What You Should Actually Do (And Not Do) With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil to beauty fanatics is nothing new. But there are some do's and don'ts, plus a dope brand you should really try.

By: Amber

If kale is the world’s greatest superfood, coconut oil has to be beauty’s greatest multitasker.

You’ve incorporated this tropical-smelling oil into your beauty routine by now, right? Okay, if you haven’t heard of all the benefits of coconut oil, first of all who are you? Second, you’re in the right place because we’re about to lay it all on the table. If you have heard of all the benefits, but you’re just skeptical about actually getting a jar because oil is messy and makes things sticky and weird and stuff, rest assured, coconut oil is definitely user-friendly. If you’re already an avid coconut oil user, you might find another cool use for it. We’re also introducing you to Kapuluan Coconut, our new favorite brand.

So let’s get the basics out the way first:

One // Coconut oil can replace almost every product on your top shelf. Seriously, from your eye cream to lotion to hair conditioner, this stuff is the easily one of the most versatile things you can have in your house. We love that it’s all natural, and organic if you go that route, sans harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, and other bad stuff that commercial products are laced with.

Two // Raw, cold-pressed coconut oil (same goes for any oil) is the best. This means the coconut oil you have has not been processed.

Three // Coconut oil is super cool in that depending on the temperature of your room, it can be a liquid or a solid. But don’t worry, if it happens to be in solid form when you want to use it, you just warm it between your hands and it transforms to pure liquid silk.


If you have acne-prone skin

Don’t get us wrong. This do-it-all oil does everything but saves lives, and who knows – there’s got to be some instance where it has. But when it comes to using on the face, please proceed with caution unless you’re a freak of nature and nothing makes your skin go, “fuck you” every once in a while.

You might hear girls saying they wash their faces with coconut oil, moisturize with it, remove their makeup with it, some even say they mask with it. Which is cool, but here’s what you don’t see going viral: coconut oil is a high-ranking comedogenic oil. See there’s this scale that ranks oils according to how likely an oil is to clog your pores. From 0 to 5, guess where coconut oil falls in? Right near the upper edge at 4.

If you have a history of chronic acne like us (trust us, we learned the hard way), or even if you suffer from occasional breakouts, keep it away from your face. We’ve heard stories of acne-prone girls who hopped on the OCM trend with coconut oil and broke out in horrendous cystic acne. Just warning you.


If you have naturally kinky or curly or kinky-curly hair

There’s nothing naturally coiled hair adores more than moisture. Whatever curl pattern you have you’re probably already aware of how thirsty your strands constantly are. We get it. It can be super high maintenance, but coconut oil makes everything easy peasy. And it smells yum.

If you like to use a weekly or biweekly deep conditioning treatment, a way to seal in even more moisture is to apply a good amount over your conditioner and let it sit for however long you like to keep your deep treatments in.

Drenching your hair in coconut oil is also a great pre-wash treatment. Shampoos (that contain sulfates, which most do, unfortunately) are super drying on coiled hair and causes it to knot up. If you’ve ever been at war with your hair after shampooing, then you know the struggle. To avoid a ten-minute detangling sesh, douse your hair in a generous amount of coconut oil and let it soak in overnight. Wash it out, then cleanse as normal.


If you only like to use your *expensive* body creams on special occasions

Same. So you know what we do? We keep our skin soft and smooth the majority of the time with coconut oil. Now we know what you’re thinking. “But oil is messy and sticky and eek.” Well, a lot of them are. But coconut oil is a dry oil. It literally is absorbed by your skin in seconds yet still keeps them looking supple and glowing and gorge. If you have especially dry skin, or really dry area like your elbows, knees, and ankles, then you can just apply to those specific areas.

We don’t shave much these days as we’re almost done with our two-year-plus venture into laser hair removal, but when we do have to do a few swipes with the blade we use a dollop of coconut oil as shaving cream. We have fairly sensitive skin and the oil soothes and conditions the area. When we’re done there’s none of that annoying burning or irritation.


If you have split ends

Or want to prevent them. You’ll find lots of experts recommending using coconut oil on your scalp to support hair growth, and we concur, but we also think it’s just as crucial to keep your ends conditioned and nourished.

The ends of your hair are the oldest, which means they’re the most desperate for some TLC. Since coconut oil contains so many various vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, it makes a great treatment for ends that have gone a bit haywire. When your hair starts breaking off, it’s usually due to a protein loss. You guessed it, coconut oil reduces protein loss — and it’s the only oil that has this superpower.

Before you shampoo or condition, dip your ends is a decent amount of oil and let it sit for about 30 minutes before proceeding with your cleansing routine. A little goes a long way.


If you’re going out in the sun

Okay, even you well-versed coconut oil junkies, bet you didn’t think to use it as a natural sunscreen, did you? So get this: coconut oil also is high in antioxidants and prevents destructive free-radical activity. So yup, coconut oil is also a beach essential. But caution: even though it can sometimes be in the solid form, don’t try to travel with a size larger than the standard three ounces. TSA won’t play.


Kapuluan Coconut — the new bae

By now you know we’re all about supporting brands making positive strides and changing the world. When we heard that Kapuluan is dedicated to improving the wellbeing of Impoverished coconut farming communities one tube or jar at a time, we were all in.

Tell us this isn’t cool: Kapuluan plants a coconut palm tree in the Philippines for every single product they sell. No exceptions. It’s a one for one deal. By exclusively sourcing their raw organic coconut oil from rural organic farms in the Philippines, they’re helping the 60% of farmers get their ways out of poverty. Guys, seriously, you have to check out KINABUHI, a docu short film about Filipino coconut farmers struggling to survive a Way-of-Life exploited by industrial agriculture.

The added bonus is that Kapuluan’s coconut oil comes in the chicest tube or jar depending on your preference. That means not only are you supporting their admirable mission, but it’ll look gorg on your top shelf too. What excuse can you possibly come up with not to order a tube…or bundle of three? You’ll be using it on your skin and hair so it’s probably a good idea to order in bulk.


Do you still have reservations about incorporating coconut oil into your beauty regimen? Let us know in the comments section below!

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