This Is The Best Facial We’ve Ever Had

Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe used to do this too. Just thought we'd throw that out there.

By: Amber

“Okay. Now I need you to be still. Don’t move. Don’t talk. If you need me, lift your hand. There’s no pain, but it’s a sharp tool.”

This isn’t the kind of warning you expect to hear from your esthetician after you’ve mentally prepared yourself for a relaxing facial on a rainy Sunday afternoon. (By the way, we were in the cutest nugget of Soho at Daphne, a European skincare and in-spa sugaring studio.) No worries, though. The blade on the scalpel is small. Very small. And sterile of course. Still, dermaplaning is serious business and, in our opinion, best reserved for highly trained professionals.

Why bother with a blade to the face?

It’s always weird to talk about unwanted body hair. It’s personal, and none of us girls like to admit where we have to shave a little more than others. It’s even more awkward talking about facial hair. Unlike body hair where some of us like to get a little creative or keep some here and there, the consensus on facial hair is pretty much universal: we want to be completely bare from the neck up (excluding eyebrows and lashes, of course!). No facial hair means our makeup will go on smoother and when we’re going without makeup, our complexion looks brighter, especially if you have darker hair.

We discovered this industry secret a little while back and had been dying to try it out to see if it was worth the hype. Celebrities are so good at keeping beauty secrets, but now this one is starting to become more known and sought after. Dermaplaning is essentially the manual removal of hair on the full surface area of your face. We’re not just talking upper lip, chin, and unibrow. You know that peach fuzz we all have, especially in the sideburn area, that usually shows under harsh light? Once you’re done with this facial, it will be completely gone. Your skin will feel smoother than it’s ever felt by far. If you’ve ever wondered how actresses and models and fashion girls manage to have skin that looks so flawless under their makeup, now you know the secret. Not only does your entire complexion look so much more vibrant after a dermaplaning session because of the removal of hair, you are also having the top layer of your skin (epidermis) physically exfoliated. We all know the benefits of increased cell turnover, right? Just like with chemical exfoliating (AHAs, BHAS, and other acids), physical exfoliating reduces the appearance of dark/sun spots, acne scarring, and gives your complexion a boost in radiance because all the dead skin cells are removed so that your newness can shine.

Since our skin was pretty much in the aftermath phase of a major freakout when we went in for the facial, all of the leftover scarring and hyperpigmentation we had made it the ideal time to have this treatment done. If you’re wondering, you can definitely get this done have acne-prone skin; the only time you don’t want to avoid dermaplaning is if you have a large number of active pimples. A couple can be avoided by your esthetician. The most pleasant surprise was that this facial did not leave our skin red or irritated. Like not at all, and we have fairly sensitive/dehydrated skin, especially during the winter months. But nope, the only redness we experienced was from the extractions, which we asked for because we had a few clogged pores, especially in our t-zone area.

Try it once, you will be hooked

Dermaplaning is rapidly becoming less of an exclusive procedure that only Hollywood elite are doing now and that means that there are lots of salons that offer this service. But if you’re ever in the NYC area when you want to give dermaplaning a try, definitely stop in Daphne, (50 minutes for $199) (includes an incredible neck and shoulder massage). What initially drew us to the salon was the fact that they use Biologique Recherché’s skincare line. We’d been dying to try the infamous P50 1970 toner from the legendary French brand, which, if you don’t know, is packed with all kinds of exfoliating agents (including vinegar!) to give you that glow, and this was our first taste. Now we’re pinching pennies so we can just invest in everything from the line that suits our skin.

While results from most facials, like a glycolic peel facial, tend to serve results in cumulation, as in you won’t see any major results until after multiple sessions, dermaplaning gives you instant results. Can’t ask for more than that, right? And to top it off, after a session your skincare products can penetrate your skin so much deeper, so having a few really effective products to use after is perfect. You can shop everything from Biologique Recherché that our therapist recommended for us to keep our skin hydrated and breakouts under control.

Sure you can always buy an at-home dermaplaning device for touchups between sessions (we have one we’re trying out), but there’s just nothing like having a trained esthetician do all the work. Nothing beats having your face washed and massaged by someone else. Sorry. It’s just so rejuvenating and relaxing. Definitely invest in at least one session if you can. You’ll see: suddenly every room will have good lighting. That’s how nice your complexion will look bare-faced. And when you have on makeup? Your selfie will look FaceTuned before you even start editing it.

We left the salon with a bunch of samples to try and we’ll be sharing our thoughts over on Insta, so make sure you’re following us.

Have you ever done a dermaplaning session? Want to? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I’ve been considering the Michael Todd one for a few months. It’s certainly one of the more affordable options. The reviews seem favorable too.

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