The Bikini Brand That Doesn’t Make You Choose Between Aesthetics And Ethics

OceanZen Bikini is saving the ocean one sexy bikini at a time.

By: Amber

These days, when we’re well aware of how detrimental disposable fashion is, it shouldn’t be so effing hard to find an ethically-made teeny bikini that is as worthy of posting to your feed as it is helping the planet out a little. Well, you don’t have to go through the leaps and bounds we went through to find a sustainable bikini brand because we’re about to tell you all about the brand killing the game right now and taking the swimwear industry by storm. Best part is it was started as a complete passion project.

The birth of a game-changing brand

Okay, when you were a little girl, which did you want more: fairy wings or a shimmering set of fins? If you’re like us and the founder of OceanZen Bikini, wings seemed cute and all, but nothing beat having a gorgeous mermaid tail.

Steph Gabriel was so inspired by marine life and the ocean that when they discovered the ugly truth about how polluted the beautiful waters were, she knew she had to do something about it. That’s true passion, right? Most people dwell for a good minute, shake their heads, and then move on. Not this #girlboss.

Here’s the real ugly: according to research, only 1 in 5 plastic bottles actually get recycled after single use. Be honest, do you always recycle? Think about when you’re in public. At a friend’s place. See? You’re probably letting some slip by (as have we!) so it’s incredible to have brands like OZB who can essentially clean up after our laziness. But also get this, so with those numbers this means that every second approximately 1,500 plastic bottles end up either in the ocean or in waste landfills. That’s every second, people! We get that sometimes fugues like this can go right over your head because it seems so staggeringly high, it seems like there’s no use in trying to reverse the problem. Not so fast. OZB is proving that one bikini can make a difference. Keep reading.

C/o recycled fishnets and plastic bottles

Yup, you read that right. The fabric of OceanZen’s range of bikini separates (that can all be interchanged, BTW) are made from recycled fishnets and plastic bottles from the ocean. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons. Is your mind not blown right now?

So something this doesn’t just come out of thin air. Steph has mad credentials, including her degree in Environmental Marine Science, which she used in addition to dedicating eons to research and eventually coming up with a way to make a wearable fabric that could be used for her bikini label. Pretty genius, huh?

By removing plastic bottles and fishing nets from the ocean and re-creating the waste into gorgeous, functional swimwear, OZB is literally saving the ocean one bikini at a time. Remember, this is the same ocean we all fantasize about yachting over in Capri. So let’s all support Steph’s mission, yeah?

Steph’s do-good efforts don’t come at the sacrifice of aesthetics.

We have to say, we’re extremely impressed with the design of OceanZen’s bikinis. The general knee-jerk reaction to merely the mention of ‘sustainable’ or ‘ethical’ is an eyeroll. We get it. But that’s why OZB is changing the game. They are proving that you don’t have to give up your style to help change the world, and doing a damn good job of it.

They aren’t overpriced

Okay, we get it. Ethical or sustainable fashion is hard because it’s all so damn expensive. Honestly, a lot of times it’s not that it’s so overpriced, it’s more so that we’re just used to exclusively shopping at fast fashion shops on High Street where you can score an entire new outfit if you sacrifice your bougie coffee for a couple days. But still, a lot of brands who (are ethical) are really out there with their pricing.

Sustainability aside, swimwear is still incredibly expensive these days, no? We really appreciate that OZB has realistic pricing. Everything is under $80 and the quality is really nice. Can’t ask for more then that.


It’s always so inspiring when we find a brand that’s proving ethical isn’t an aesthetic. Are you as impressed as we are? We already snagged our favorite bikinis from their range. Now it’s your turn. We’ve curated an edit of our favorite pieces from their collection. You can shop it below.
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**FTC: No monetary compensation was received for this post, however products were sent to us. Opinions are 100% our own, of course.**

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  1. What an amazing brand! Thank you for sharing, ladies. I am definitely getting myself a couple of bikinis 🙂

    1. It’s such a good one, right? A lot of people get scared off when they hear ‘ethical’ or ‘eco-friendly’ because they think those terms are synonymous with ugly. But love love love that Steph has found a way to make gorgeous bikinis that also feel and fit amazing. Which styles do you like best? We’re thinking about adding one to our collection!

      1. I know! “Eco” has this negative association which is very unfortunate. I am in love with Ariel and Orka tops. I will wear them proudly to demonstrate that “eco” also means stylish and beautiful 🙂

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