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By: Amber

That’s so us. To fall in love with the bags from a brand that has “hat” in its name. But seriously, Hat Attack has some gorge hats — and what can we say? When we see a beautiful bag we get mushy and weak. Our penchant for Hat Attack’s bag selection began with most of our current (and probably yours too) obsessions — Instagram. We spied their To The Beach tote and knew we needed it in our collection. It happened to be back-ordered at the time, but we quickly fell in love with two other styles that are going to get us through 2017 travel season in top style.

As with everything we add to our wardrobe, we wanted a bag that was of high-quality, great craftsmanship, and classic enough to last but current enough to turn heads. There were specific requirements for our ideal beach bag. Oh yeah, it was a whole thing.


We wanted straw

Fabric totes are cute, but they’re flimsy and not really our vibe. It was paramount for us to get a bag that was chic, sure, but we also wanted to invest in a high-quality, versatile beach bag that we’ll run to summer after summer, getaway after getaway, a style that transcends trends.

Not only are woven bags cruelty-free and vegan, but they’re also having a moment in the fashion world so there are currently lots of gorgeous styles to choose from. And while they might be the du jour right now, but straw bags, like straw hats, might go out of fashion pretty soon, but as they’ll never go out of style. It’s a classic and classic is always a winner.


It had to be sturdy

Nothing against those filmy bags, but we’ve always gravitated toward bags with structure. We’re also suckers for double-handle bags that can be carried in the crook of our elbows.


Great travel companion

The only way the bag we chose would qualify is if it was large enough to double up as our ‘personal item’ at the airport. This is also another reason why we wanted a more structured bag. With the exception of extended trips, we believe in packing minimally, so only traveling with a hard-side carry-on. That means our extra bag (in addition to our purse) needed to not only be perfect for the sand and waves, but needed to fit our travel accessories as well since we wouldn’t be dragging along a humongous suitcase.


Roomy enough to fit a smaller bag…or two or three inside

Are you that girl who fills all the large handbags with tons of smaller bags. Makeup bag, change purse, emergency kit, snacks (which should count as a secondary emergency kit)? Well, get with the program already. We love doing this because you can switch bags in 2.5 seconds without breaking a sweat.


Had to be photogenic

We’re not even going to front on this one because we know we’re not alone. These days the bar is raised so high that one of the main contemplation points before deciding to purchase something is imagining it in your feed, right?

As you can see, we’re very meticulous shoppers. We don’t believe in buying disposable fashion and replacing things often. We like to invest in staples and statement pieces and get creative playing mix and match. Every purchase is deliberate and a lot of thought goes into each one.

These are the ones we chose:

Seagrass Tote

As the name implies, this baby is made from 100% seagrass straw, which grows near the beach — how appropriate. We love this one because it not only has structure and top handles, but it’s also that classic tote shape, which adds a hint of sophistication.

You’ll be able to fit everything in this bag — your espadrilles, towel, sunscreen, sea salt spray, snacks, a good read, seriously you’ll still have room after all that. The best part is that it’s super strong, but lightweight so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart.

None other than the legend Hubert de Givenchy once said, “Luxury is in each detail.”

The ivory twill ribbon and fringe along the front is super chic and gives this bag a high-fashion edge. When you see the bags up close, you’ll truly appreciate all the meticulous skillful work that has gone into the basket weave pattern. This one also has a convenient inner pocket that’s perfect for your sunnies so they don’t get squished. This one is also lined so it truly feels like a luxury bag. 

Round Handle Tote – Pink

So, you guys know we’re typically all neutrals everything. But we couldn’t resist the gorgeous mix of neon in the tassels of this tote. We love that even though this bag definitely touches on the ubiquitous pom pom and tassels trend, but still has enough classic sensibility to never go out of style. This isn’t a bag you wear one season and forget about next year. If you love the style of this bag, but aren’t into the neon colored tassels (all neutral everything, we feel you) then you will love this one.

If you’re looking for a subtle, but impactful pop of color for the beach, this bag is yours. Just like the Seagrass tote, this one is spacious enough to pile basically your whole life into. There’s definitely plenty of room for a hat too. BTW, a few of our favorites from Hat Attack’s gorgeous range? You can’t get classier than their Natural Braided Sunhat, which is a gorgeous wide-brim floppy hat with a contrast bow that’s ideal for long days at the beach. Their Harbor Pinched Crown Hat is perfect for any sunny day, even when you’re not at the beach. We’re also eyeing their Privacy Please Sunhat because it’s made from Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which means it’s the ultimate companion for a full day in the sun.

Back to the bag — this one is so pretty, you can even style it up with ripped jeans and an easy to to run errands. It adds the perfect touch of coastal vibes so even if you’re not soaking up sun at the beach, you can feel like you are.


Hat Attack has an amazing selection, so you can check out much more of their beach-friendly styles, including their fun clutches over at their site. We’ve included an edit of all our favorites from the brand.

**FTC: No monetary compensation was received for this post, however products were sent to us. Opinions are 100% our own, of course.**

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