Get A Style Uniform, Like Asap

Because it's actually cool to have one, okay?

By: Dani

Before you go thinking a style uniform is going to make your wardrobe boring af, let’s clear one thing up: a uniform is one of the smartest things you can do for your closet. We get it: you want your style to come off as effortless, but still chic and pulled-together at the same time. It’s that off-duty, Kendall Jenner, didn’t-try-hard-at-all-but-slaying vibe that you want to channel. The answer? You just need to have a good amount of easy and reliable pieces that you know you can pull straight from your closet and they just work – with no extra tugging, tucking, rolling, pinning…nothing.

That’s why you need a style uniform, a collection of essential items that you need in your life, fall-safe pieces you can always go back to, no matter what day of the week or what the weather is like, because they work; they give you comfort without compromise. When something really suits you it shows off a certain confidence — you know who you are and what you want and you’re prepared to get it. It comes across as effortless and innately stylish.

Our personal uniform

The easiest thing for both of us to do is to throw on a pair of skinny jeans with a plunging or off-the-shoulder top and heels. Anyone who knows us knows we’re extremely partial to the exposed collarbone-breastbone combo. It’s kinda of like you’re showing off an area of the body that is sculpted and beautiful and feminine, but isn’t so obvious. It feels more special, more unintentional, but just as powerful. Most times, it just feels too much. As for the jeans, they’re our go-tos.

That said, on any random day you will probably catch us in at least one of the following pieces: a shirt with the first four buttons undone — minimum, (high-waist) skinny jeans, or some sort of structured jacket, be it a tailored blazer or an over-sized bomber jacket. Honestly, we’re not so sure we could function without these pieces in our closets. They are everything. Dramatic, we know, but it’s the truth. For us, styling these pieces takes absolutely no effort. They work during any season and suit our personalities. These are the kinds of pieces you want to be part of your uniform. In essence, your uniform encapsulates your everyday mood, your style, your vision, and your view of yourself. Most importantly, your uniform is the ultimate representation of your personal style.

No, having a style uniform doesn’t mean you have to be boring or predictable. It’s not stagnant. It needs space to breathe and grow. It’s a go-to look you’re comfortable with, but still have room to experiment with. Remember, your uniform is only the foundation, the basics. This means you can build on them as your style continues to grow and evolve.

Don’t know where to begin? First things first…

Comfort over everything

Confession (a.k.a IRL moment): as much as we love a good 5” inch heel, it just isn’t realistic for us as an everyday piece now that we live in the city full-time. We can’t jog up and down train stations in them, and with as much running around that we do, all of my heels would get completely scraped, beat up, and worn into the ground within a couple of weeks if we wore them on a daily basis. And that’s just not sexy at all.

On that same tip? We love how tennis shoes and trainers are having such a big moment in fashion right now. It makes it so much easier to be comfortable and chic at the same time. It gives any outfit an effortless vibe and literally can be worn with anything — from jeans and a t-shirt to body-con dresses to a blazer paired with straight-legged trousers. This is why they’re great pieces for a style uniform.

Another thing: pencils skirts are the perfect shape for accentuating our body shape. It shows off the fact that we have quite a large waist-to-hip ratio — which we personality love. But we’re weird about skirts; always have been. Even though they are an easy, slip-on piece, they can get quite uncomfortable during the day. We despise the constant side-tugging I have to do in order to keep it from riding completely up our thighs (even when they’re past knee length), so that it doesn’t end up riding all the way up to our crotches (TMI?), so skirts are pretty much reserved only for going-out, special occasions, that kind of thing.

Anyway, this is what we’re saying: We can’t stand clothes that look good, but are a huge hassle to wear. Pretty sure you feel the same, right? That said, your uniform is only going to work for you if it meshes well with your lifestyle. You’ve got to find pieces that you feel at ease in, but also don’t cause you to have to sacrifice on style. Another example: We like wearing high-heeled, platform wedges when I’m out and about, or running around. We can still be comfortable (feels like we’re wearing flats, basically), but we still get a little height, the legs and booty still come to life. Here’s the thing: we like to be barefoot — we’re always barefoot when we’re home, we do yoga barefoot, we work out barefoot (sometimes)—but there’s just something about flat shoes that don’t work for us (except sneakers).

Learn your coloring

Everyone, meaning our family and friends, always ask us why we always wear black, or why don’t we have more color in our closets. For them, it’s still kind of a strange shift because we used to wear so much color in high-school, back when we were trying out anything and everything, really developing our sense of style. (I should also mention we dressed exactly alike back then.) It wasn’t really about the way our outfits looked on us, but more so about the clothing pieces themselves. If we thought it was cute on the hanger, we wore it, didn’t matter what it looked like on. This was our experimental phase.

It took a couple of years for us to get into my style groove and decide what we liked, and what we didn’t like. A lot of trial and error, so to speak. A lot of horrendous, completely embarrassing outfits worn in public (seriously, we’re cringing and LOLing thinking about it). Bright colors just don’t look good on us. They clash with our coloring, plus we never feel confident in them, so we’re both neutral girls. We love blacks, whites, creams, greys, beiges and tans. We also die for a head-to-toe monochromatic outfit; it maximizes the minimal, unpretentious vibe. We’re not against color, so if we do it, we like to do it in subtle ways.

Once you know what colors work for you, it’ll be so much easier to walk into a store a pick out what you want. Your choices will be instantly limited and you’ll have less to choose from, which isn’t actually a bad thing. Think about it: as soon as you walk into a store, everything that is right for you will automatically stick out and you’ll gravitate towards those pieces, rather than being overwhelmed by so many different options (major plus).

Know what looks good on your body

This part of creating your style uniform is simple. Figure out which silhouettes make you feel the most confident and stick. With. It. We’re not going to give you the generic ‘if you have an hourglass shape, accentuate your waist with belts and wear high-waisted jeans’ advice. Style should never be that strict, that commanding, which is why we hate those kinds of articles you’ll find in any mainstream fashion magazine. Find whatever body features that you love about yourself and dress yourself in things that play those up. These are always the most flattering pieces you can wear.

Figure out your style moods

The most stylish people are the ones that come off cool and effortless, but there always has to be a little attitude, something that expresses personality. Style is actually a very emotional thing. Not many people look at it that way, but it is. It’s an expression of who you feel you are and the way you want the world to see you. The image you put out to the world every day is reflection of what’s going on, on the inside. Most of us have different moods that we like to express on different days. We have about three moods that typically consume us:

One // Super boss, female fatale, take-over-the-world. We also like to think of this as our”power” look. A blazer is almost always involved, plus lots of black.

Two // Laid-back, chill, not trying but still look chic AF. This can be anywhere from a denim-on-denim look, to a loose-fitting shirtdress (like I wore here), to a good pair of jeans, loose tee, and a bomb jacket that pulls everything together.

Three // Totally irreverent, IDGAF. Self-explanatory. This is usually when we go completely makeup-less (yes, without filling in our brows), slip into flats and maybe throw on a cap or over-sized sunnies (to cover those horrible brows).


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