Would You Go To This Extreme For Better Skin?

We’re talking getting subzero air blown on your face.

By: Amber

We visited Katrina at Elite Cryo Lounge in the gorgeous modern spa in NYC. She’s a blonde Russian beauty, literally everything you would expect from a Katrina. She works in five-inch stilettos, guys and she’s also super smart and completely knows what she’s talking about when it comes to skin. We love her beauty mantra: When you find something that works, stick with it.” Consistency is everything and in a world with so many options, so many products, so many brands, and too many self-proclaimed “experts,” we completely agree that when you find that thing, that product, that regime, that treatment, that esthetician that works, lock it down.

If having your face blasted with 160 below zero seems absolutely horrifying, we can concur. But we were willing to take one for the team just so we could report back to you how it went and if this treatment is worth it. And the verdict is in: cryotherapy with Katrina is definitely a treatment we’re sticking with. Here’s why: cryo facials boost collagen production, reduce inflammation and minimize the appearance of blemishes.

When Katrina mentioned that it would also help lighten the pigmentation leftover from recent breakouts, we were skeptical. Like what? Cold air can do that? Turns out, yeah, it sure can. It’s not some magic, poof-all-your-scars-will-be-gone deal, but it does speed up the process because apparently spraying your skin with subzero air acts as an exfoliant. Having oily acne-prone skin, it’s crazy important to exfoliate as often as our skin can healthily tolerate it because our skin doesn’t do it naturally. What this treatment essentially does is removes the outer dead layer of skin cells and stimulates the new ones underneath. The laser attached to the wand also helps speed up the healing process so if you have any new scars, they’ll be hit with a double whammy.

Yes, we did say laser. So here’s the deal: the treatment room is small and cozy. If you think you’re going to be listening to Enya, think again. This isn’t your typical facial. Once you’re in position on the bed, she hits the lights and starts pumping dance music. It’s full-blown club vibes once the laser lights come in. It’s not necessary to wear goggles, but you do need to keep your eyes shut. The best thing about this facial in comparison to other exfoliating facials (did you catch our experience with getting a glycolic peel?) is how low-key but effective it is. You don’t need to remove your makeup before starting so it’s perfect for your lunch break. It’s super quick, around ten minutes of air and you’re done. There’s no need to wash your face after either. The most you’ll see if some residual redness, but that will fade within an hour or so depending on how sensitive your skin in. There’s no burning, tingling, peeling. It actually is surprisingly relaxing, guys.

When we heard how low the temperature would be, we expected to be squirming on the bed, grinding our teeth, but it’s not bad at all, mostly because before blowing the wait, Katrina applies a serum which she described as, “like fire.” You don’t feel it going on so don’t freak out and think that means you’re going to feel your skin burning at first. When you’re done you can literally feel the blood moving around in your face, which is perfect for people like us who crave some kind of instant gratification when it comes to facial treatments. Your skin feels invigorated from the inside out. You don’t have to do anything after you leave the spa except leave the serum on until you wash your face at night. No biggie.

This is definitely the most unique facial experience we’ve ever had. It’s like a bite-sized treatment and we all know how easy it is to get hooked on bite-sized things, right? We love that you can get this treatment done as often as you like as long as your skin can tolerate it. This is a treatment that you could even do this every day. Even then you can certainly overdo it depending on whether or not your skin is sensitive, your at-home skincare routine, and what treatments you get done.

We’re mentally working our way up to go for the plunge, the whole-body treatment. Would you ever try that or a fascist to start? Let us know in the comments!

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