does not do a great job. So while these three products are a bit pricey, the fact that they’re beautiful and also do what they say and do it well, they’re worth it. And for a line marketed as luxury products, we’re not mad at them. That said, these certainly may not be your everyday products, but will make perfect go-tos when you want to spoil yourself after a long work week or before a special date. And honestly, as far as luxury goes, there are plenty of other brands that have prices that would make these look like a bargain. So adding in the fact that they’re CF, they’re definitely worth the splurge.

Final rating

Applause goes to Nabil Harlow, Balmain’s Master Hair Designer (what a cool title, right?). Balmain Hair Couture gets a 5 (surprised?) out of 5. We love the packaging, were impressed by the effectiveness of the formulas, and would definitely replace when they run out – or add to our Christmas//Birthday wish lists. Bottom line is this haircare range is luxurious, but simple in a that perfectly French way. Although the line has “couture” in the name, the products are actually easy to use in a RTW to kind of way and great investments in your haircare regime.


Have you tried anything from the Balmain Hair Couture line? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to know how you’ve gotten on with them.

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  • Gillian

    The Balmain Hair Couture Repair Mask is everything! My hair is crazily damaged from all the colours and destructive things I’ve done with it. I applied it for an hour (versus the 5-10 mins suggestion of the product). After I rinsed it, I sprayed the Silk Hair Perfume before I blow dried my hair. And voila! My hair looked alive and healthy afterwards. This is a total HOLY GRAIN status for my hair. Worth every penny!

    • Hey Gillian! So nice to hear the feeling’s mutual! We do the same thing — leave it on for way longer than recommended. We pretty much dedicate an entire Sunday to deep conditioning and love slipping this one in the routine when we’re going to style our hair straight. And love the hair perfume as a subtle leave-in for our daily nighttime routine. Wake up to style and it smells amazing!