Everyday Jewelry You’ll Love From 4 Super Chic Ethical Brands

Like want to eat, drink, sleep, and bathe in.

By: Amber

It’s funny, at one point in our lives, catching us out on the streets without wearing at least a few key pieces was as rare as this year’s solar eclipse. Growing up, our mother worked at Tiffany’s and because of her discount and the exclusive sales in the employee store, our jewelry box was lit from middle school on. But everything in our collection wasn’t expensive. We picked up pieces from Claire’s (remember that?!), the local beauty supply store, and even the dollar store. Our signature pieces were oversized silver hoops, and the Return to Tiffany’s heart tag choker and matching bracelet, which we had engraved. Point is, we were jewelry obsessed. But then something happened and jewelry was no longer needed for us to be satisfied with our look. We still admired a beautifully curated wrist or neck party, but that passion was missing.

Guys, it’s back with a vengeance, but this time it’s different. First of all, we’re all about the dainty – layering is everything, and we exclusively want high quality, well-made pieces that will stay in rotation for years to come. After dabbling in both high-end and street jewelry (and everything in between), we’ve come to the point where we’ve realized the importance of investing in a few beautiful, classic pieces that we can wear to death. No skimping on quality or design, period. When it comes to everyday jewelry, it’s not about having a box overflowing with pieces, but rather a few choice pieces that we can run to and depend on without much thought. Basically, we’ve adopted the same mindset and techniques as we have when it comes to curating a minimal closet and cruelty-free beauty cabinet: quality over quantity, high selectivity, and strategically choosing pieces from brands that share the same ethos as we do.

Here are some gorgeous pieces from great brands who have made admirable commitments to social responsibility that we admire. These are pieces you can wear daily, sleep in them, shower in them, make them a part of your identity, basically.

Monica Vinader Mini Marie Pendant

everyday jewelry

True story: we actually did a stint at Tiffany’s with our mother for a few months, and while it was amazing to touch so many of their covetable pieces and daydream about adding a few select pieces to our collection, there was this space between us and the brand. Everything was exceptionally beautiful, but inaccessible to most.

Monica Vinader completely closed the gap between an ultra-luxury brand like Tiffany’s and street costume jewelry; she’s managed to create a collection filled with pieces that have the same unrivaled quality and detail, yet is attainable. Not only has Monica nailed the aesthetics, so much so that it’s a favorite of Emma Watson’s and has been seen on the gorgeous Olivia Palermo, Kendall Jenner, and the Duchess of Cambridge (!), but she’s killing it from an ethical standpoint as well.

Nothing makes us happier than when we hear things like a brand is fully “committed to the ethical sourcing of their products and work closely with suppliers to ensure that they adhere to their code of conduct.” To top it off, Monica Vinader is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and their diamonds are “sourced through suppliers that adhere to the Kimberley Process and the World Diamond Council’s System of Warranties.”

If you haven’t noticed, we have a thing for necklaces. It just seems easier to find flattering necklaces that fit in with our aesthetic than any other jewelry piece. The Mini Marie Pendant from the MV collection is the perfect everyday pendant because it’s such a classic piece, but has the contemporary touch. The handmade 17-inch chain is ideal for V-necklines and ideal for layering a couple short, simple chains. It’s even nice if you’re wearing a higher neckline to tuck it in so you’re the only one who knows it there. It’s beautiful quality, but not too heavy that you’ll be conscious of it all day long.

There are actually so many pendants we’re dying over. If you love a good monogrammed piece, you’ll love the Alphabet Letter Diamond Pendant. The Riva Kite Diamond Pendant would look stunning with a low-cut LBD. Definitely, check out the #MYMV hashtag to see how the pieces look on.

Liz Law Jewelry Star Choker

everyday jewelry

Don’t think anyone adores chokers as much as we do. It’s hard to believe we used to cringe at the thought of them, but now we’re all about the 16-inch chain! Part of it has to do with our obsession with off-the-shoulder tops.

Now, while we’ve decided to shop exclusively from brands that embrace sustainable and ethical practices – materials that have been recycled, upcycled, vintage, and fairly traded – it’s sometimes hard to find pieces that are of a sophisticated, modern, and slightly edgy aesthetic, which is our style concept.

We’d been searching for the perfect everyday choker to add to our collection when we stumbled upon a made-in-America brand by jewelry connoisseur Liz Law. Her eponymous line is filled with geometrically-inspired versatile pieces that can be layered with other beautiful pieces or worn alone.   

The Star Choker is one of those pieces that you wear daily, never remove, not even to shower. There are definitely some much more statement pieces in the collection, but we love this one because of its versatility. Alone, it’s a subtle statement – a tiny sliver of gold at the neck. It goes with everything from a button-down for work or a plunge-neck dress at night. In two seconds you look more put together, but still like you didn’t try at all. Pair it with two more simple dainty chains and you’ve got an official neck party. This one has an adjustable chain so you can add/take away up to two inches, which is super convenient. The chain has just the right amount of shimmer, like the perfect highlighter. We have it in the 14k gold, but you can also get it in silver.

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Nashelle Jewelry Can’t-Live-Without-Em Earrings

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Handmade jewelry is something we take a lot of pride in wearing. What’s truer luxury than something one-of-a-kind, right? The thing that makes it even better is that one plate of food is donated for every piece of jewelry that’s sold at the Nashelle HQ. Isn’t that amazing?

While we love the look an oversized pair of hoops, we’re into a more wearable large size these days. These Can’t-Live-Without-Em Earrings are a cross between a dainty fine jewelry piece and a classic streetwear piece, and are perfect for everyday wear. They can be dressed up or down, great for streamlining a work-to-dinner transition. Our favorite part is that since they’re hand stamped, no pair is identical. That means you’ll have a semi-unique piece in your collection. Cool, right?

Another thing. We’ve known too many people who have suffered from ripped ears from wearing heavy earrings, especially hoops. These are thin and lightweight, so you almost feel like you’re wearing nothing. Comfort is vital and cannot be overlooked when it comes to the pieces you’re going to wear on a daily basis. You don’t want pieces you’re going to fuss over during the day or have to constantly take out and put back in to bear. How annoying.

Maslo Jewelry Gold Sphere Collar

everyday jewelry
Because what’s a jewelry collection without a few statement pieces? A statement necklace is a must to complete any well-rounded jewelry wardrobe. That piece that everyone will be asking, “Where’d you get that?” is a must-have, hands down.

You can pull off wearing bolder, eye-catching, chunkier pieces on the daily as long as it fits your personality, aesthetic, and is something you feel completely comfortable in. It’s the same concept as your everyday uniform. You might not sleep or shower in it like you would with the dainty pieces, but you can feel special every morning when you put it on.

The Gold Sphere Collar was the first piece we tried from Maslo, and we were instantly obsessed with the brand and the industrial feel all the pieces have. This gold-plated necklace encapsulates what Maslo is all about – stunningly simple statement pieces that can be styled in many different ways. At the cornerstone of the design are minimalism and classic beauty. Every piece is handmade (yay!) in their studio, so this is another American-made brand that’s killing it.

One thing we were super impressed with was the weight of this piece. It definitely speaks volume about its quality, but don’t worry; it’s not obnoxiously heavy or anything. It’s still very wearable. This piece definitely looks best with a neckline that’s rounded or square, so a crew, scoop, or our favorite, off-the-shoulder. Even though this is a chunkier piece, you can still play with layering a daintier, longer pendant. The contrast will add the perfect amount of visual interest. If silver is more your vibe, this one is for you.


Guys, you can shop all these gorgeous pieces below plus others from each collection. Let us know in the comments section which is your favorite piece! And definitely, check out these brands to support well-made and ethically-made jewelry.

**FTC: this post is not sponsored and no compensation was received, however products were sent to us. Opinions are our own, of course.**

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