This Is How You Get Those Lips Summer-ready

Because no one can pull off dry, chapped lips. Not even the Hadid sisters. | In collaboration with Basalt Basalt.

By: Amber

Candles and lip balms. Can you ever have enough? Um, no. But let’s stay focused here and get into how you’re going to get your kissers perfect for summer smooches.

If you’re like us, you’ve been all up on your radiator this past season and yeah, the result is flaky, dry lips. Well, we just so happen to be obsessed with smooth, lineless lips and have been working on a routine to get rid of all the dry, crackiness from this drying winter.

Basalt Basalt is a new discovery of ours. It’s a unisex line of skincare and scented candles by Derek Cooper. The packaging is clean and minimal and feels high-quality from first touch. Of course, it’s what’s inside that counts, but let’s be honest, the outside counts for something too. We’re sure you want your top shelf to look as Pinterest-able as possible, right? We have the following three products from their skincare range set in an empty Diptyque candle glass and keep them on constant rotation for perfectly smooth, kissable lips.



Okay, so our everyday exfoliating technique is to gentle scrub our lips morning and night with our electric toothbrush. It does the job of gently exfoliating off any dead skin or general flakiness, especially in the morning.

But when we want to step it up, say before wearing a matte lip color or when preparing for a shoot, we like to actually use a proper scrub that’s designed to not only take off those icky layers of dead skin, but also to hydrate. Sounds pretty paradoxical, but trust us, it’s legit. Basalt Basalt’s Exfoliating Lip Scrub contains natural oils and emollients so your lips are left feeling raw and like they’re going to fall off.

Lip scrubs come in many textures. Some are smooth and creamy, some are gritty and quite harsh. Basalt Basalt’s formula is right there in the middle. It’s rough enough to let you know it’s getting to work, but still creamy enough that you can use it twice a week. We squeeze out a pea-sized dollop and apply to our lips with a ring finger, then rub our lips together for about a minute until the roughness smooths out. Oh, and did we mention that it smells like vanilla? Like that good vanilla, not the artificial, cheap kind,


Nourish + Moisturize

Okay, you know how people are always asking, “What’s the one thing you always have in your bag?” Well, our phone is always in our pocket or palm. Same for a little cash and our card (most of the time). So the one thing that we always have in our bag that we can’t leave the house without is lip-something. Either our my-lips-but-better lip shade, a tinted gloss, or a lip balm, there has to be something in there to keep our lip game tight. We’ve got big lips and there’s no hiding event he slightest bit of chap. Besides, dry, undressed lips are just gross.

Before going exclusive with cruelty-free beauty, our go-to for basic lip balms and glosses were Bath & Body Works. They’re affordable and work. One of our favorites were the mentha formulas by C.O. Bigelow. You know those, right? Well, this Sweet Mint Lip Balm by Basalt Basalt is perfect to layer on after you do a little lip scrubbing, even if you’re not leaving the apartment. The sweet mint flavor gives it this invigorating, slightly tingling sensation that’s cooling and soothing after they’ve been exfoliated.

This lip balm is also perfect for us because another obsession of our is fresh breath. Obviously, your lips are (physically) separate from your breath, but every little bit helps, right? Oh, and if you’re just not into the smell (or slight taste) of mint, you can always opt for their Original Lip Balm, which is unscented.

STEP 3. (Optional)

Overnight Treatment

The last step for perfectly smooth spring/summer lips (this one is totally optional, BTW) is perfect if you have particularly sensitive lips or crazy dry lips.

We love anything overnight, maybe because we’re neurotic overachievers. Hair masks, face masks, and now lip masks. Except this one is fancy. It’s masque with a q.

You apply a small amount of Basalt Basalt’s Overnight Lip Masque with your finger and let it penetrate your lips right before bed, We know, we know, you’re supposed to sleep on your back for a hundred thousand reasons, but ugh, we just aren’t there yet, okay? So, what we do is wash up a good thirty minutes before we attempt to go to bed (usually ends up being a couple hours before we’re snoozing anyway) and let our lips soak up all the goodness. When we wake up, our lips feel extra smooth and perfectly soft.


For us, high-quality (and of course cruelty-free) lip products are king. We all have different needs and therefore preferences. How do you feel about unisex products? Let us know in the comments section below! We’re always hanging out ready to jump in.

P.S. If you did want to try out Basalt Basalt’s range of scented candles, here’s the shortcut.

P.P.S If a completely cruelty-free top shelf is #goals for you, here’s your ultimate guide to curating a covetable top shelf where no animals were harmed.

**FTC: No monetary compensation was received for this post, however products were sent to us. Opinions are 100% our own, of course.**

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