The Cool Aussie Brand Making The Luxe Basics Your Closet Needs

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves...our names are Amber and Dani and we're proud basic chicks.

By: Amber

Okay, let’s get semi-serious for a sec. There are very few things we get more excited to talk about than curating a highly versatile wardrobe based on minimalist principles. Your closet should be an edit of well-selected pieces that fit your personal style aesthetic as well as your lifestyle. Not a hodgepodge of random on-the-whim purchases that you end up hating after you wear them a couple times.

For the record, we’re not completely against trendy clothing. It’s just that you should only incorporate a trend in your wardrobe if it’s a style, cut, or color that you’d wear even if the top magazine editors weren’t raving about it and your favorite bloggers/influencers weren’t filling their feeds with it. Our philosophy is structured around the very basic theory that you should only wear what makes you feel good, feel like you, feel inspired, feel your most confident self. It’s built around dressing intentionally because that’s truly what having style is. Fashion is very different. It’s fun, but it’s not practical. Meaning, there’s a reason why influencers, bloggers, editors, models, and other girls in the industry get paid to be fashion or IT girls. It’s a job and a major commitment that’s wrapped around looking relevant and constantly pushing the envelop instead of being who they really are.


You need basics, basically

At the cornerstone of any authentically stylish wardrobe are high-quality basics. Now don’t cringe or start strolling to the end to see if we stop talking about boring neutral pieces. (Hint: we’re not). Unless you’re like us and live in basics, it’s probably an area of your wardrobe that’s weak and often overlooked. But even if you don’t rely on basics to make 90% of your outfits like we do, your closet’s utility and ability to function effortlessly depends on it about that much.

Now it’s not just basics that are important. It’s only one-half of the equation. Having all the bases covered with simple pieces that can act as foundational building pieces of any outfit (like a plain white tee or high-waisted skinny denim or tailored black double-breasted blazer) is a great step towards a fully functional wardrobe. But we’ll be frank, you can’t buy cheap shit. It just won’t work. Your basics are the pieces you will keep on constant rotation. They get the most wear so they need to be the pieces that you put a little extra love into. And by a little extra love we really mean a lot. Oh, and of course love means money. Got it? Invest in the workhorses of your wardrobe — simple.


High quality doesn’t mean expensive

We know what you’re thinking. “But good clothes cost too much money.” Don’t worry. We didn’t sit bent over our keyboard for hours to tell you to stock up on $200 tees and $500 denim. While we are encouraging you to open your mind to spending a little more on your basics (pretty much no fast fashion from big box stores…but you’ve already ditched that junk, right?), we are realists and we’d never suggest that you spend more on a piece of clothing than your utilities bill. But if you got it like that, by all means…

The truth is high-quality and high cost don’t always correlate. Some really expensive designer clothing is shit. Not all of it. Not even the majority. But you can’t go strictly by a label when on the hunt for high-quality foundational pieces that you won’t have to dispose of after s minimal amount of wears. Affordable luxury definitely comes off as an oxymoron, for sure. Now throw in ethical and things really get tricky. But that’s why we had to introduce you to an Aussie brand that’s completely stolen our hearts.


Bon Label is nailing it

First of all, it seems like brands from Down Under can do no wrong, this one definitely included. Aesthetic-wise, they get us. Clean lines, neutrals, well-made. Second, you guys know that we’re two American girls with French girl hearts. Just like Bon’s creator, we’re obsessed with finding the perfect white tee. There’s just something endlessly chic about one with the perfect neckline and slouch tucked into a pair of vintage-y high-waisted denim and black or nude pointed-toe stilettos that just…ugh, it’s so good. Now through on a double-breasted blazer (ahem, Balmain) and that’s pure sartorial heaven for us.

If you revere Emmanuelle Alt as much as we do, you’re going to have a field day once you check out Bon’s lookbook. Oh, and BTW, Bon is French (duh) for good. Of course, something the Vogue editor always has on is the perfect casual tee. Bon Label has every basic tee your closet could ever dream of and the best part is they go with everything and can be styled for anything. Seriously. A little creativity is definitely needed, but it’s the perfect start.

Everything in Bon Label’s collection is white, black, or grey. These are the most versatile colors (we’re cheating by calling them that) in any wardrobe, meaning they can be paired with any other neutral or any color. That means you don’t have to think too much when you’re getting ready, which means you save time. Winning.


Now let’s talk ethics

As much as we adore the aesthetic of Bon’s collection, it’s much deeper than that. If you don’t know, we’ve completely given up disposable fast fashion. This is why and this is how you can too. So we love and appreciate that Bon exclusively uses GOTS certified organic cotton and everything is made ethically in Australia. What does that mean exactly? Bon is accredited by an program called Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA). ECA accreditation demonstrates to government that a business has a legally compliant supply chain.

It’s the subtleties that make the biggest impact, no? We absolutely adore how there are so many variations on necklines and fit, which is so key because we can’t stand brands who design for mannequins and not actual human bodies. There are options that include: loose fit, semi-cropped, high cut crew neck, elbow length sleeve, deep v, rolled sleeves, you name it. That’s true luxury. If we could have every cut in every color, man we would be so set. But honestly, you only truly need a few key pieces because they’re all so versatile. But you know, if you’re obsessed with basics like we are, get a few extras. Just remember, all the sizing on their website is by Australian standards. Be sure to reference their unique sizing guide so you pick your true size.


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