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If you don't want to smell like everyone else this season.

By: Amber x Dani

BTW, if you’ve never been into niche cruelty-free fragrance brands (think like a boutique brand, but for perfume), you will be after you’re done reading this.

The Weekender

Cruelty-free fragrance

Diptyque ‘Philosykos’, Eau de Parfum

Smells like: Divine intervention. Just kidding! But no, it really does. Up close, it’s almost all nature and woods. The dry down isn’t so green; it gives off much sweeter vibes. The milky notes (which smell something like coconut) gives it a smoothness that makes it easy to wear. Once it sinks into the skin, it becomes so intoxicating, it’s actually addictive. When we wear it we honestly can’t stop sniffing our wrists and chest…it’s kind of embarrassing. Main notes are fig leaves and white cedar.

How to wear: We like to hit all of the main points with this one – inside of wrists, back of neck, in between your boobs, you know, the usual. But beware, one spray goes a long way. Want a more toned down effect? Spritz a few sprays into the air and step through the mist. Yaaaassss. You’ll have the essence of the scent all over, but it won’t be overpowering at all.

Why it so great: We love a niche fragrance. Diptyque just gets it right every single time. Fig is such a beautiful, charming scent. Not many houses – boutique or otherwise – do fragrances with fig, so if you want a scent that not a lot of people will be wearing, this is a perfect one for you. This one sways both masculine and feminine, which makes it so interesting. And because it’s an Eau de Parfum it sits close to the skin and lasts a good six hours, which is all you really need, right?

The Date Night

Cruelty-free fragrance

MUSC et MADAME  ‘Ylang Tabac’, Eau de Parfum

Smells like: Smoky decadence. The tobacco absolute is what gives the Ylang ylang its edge, so it’s floral without being too summery/spring-ish. Vanilla and patchouli are notes that effortlessly add fall vibes to any concoction, but they make any scent that much sexier. There’s a touch of almond that adds just the perfect tinge of sweetness and the musk is what lingers on your skin for hours…even after you get undressed.

How to wear: This is the warm scent with exotic notes that you wear to make out in the corner of a low-key French brasserie. Or any place that sells French food will work. 

Why it’s so great: Judging strictly from the sophisticated packaging, you’d think the MUSC et MADAME fragrances were formulated in some chic perfumery in Paris…right? Nope. All the fragrances are handmade in Santa Monica (which we love) with mainly natural ingredients, including essential oils. The classic shape of the bottle is reminiscent of Chanel No. 5, so if you’ve been looking for a cruelty-free fragrance alternative aesthetic-wise, this is perfect for you. We also love that the liquid is the perfect amber shade to add a pop of color to your vanity if most of your fragrances are in neutral shades. Yeah, we’re into details like that. A little weird, we know.  

The Holiday Party

Cruelty-free fragrance

Laboritorio Olfativo ‘Alkemi’, Eau de Parfum

Smells like: A man dressed in an impeccably tailored Italian suit with a sexy European accent. This is a heavy and dark, yet sweet scent that could be unisex, for sure. And slightly spicy. Top notes are ylang ylang and amber. Perfect for you if you’re like us and don’t mind smelling like a dude…at least sometimes

How to wear: This is one of the most unique scents that honestly isn’t going to have a broad appeal. Not going to lie, it’s a tad bit weird (in a good way) and absolutely not a commercial scent. But if you’re looking for a cruelty-free fragrance that will make you stand out, this is for you. Even though this cruelty-free fragrance is pretty epic, the longevity is a little disappointing if you spray on your skin. So definitely spray some on your clothes so the scent lasts all night.

Why it’s so great: Laboritorio Olfativo is a niche brand that makes their fragrances in Italy. That means not only is the quality of the packaging and actual fragrance exceptional, but because it’s not a commercial brand their scents are much more unique than say, what you’ll find at Sephora. They make love-it-or-hate-it fragrances, no gray area, which is perfect if you’re looking for your signature going-out fragrance that will take you through all the chilly/cold AF months. 

The Everyday

Gourmand EDP Fragrance ‘Ambre Etoile’, Eau de Parfum

Smells like: When you first spray this one on, it’s like an attack of warmth…in the best way. From a slight distance, it’s very sweet, but not in a sickly, vanilla-y way. The sweetness seems very authentic and natural. It’s one of those scents where the more you inhale, the more you like it. All of the notes (Bavarian cream, amber, fluffy musk) work so well together.

How to wear: This one is the kind we like to go a little crazy with. Get it everywhere. Pairs well with ankle boots, a little Haloscope, and matte bronzer.

Why it so great: We pretty much obsess over anything with amber in it, but this one is a less herbal amber, more creamy, which is a nice way to ease yourself into the colder months and darker days. It’s the ideal transition scent. You know, the sun is still shinning strong, it’s not quite freezing YET…perfect for this time of year. It’s not too heavy, not too bright. The fact that’s it’s a cruelty-free fragrance and made in the USA makes us love it even more.


By the way, do you have a favorite niche cruelty-free fragrance brand/scent? Let us know it the comments section below.

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