How To Bathe Like A Grown-ass Woman

Because, treat yo' self, girl.

By: Dani

There’s something incredibly innately luxurious about bathing. But most of us don’t take the time to do it properly or often enough. We overlook the basic but wonderful pleasure of slipping into warm water, and letting all thoughts go. Even just for twenty minutes. Or maybe you’re like us and judge people who take baths – like, seriously, who takes baths (besides five-year-olds and sore athletes)? More importantly, who has the time to sit around in a tub for thirty-plus minutes, doing absolutely nothing? 

Um, yeah. That’s how we used to sound. Until we decided to give it a chance (of course). To be honest, after doing some perusing online, we were pretty enticed by the lovely scents and pretty packaging (thinking, if this bathing thing doesn’t work out, at least we’ll have some pretty products to dress our bathtub with) and said, what the hell, why not? In the past ten days we’ve taken five baths, which is amazing number one, since we were so against it before. And secondly, it’s a real testament to how much we’ve enjoyed using Osmia Organics’ products. Not to say either one of us has done a complete one-eighty, but after using their bath salts and tea soak, we can see the light from the other side now. That’s the thing; you have to actually try something before you talk shit about it (note to self). We’re still not on Tom Ford’s level with his four-baths-a-day routine, but we get it. Baby steps, people.

One thing we’ve learned in the past two years, starting our own business and all, is that – as cliché as it now sounds – a ritual-esque nighttime routine is essential in keeping the stress away. Baths are perfect for that. But you have to do them right. It’s all about the small, decadent things that will elevate the whole pampering experience. Yes, experience. More on these below, of course.



The necessary extras

First things first – clean your tub. Obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Get on your knees and scrub it down if you have too. Then work on decluttering your countertops if you have unnecessary products/junk/things you’re not using. These things may not seem important but, trust us, it’ll make a big difference in the relaxation factor, which is basically the whole point. And if your bathroom is already in a spa-like state, kudos to you. Either way, music is key. So are candles. So turn down the lights, start burning your favorite scent and set a playlist of your favorite chill songs. May we recommend a few of our go-tos? Justin Bieber, Love Yourself; Kenny G, Songbird; Rihanna, Work (hey, Reggae beats are relaxing); The Weekend; Angel. On second thought, maybe just turn on Apple radio or log in to your Soundcloud, because we’re weird. Then close the door. Shut out the world. Oh, and leave your phone in the other room. Seriously.



The pre-soak prep

Before you slip into the tub, we suggest a short skin prep that will intensify the post-bath glow that is inevitable. This can either be done with dry-brushing – upward circular stroking motions towards the heart – or an emulsified sugar scrub (read: not a salt scrub – they burn sometimes). No idea what the difference between a basic scrub and an emulsified one? Get this one and you’ll see. If you’re lucky enough to have a separate shower/tub situation, you can go right in the shower for a few seconds to rinse off. Otherwise, just slip right into the bath and the leftover scrub will mix with the water to create even more softness and scent. Now onto the good part, the point of all of this.



Of course!

Once you’ve buffed away some dead skin (gross, but oh so satisfying every time), go ahead and start running your bath water. Oh, and don’t know if you know this, but you should never bathe in hot water. We know it’s tempting, but truth is, super steamy water strips away the outermost layer of your skin, aka the epidermis. This causes the skin to become dry and flaky which accelerates the speed of aging, and none of us want that, right?

Anyway, the way to really take your bathing up to the next level is to add some sort of soak or salts to your water. Skip the bubbles if that’s not your thing, but scented herbs are a must. We either use Osmia’s Organic Tea Bath or their Recovery Salt Bath. Both are all-natural and amazing, but our favorite is the Tea Bath, which is made from organic gluten-free oats, roses, flowers and Epsom salts. The Recovery Bath is more medicinal, but don’t worry – it smell doesn’t like Vicks Vapor Rub. It actually has a scent of rich, calming lavender and rosemary. It’s so, so relaxing – our bodies sort of feels like jelly once we step out. You want to add the tea or salts in before the tub is full so the force of the water from the faucet can help blend all the actives with the water. Don’t forget to gently squeeze your tea bag to release the extracts (this is our favorite part because you can see the extracts spread into the water). Then lay back and soak for as long as you want, or until the warm water doesn’t feel good anymore.

Optional: We tend to not add any soap to our baths because we shower in the morning, so there’s really no need. But if you want to double-up, or just in love with the scent of your soap like we are, you can always lather up with their Lavender Shea Soap or Oh So Detox Soap before you hop in.



Because your skin wants it

After soaking in a bath, hydration is key. Even if you do add oils to your bath, sitting in water for a prolonged period of time can leave your skin pretty dry without properly sealing in moisture afterwards. Since we usually bathe at night, we like to go for a full-on butter or cream. And let us tell you, Osmia’s Lavender Body Mousse is the perfect post-bath moisturizer. It’s thick and buttery with no dirty ingredients.

Now you see, there’s really no downside to the whole thing. Afterwards, you’ll have silky soft, hydrated skin, a clear mind, and you’re almost guaranteed to get a good night’s sleep. It’s the lavender, people. Don’t be surprised if you fall asleep in your tub!


If you’ve tried anything from Osmia organics, let us know in the comments section below! Like what you see? Sign up to receive updates straight to your inbox: Sign up here! As always, we’ve curated a special edit below full of Osmia’s products! Have fun perusing!

**FTC: this post is not sponsored. No monetary compensation was received for this post, however products were sent to us. Opinions are 100% our own, of course.**

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  1. I’ve never used Osmia’s products but I love a good bath…makes me sad that my apartment doesn’t have a tub! If I end up somewhere I can soak I’ll have to check them out

    1. Yes, they are soooo relaxing. We have a tub in ours, but it’s a shower/tub combo. Dying for a standalone tub! Sonia also has lots of other body care and skincare goodies that you can check out! Really want to try their Nectar Vital Rose Drops.

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