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By: Dani

We have an amazing post coming up telling you all about the greatness that is the oil-based skincare routine where we (hopefully) convince you to start incorporating oils into your beauty regimen (if you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon), but first we wanted to tell you about the latest beauty oil that we’ve added to our skincare regimen, because it’s bomb. Drum roll please…

The name kinda says it all: this oil is everything. If you think about it, oils are the hero ingredients inside your favorite moisturizers that make them work. But the thing that makes applying oils directly onto your skin so great is that they don’t have the emollient ingredients that are in your moisturizer which are designed to make them sit on top of your skin to give that plumping effect. Instead, oils are able to sink right into your skin for optimal hydration. Plus, there something about applying oils that just make you feel alike a queen, right? BTW, the scent of this oil smells very similar to the Deep Hydration Cream. If you’ve tried that, you’ll know how soothing and relaxing it is. The fact that this oil is USDA certified organic makes it a level  above some of the other “luxury” oils out there.
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At this point, it’s actually hard to imagine doing our nighttime routine without a facial oil. BUT we want to hear from you. Have you tried any incredible facial oils that totally changed the way you do your skincare routine? If so, which oil is it? We’d love to try it out, so leave your comment below to automatically be entered in this month’s giveaway.

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  1. I don’t have a specific brand of facial oil that I use, but recently I’ve found that just plain jojoba oil hydrates my skin without stripping it or making me break out…I have naturally oily skin and I (like many people, I’m sure) was afraid to use oil directly on my face for fear of breaking out, but it’s actually been awesome in the winter! I just apply a drop or two and it really hydrates my skin without overdoing it. I also love cold pressed castor oil for strengthening my eyelashes!

    1. Yes! Heard of using jojoba oil and really want to get a bottle to see how it goes. Same about fear oil using oils externally. We used to be *terrified* of oil, especially after Accutane, which successfully stopped excess oil production. But we did have clogged pores on our nose and found that cleansing that area with oils stopped it from producing excess oil and now no more weird little white things on our nose, haha. We also use castor oil on our brows 🙂

      1. Apparently jojoba is particularly good for the face because its consistency is similar to the natural oils our skin produces. Yes, learning that some oil is good was wild for me too, but in the long run it helps to protect your skin, and some natural oil is great when it comes to getting older 🙂

  2. I started using oils as cleansers 5 years ago and facial oils 3 years ago. I can’t be without them now. People complain that they’re so expensive but my complaint is that it takes forever to finish a bottle since you use so little of it which is a terrible complaint, I know. At the moment I am rotating through 3 and I keep searching for more. I’m definitely addicted and am super curious about the one you’re featuring.

    1. Great point, Carlyn. That’s what we’re always saying. You literally only need a tiny amount, 3-4 drops to cover your whole face and neck, so a little goes a super long way. Have to admit though, at first, we were turned off by the high prices, but after trying out our first one, which was the Herbivore Orchid oil, which lasted f o r e v e r, we were sold. And we definitely have about five oils on rotation during the week. Our favorite whole oils to use on our face at nighttime are the Argan oil and Rosehip oil by The ordinary. We just did a post on the whole brand, did you get a chance to check that one out yet?

      1. I haven’t read your review on The Ordinary line yet, I will now, but I’m waiting for my order from them to ship out. I’m excited to see if the hype is real and at that price point it was worth seeing for myself.

        I started with Josie Maran Argan oil and moved to Mun, now I have Vintners Daughter, Blue Cocoon and Cell Perfecto PM and Pai Rosehip Regenerate Oil in rotation. But I always want more. They’re just so soothing to my soul.

        1. We agree..totally soothes our souls, too! But back to The Ordinary…we tried other high-end oils and these definitely are just as good, or better, which is crazy when you think about it because the price is a fraction of what other luxury oils retail for. They are all 100% organic and cold-pressed, which is the highest quality you can get. It’s amazing how brands can put out high-quality and high-preforming products at affordable prices once they ditch the unnecessary fancy packing and expensive marketing campaigns.

          We still like to play around with other oils just for the pleasure of it, but The Ordinary is solid if you want basic oils that do their job. These oils are also great for layering because since they are not complex, the nutrients are able to sink right into the skin. Here’s the post we did if you want to read more of what we think.

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