Best Of August 2017 (Cruelty-free And Vegan)

Here's something to make you forget about the fact that Summer's ending.

By: Amber x Dani

1. Proof Eyewear Sunnies

Recently have become obsessed with curating the perfect sunnies collection. Three good reasons. One, we currently didn’t have any. Two, sunglasses are seasonless pieces (because who only wears a pair when the sun’s out anymore?) so they’re the perfect pieces to invest in and have multiples of since you’ll get year-round wear out of them. Last, sunglasses are the perfect accessory – shoes size can change and depending on your size it can be a hassle to find it sometimes when shopping and bags are nearly flawless except when you’re committed to a 100% cruelty-free wardrobe it can be nearly impossible to find a high-quality and gorgeous bag unless you send a cavalry for it or something. With sunnies you don’t have to worry about size or getting it stained or an animal having been harmed to make them. Also, they’re generally less of an investment than other accessories and they’re the only accessory that can erase a night of insomnia/crazy drinking in 2.5 seconds.

Proof Eyewear is a really cool company started by three brothers (if you’re like us and you light up when you hear “three brothers,” you can check out them here) who’ve made a collection of sunglasses that are crafted from sustainable sourced materials. We’re in love with Fairview Wood, which is a basic round frame with a keyhole bridge that’s cool enough without being like: “you can’t sit with us.” We love the polarized lenses with UVA/UVB protection, which makes everything look crystal clear even with them on since they remove the glare from the sun and reflected light. There’s even a quote inside that reads: “Leave nothing but footprints.” Don’t you just love that?

The philanthropic boys also have what they call their Do Good Program where they’ve donated over 12% of profits to help various charity organizations that support programs all over the world including El Salvador, Nepal, the Philippines and soon Uganda.

2. Ecocare Organic Facial Wipes in Rose + Chamomile

Ecocare is another one of those all around, good-for-you brands. Good for your skin, and good for the planet. They are made in Britain, classified as Certified Organic by the Soil Association and verified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. Ecocare also make a donation to The ECOCARE Foundation Incorporated from every sale. Their Cardia Biohybrid™ packaging uses renewable content, less plastic and less oil, while the actual wipes are 100% biodegradable.

But on to the good stuff. These wipes! Each pack has 24 soft, 100% certified organic cotton wipes. They are cruelty-free, vegan and contains absolutely no palm oil (so important!). They also don’t leave your skin sticky or any residue behind. And, of course, we have to talk scent. There just isn’t a more soothing scent than chamomile…and then the heartwarming fragrance of fresh-cut roses. Oooooo. These wipes smell. So. Good. Bonus? There’s green tea too! We wish the formula of these wipes could be made into a toner or facial spray. That would be perfect.

3. Soleil Toujours Organic Sunscreen Mist 

Our journey into the natural beauty arena started with just understanding what we we’re putting on our faces and on our bodies. Now is a complete passion – and obsession. It’s become such an endearing and rewarding adventure to see how many great green brands/products we can discover and share with you guys. Well, we’ve got one more for you to add to your to-try list: Soleil Toujours.

We’ve tried four products from their line of luxury sunscreens, and while they’re honestly all great formulas, this Sunscreen Mist is our favorite. It contains green tea leaf extract, which has been demonstrated to prevent cancer-causing skin damage and Soleil Toujours’ EcoSunComplex – a 100% natural formulation composed of red algae, vitamin C ester, vitamin E and bisabolol. It’s also water resistant for up to 80 minutes, coral reef safe, has an SPF of 50 (which is impressive on its on), and it’s also a 70% organic formula (which makes it, BTW, the only organic clear sunscreen formula formulated without oxybenzone and octinoxate, both of which have been shown to cause biochemical or cellular level changes & endocrine disruption.

Not to mention the mister on this spray is amazing. You know how relaxed and soothed you feel when you spray a few (or a lot) spritzes of your favorite face mist? Just imagine that feeling all over your body. We love it.

4. Samantha Leibowiez Haley Shoulderless Top

The cold shoulder is one of our favorite silhouettes – it reveals just the right amount of skin in an incredibly elegant way and looks good on everyone. Even before it was a thing, we’ve always said that the most flattering and sensual part of a woman’s body to show off is her décolleté and shoulders. Made from floral-print viscose and elastane, this top is so comfortable. We find that the slightly loose shape looks best tucked into denim.

5. Socialite Clothing

This is all around a great transition piece from a great brand that needs to go on your “Top Brands To Shop From List.” You have one of those, right? If not, this is the perfect time to start curating your dossier and you can start with Socialite Clothing. The collection is filled with well-designed pieces that have just the right balance between luxe and casual. Think a cotton-modal behind tee with a plunge lace-up neck updated with grommets or a rose-hued split-leg jumpsuit with a strappy open back, SoCal vibes. Fittingly, everything is made in LA, which is amazing because we’re super passionate about supporting US-made everything and you should too. Sometimes they get a bad rap for being more expensive, which tends to be fair since these brands don’t skimp on paying their laborers and other unethical practices, but Socialite is a nice exception.

The past few weeks we have loved styling their Cozy Thermal Top with one of the shoulders pulled down so there’s some off-the-shoulder action going on. We have it in black, but are now contemplating the oatmeal and charcoal versions since we’ve kept it on rotation so much during the past month. Come the next few weeks, it will make the perfect layering piece, whether it’s a sleek cami or bodysuit underneath under or an oversized denim jacket or bomber over as it’s not to chunky or bulky. It’s also worth noting that this sweater is made from 100% cruelty-free fabric, which is hard to find as most blend usually involve wool or cashmere. So, if you’re looking for a cruelty-free sweater that doesn’t skimp on aesthetics, this is the perfect basic to add to your closet.

This top was our first introduction to the cool brand and definitely not going to be our last encounter. Actually, there are some other pieces we have our eyes on like this Bubble Sleeve Cold Shoulder Top and ever since we’ve scrolled upon this Gathered Sleeve Sweatshirt Dress, we haven’t been able to stop thinking about adding it to our closet. What do you think?

6. Eastwest Bottlers Speakeasy, A Lady’s Perfume

We’ve since committing to exclusively using cruelty-free beauty products, we have been on the hunt for “our” perfume. You’re scent is sometimes the first thing people notice and it’s one of the few things that lingers behind you when you leave, so it’s got to be you. We’re all about USA-made products and love that Eastwest Bottlers makes all their products in Texas. This is their only perfume for women, but it’s less of a perfume and more of a true fragrance. Speakeasy is a very straightforward and realistic scent. There’s no fluff. It smells great and it lasts. What more could you want?

If you don’t like strong scents this won’t be your jam. But if pink peppercorn, white moss, sapphire gin, patchouli, and savory nutmeg gets you a little weak in the knees, you’ll want to spritz this all over. But don’t. You only need one or two sprays in special places and it lasts all day. Now can we talk packaging? We’re way too guilty of purchasing products purely based off how they will look on our top shelf, especially fragrances. There’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing than a tray full of beautiful perfume bottles next to the bed. Right? Adore the vaporizer, don’t you? It’s so Parisian.

By the way, Eastwest Bottlers also has a really beautiful selection of scented candles that we’re eyeing. They come in these beautiful copper and silver votives that would make perfect little gifts.

7. The Beachweaver Pro

Saw a video demo of this and knew. We. had. to. try. it. No regrets. Okay, basics: this isn’t magic, but pretty damn close to it. The Beachweaver is a rotating curling wand that basically gives you Vicky’s Secret curls in seconds and all you have to do it hit a button.

You know how your whole day falls apart after you can’t get your perfect (eyeliner) wing to match the other? The same thing happens to us (and you?) when we’re curling our hair with a wand and can’t get the front to look as good as the back or when our perfect right-side-of-our-face curls are slaying and our left-side-of-our-face curls are being annoying. You’ll never have this problem again when you use the Beachweaver because it curls your hair for you. No more annoying wrapping your hair perfectly so the curl pattern matches the curls you’ve already done. You press a little button and it literally curls your hair according to the setting that you program it to.

If pro styling tools weren’t so expensive we’d collect them like our favorite bougie candles. But seriously after trying this wand, there’s no reason to look for another. The barrel is longer than standard wands so it’s perfect if you have long mermaid locks because you can get the entire strand curled in own go. But don’t worry. If you’re rocking a cute choppy bob, it’s amazing for you too. Our favorite feature is the “left” and “right” control buttons — this way you know each side of your head will be created equal.

The wand is perfect for adding the illusion of volume if you have thin hair. Trust us, our hair is flat and thing after we straighten it, but using the Beachweaver to add some texture to it after flattening it gives us that va va book look. It took us a few practices and getting used to the tool, but once we got the hang of it, we can get the perfect waves/curls in ten minutes flat. This is definitely a pricey wand, but you’re literally shaving time and stress off your primping sessions so it’s completely worth the extra money.

8. Wotnot Self Tanner

Wotnot is an Aussie brand that we recently discovered and are so beyond glad that we did. The line is filled with an array of high-performance natural and organic skincare products. We have a naturally golden complexion, but it’s (still) summer in some places and the dead of winter in others. So we really like to use self tanner to even everything out, sort of like foundation for our body. You don’t have to worry about streaks with this formula. If you apply with the mitten you’ll get a nice, even golden tan that will fade naturally in a few days after not using the product.

It’s also important for any product we use to be super moisturizing for two reasons: they’re generally more comfortable and we don’t want to be ashy. That’s never cute. Love that this formula includes things like vegetable glycerine, olive oil, camellia oil, and shea butter. Keeps your skin looking and feeling so soft and supple. A major plus.

Aside from having some stellar products in their collection, Wotnot is an amazing company to support because not only are all the ingredients natural and organic, but a percentage of all sales of their ‘For her’ products is donated to Women’s Community Shelters Australia. Women supporting women is always a good idea. We’re super excited to be doing a giveaway for you guys. Head over to our Instagram to win a tube and application glove to try. Entry is super easy, takes two seconds!

9. Wildlife Works Tees

You really can never have too many t-shirts, can you? Nothing beats putting on a fresh white tee, especially with a cool pair of Re/done denim or – currently on our wishlist – the Jaime jean from Agoldie. We’re loving the Oversized Tee. It’s the perfect cut. Super flattering. We have it in black, khaki and white. Best part is that when you purchase from Wildlife Works, your money directly funds projects and jobs that work toward saving endangered and threatened wildlife around the globe. There’s no middleman that the money has to go through. Read more about the amazing work the people at Wildlife do here. An don’t forget to check out their incredible 100% organic cotton, fair-trade t-shirts.

10. Vitruvi White Stone Diffuser

We hate to admit it, but there was a time when we’d buy 3-4 Wallflowers from Bath & Body Works every month to fill our apartment up with fragrance. And then when we switched to a more green beauty routine, we started thinking about the chemicals we were breathing in from the aforementioned Wallflowers. And then we got freaked out. Big time.

We have two cats in a small apartment (the struggle is so real, people!) so we didn’t want to give up our home scents indefinitely. As much as we enjoy our candles (and aways will) an electric diffuser refreshes a room quicker, not to mention it’s instant zen mode once you turn it on. It feels so good to now have completely plant-based, all-natural home fragrance option that smells incredible. Extra points for the additional settings: you can choose to put it on continuous flow or change it to the interval setting where you get a mist every half hour. Oh, and did we mention the packaging is beautiful? Unlike other diffusers we’ve seen, this one is made out of the highest quality porcelain in a modern, simple, elegant design that goes perfectly with our decor. Love it. We’ve been using it with Virtuvi’s Ylang Ylang essential oil, which smells amazing on its on.


The rule is if you like, you share! Leave a comment below with some of your favorites for the month. Anything we need to try? Also, if you have any questions about any of the products, just drop them in the comments section below and we’ll get right back to you as always.

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**FTC: this post is not sponsored and no compensation was received, however some products were sent to us. Opinions are our own, of course.**

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  1. Amber and Dani! I can’t tell you how glad I am I found your guy’s website since I am slowly transitioning my life and blog into a healthier lifestyle with better beauty and style choices. Your recommendations are the best! I learn so much from you guys! Thanks girls:)

    1. Hey, Nicole 🙂

      So glad you’ve found our site helpful. It’s also great to hear that you’ve taken this step in your life. We’re always trying new brands/products to see what the best is out there so that we can recommend only the top products. Are there any particular products that you’re having trouble switching over? Oh, and just curious, what was it that made you decide to make more conscious decisions when it comes to style and beauty?

      1. Thanks for your reply! I’m having trouble finding good hair care products… I’ve always lived a simpler life than most around me and later found out about minimalism a few years back. Then, I’ve been reading into it a lot and doing research about it as well as happiness. I’ve been intrigued by reasons of happiness! So, I’ve been making a slow and now a bif faster transition into using healthier products and clothing as I find it better to do so:) thanks for asking!

        1. Yeah, we’re still on the hunt for some great haircare products that are 100% cruelty-free. A lot of good ones end up having honey in them 🙁 So far, we love Shea Moisture’s products since we have coarse, dry hair, so they’re kind of our staples. But we’re still on the search for more universal lines to recommend to you guys. We’re reviewing a few ranges at the moment so there will definitely be a few hair related posts in the future…so hopefully you’re subscribed so you won’t miss them when they go live :).

          We’ve found that we’re so much happier with a selection of products/clothes that we love, like really love, instead of a collection of stuff that we never use or wear, which is why we champion a minimalist lifestyle so much.

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