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This stuff is our new religion, basically. Spoiler: read to the end...we're giving away one of these to one lucky reader.

By: Amber

One of our 2017 goals (ICYMI: go here for the full list) was to incorporate a high-impact serum into our nighttime routine. Done. We first discovered YÜLI from The Beauty Idealist who recommended this natural brand for anyone with acne-prone skin since the founder had to go through two rounds of Accutane herself (we went through one). The reason why we had to try it (aside from the raving reviews) was because unlike most prescription retinoids that are the go-to for fading scars, this formula doesn’t cause extreme dryness, or any irritation at all.

Word is you need to consistently use a few drops of this botanically-rich serum for a month before you see any noticeable results, but after about twenty days in, we’re already seeing some magic happen. Might be a little premature, but this has quickly become one of our skincare MVPs. Follow us on Instagram and we’ll definitely keep you posted on it’s true effectiveness once we use it a little more.

So, since dealing with discoloration, whatever the cause, is a pretty universal issue, let’s discuss in the comments below about the best products or pro treatments (think lasers, microdermabrasion, chemical peels) we’ve ever tried to brighten our skin — and how long it took to see results. Have you ever used anything that actually worked to take away scars or hyper-pigmentation? If so, please share! And since we’re so passionate about this product, we’ll randomly select a commenter to win a Cell Perfecto PM serum (!) from YÜLI. Yes girl, yes.

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  1. I would love the opportunity to try this serum! Your recommendations are always so thoughtful and well considered! It seems like a wonderful product!! Xo

  2. I’ve been looking for something that’s natural to fade my dark spots for so long! I would love to try this out… It may be my miracle product!

  3. I’ve had the ResurFX/Fraxel done a couple of times and I’ve been very happy with the results. The only problem is my skin constantly breaks out, leaving behind a post inflammatory acne scar that takes months to fade. To make matters worse, my skin is excessively oily so I cannot wear much makeup or concealer to hide the acne scar because it ends up sliding off my skin my mid day. I’ve tried so many products, but I’m determined to find one that works to prevent acne and promote healing.

    1. Hi Kimberly 🙂 We so have the same skin. Super oily and acne-prone. Ditto on the scars. It’s the worst part because w breakout will heal in a few days but the scar persists for months ☹️ Have you tried Accutane? It’s the only things that cured our acne for us. The only breakouts we get now are seldom hormonal breakouts. Let us know 🙂

      1. Hello! Yes, I’ve been on Accutane 3 times!! I loved it because my skin was perfect while on it: No acne, no pimples and no oily skin. My skin wasn’t even dry! The only issue I had were dry, very red lips. Aside from that, my skin was perfect. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a long term cure for me as the oil and acne came back very shortly after my course was over.

        1. Oh, wow. That’s the first time we’ve ever heard of not having crazy dry skin while on Accutane. Did you have a low dosage? Probably not because your derm would have just upped the dosage the second and third time after you started breaking out, right?

          1. That’s how oily my skin is! I’m so oily that I actually had normal skin while I was on Accutane. No, I wasn’t on a low dose, but I’ve heard that a low dose can be more effective as it’s prescribed for a longer duration which has shown promising for some patients.
            My lips were another story! They looked like a red neon sign…bright red and very chapped. Thank goodness for Aquaphor!

          2. So interesting. So since Accutane is the only thing that made your skin normal, but isn’t something you can stay on long-term , is there anything special that you do daily/weekly to control your oiliness? Do you use any topical retinoids?

            Ah, yes! All hail Acquaphor. Life saver.

  4. Oh gosh. I’ve dealt with extensive hyperpigmentation and acne scarring after using conventional harsh acne treatment products (10% benzoyl peroxide, AHAs, BHAs, misled by self professed experts). Now my acne has calmed down and I’m mainly dealing with the effects of the scarring. I used tried a series of 6 “cooltouch” laser treatment (im tan skinned Indian so i was too cautious to use harsher lasers), that maybe softened my scars 10%, hard to say. I think microneedling has helped substantially with my scarring, I’ve seen maybe another 20% improvement? my scars are definitely improving, I’m adhering to an all natural skincare regimen, with Mychelle Retinal Serum, Babyface 15% MAP Vitamin C Serum, Pai Rosehip Seed Oil. I’ve been lusting after YULI’s skincare products, especially Cell Perfecto since I’ve heard that it can improve acne scarring with its rich minerals and I would be delighted to win the giveaway!

    1. Ugh, we know the struggle! Seriously. In our teens our acne was absolutely dreadful. Severe and constant. Nothing over-the-counter worked for long-term. Accutane was the only thing that cured it, thank god. It took about six months post Accutane to get rid of the scars with chemical peels and aggressively using tretinoin, but the latter was so harsh and now our skin is even more sensitive to it so we desperately wanted to find something that could be used on any new scars caused by hormonal breakouts, reactions to new products, that kind of thing. This serum was definitely it. So even if you don’t win, we would say def invest in it. You will have no regrets! But wait until the 23rd before ordering :)))

  5. I have tried the Yuli mask, and it is as good and effective for acne as the reviews say it is. I would love to try the Cell Perfecto PM. Thank you for the giveaway! I just discovered your site today and am loving it!

    1. Hi Pavani! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you’ve subscribed so you don’t miss any posts or giveaways 🙂

      We’ve also tried the mask and use it religiously once/week. The best thing is how effective YÜLI products are without irritating your skin, which is a miracle for us since we have super sensitive skin as well as acne-prone skin. But yeah, if you love the mask you’ll be crazy for the serum. Choosing our winner in less than 2 weeks 🙊

  6. I never had overly problematic skin aside from oiliness and some teenage breakout angst until an allergic reaction (and the subsequent month long prednisone treatment) completely threw my system out of whack, so since then I’ve been trying to re-balance and even out my skin. As far as treatments go, I’ve had a lot of luck with microneedling for the scarring I have, and SkinMedica retinol 1.0 has been great for redness, but it can be irritating if used too much. I would love to try out Yuli Skincare’s Cell Perfecto PM because i love their overall beauty philosophy and I’ve heard great things about it from online reviews!

    1. Yes, same with retinol being so abrasive. It’s great bc it’s works, but then you get carried away and use too much and your face gets so painful. That’s why we love Cell Perfecto bc you don’t have to worry about it irritating your skin! It’s just another step to your nighttime regimen answer you don’t have to count days between uses or worry about wearing extra sunscreen, etc. it’s so good. We actually got hooked bc of the online reviews, too!

      1. I have tried the Modern Alchemist which I really liked, esp in the winter. And Liquid Courage is great. Their Cocoon Elixir and Halcyon cleanser are two of my all time favorites. All of Yuli seem to be genius formulations.

        Good luck everyone! 🙂

          1. I have sensitive, dry skin (used to have some acne but don’t now), but I know that people with oily and acne prone skin have liked Halcyon (Lilly from Genuine Glow wrote a good review on it). Usually I find that a gel-type cleanser is too drying, but this one isn’t. Halcyon’s allure is somewhat subtle…it has an understated herbal-y clean scent, and it barely lathers. That takes some getting used to to people who like a real foamy cleanser. I like to work it into my skin with fairly dry face and hands and then add water as i go…I hope you like it! (I also find that it is a great 2nd cleanse when using a heavier oil cleanser first.)

          2. Got it. Sounds good. We’re going to check out Lily’s review asap. Love the idea of layering cleansers, justgot into it and was looking for a basic cleanser to pair with our oil cleanser so this one sounds perfect. We’re def going to try it 🙂

            And you’re right. With the cleansers that don’t lather, it’s easy to be too rough on your skin trying to get it to lather. Also psychologically; you’re thinking, “Os this stuff even working?!” After having acne for so many years and using harsh products, it’s hard to get used to using gentler products.

  7. Guys, the winner has been abluncec 🙊 Big thanks for everyone who commented. Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss out on any upcoming giveaways. Another beauty one is coming up super soon 🙂

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