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By: Amber

We don’t exactly flat iron our hair on the reg…mostly because we like to avoid heat damage as much as possible, but also because it’s just so much damn work. And this is us doing each other’s hair. (Nice benefit of being a twin is you always having a standing appointment with a stylist who gets your vibe and your hair.)

But sometimes our schedules just don’t align and it’s convenient to just do our own hair. But seriously, besides pros, who’s actually mastered the holding a brush to guide each pass with a flat iron? Um, not us! So when we discovered this Aussie brand on Instagram who’s combined both steps needed to get the perfect straightness into one chic tool, we knew we had to try it out. Not only was LVL’s site super cute (their straightening brushes probably have more swag than you), but reviews were all somewhere between “obsessed” and “never parting with this.” Oh, and BTW, it’s pronounced “Level,” as in level out your curls, kinks, and waves.

You’ve probably seen some other beauty gadgets similar to this one, but why we love this one in particular is it has a few different heating settings so you don’t burn your hair off. It’s also a lightweight tool overall, which is ideal when you’re spending 10-15 minutes with your arm over your head.

We have really coarse hair so we had our doubts, but turns out for our hair type, this is perfect for maintaining our straight. While this isn’t something we can use straight from blow dried hair, it’s perfect a couple weeks in after wearing it flat ironed to do touch ups and get any kinks out that accumulate from sleep or messy in-the-house buns. Also, if you do happen to have really curly or coarse hair like us, you might have to go in with your flat iron to get your edges, but this brush gets the bulk done for you. Anyway, we can’t wait to travel with this. It comes with a gorgeous duster bag too.

Okay, some tips you ask? Only use this brush on dry hair. Always use a heat protecting spray before making a pass (no joke, don’t be lazy!). Make sure there are no knots in your hair and section off your hair before using the brush if you have thick hair. Don’t go crazy with the brushing — it’s super easy to get carried away since you’re just brushing, but remember to stop once your hair is *level*, k? Also, make sure to do slow, intentional passes. This way you limit how much heat you expose your tresses to. Lastly, tell your friends. Or give one as a gift. What girl doesn’t love amazing hair tools that make styling their hair easier?


You’re dying to try this, aren’t you? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. If you want a chance to win your own, all you have to do is leave a comment letting us know any hair straightening tips you have or why you’d love to win this one.

Only two caveats: 1. You have to be subscribed to GOCO (here’s the shortcut, takes two secs). 2. You have to have a registered Disqus account to leave a comment below (another two secs if you don’t). So fire away! The giveaway won’t last long so get in now while you can. **Only winner will be announced via email so make sure you’re subscribed**

Also, let us know: have you tried an straightening brushes? What do you think of them? Do you find that they’re less of a hassle than using traditional straightening irons?

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**FTC: No monetary compensation was received for this post, however product was sent to us to try. Opinions are 100% our own, of course.**

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    1. Ah, coconut oil! We literally can’t get through life without using it. We always do a coconut oil mask every weekend bc of our super coarse texture. Do you use it on dry hair?

  1. I rarely straighten my hair because it just take so much time wirh my thick hair! This seems to be a fast and easy way to get it sleek and straight, would definitely love to try this out

  2. I’m a little relieved hearing our hair is similar. That few days – a week after flat-ironing, I really don’t want to break out the iron again just to smooth out the humidity-ends, you know? Does LVL disclose the temp maximum?

    1. Omg, we’ve so been there. Know exactly How you feel. It’s always a toss up because you want to revamp your style but don’t want to use excessive heat and damage your hair. LVL does disclose this: you can heat the brush up to 445 degrees F using the control buttons and LCD screen located on the brush. But it’s great because the bristles don’t actually heat up and using the brush reduces heat damage by 50%!

      1. Oooh, good to know! I don’t really fare well with heat products that are just on/off. I like that I have a little control and can turn down the heat to smooth my ends and turn it up to create a wave or soft curl on the ends.

  3. I’ve seen brushes like this at stands in the mall but have been so skeptical…I have thick hair and straightening it is always a challenge! Would love to win this brush so I can see how it works for myself

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