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A toner that hydrates while balancing your pH *and* shrinking the appearance of your pores? We're game.

By: Dani

We love trying innovative products from brands that aren’t afraid to experiment and think of things that haven’t been done before. Circ Cell does exactly that. Their formulas marry performance-based ingredients – AKA ingredients that are scientifically proven to work – with clean technology and luxury packaging. What started out as a side business – there was only one product available when they initially launched online – has now become a line of highly-effective skincare gems, and one of the most impressive natural skincare lines.

We’ve tried their Extraordinary Face Oil (which, BTW, does live up to it’s name) and Dramatic Lightening Potion, but the one product that sticks out the most is their toner. Toner may seem like kind of a strange thing to be excited about, especially in the world of lace peel-off masks, shower sheet essences, and cleansing sherbets (yes, this is a legit thing).

But this toner is special.

Considering we typically get excited over anything with lactic acid – AHA’s are basically the secret to age-defying, pore-less skin – when we came across this toner online we knew we had to try it. And we’re so glad we did.

We always use toner on our face, neck, and décolletage twice a day – at night as the final step of cleansing, and in the morning to restore our skin’s pH and remove any excess oil or sebum production that happened while we were sleeping. The fact that this toner is designed to balance your skin’s pH is perfect because it’s so important. Basically, our skin likes to be slightly acidic, but since most cleansers tend to be alkaline, toners are necessary to brings your skin’s pH level back to normal. And the goodness doesn’t stop there. Because of the witch hazel, you’re purified and refreshed all in one same step. We wish we could bathe in it.


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**FTC: No monetary compensation was received for this post, however product was sent to us to try. GOCO strives to only work with brands that meet our high ethical and performance standards. Opinions are 100% our own, of course.**

And guys, please remember we like to feature as many dope brands and products here to show you that there are plenty, literally hundreds, of ethical, cruelty-free, plant-based, even vegan brands out there, so there is simply no excuse to not switch over. In no way are we saying you need to try every single product we recommend (though we know it may be tempting!) because, for us, sustainability > materialism, point blank. But if you happen to be in the market for say, a natural toothpaste and don’t know where to start, we got options for you. Remember, the key is to buy less so that you use and wear the things you love more. Make sense?

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