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Cruelty-free beauty just got a little bit shinier.

By: Amber

First of all, obsessed with the whole Glossier philosophy — skincare as makeup. Nothing could exemplify our view on skincare more than that. We’re like French girls that way. According to their site, their beauty products are made to look good IRL for real girls. Accurate. Not an exaggeration, Glossier is a revolutionary company. It’s beyond obvious that it was created by beauty editors because from the products to the customer service to the packaging to the website (which shows videos of every product in action on three diverse skin tones, like amaze!). You can also schedule a repeat delivery on anything you order, which is beyond cool. Basically, if you’re afraid it’s all hype, it’s not.


Glossier products are pretty in a fresh, modern, almost whimsical sort of way. It’s obvious that Emily Weiss wanted to make her brand very everyday-girl and I do think the packaging appeals to a broad spectrum of girls. There should be no surprise that we love Glossier’s packaging. We’re obsessed with every part of the brand’s marketing, actually. From the product descriptions to the paired back aesthetic, it’s totally us. And that’s the point; the team did a great job of making the brand super relatable, but still a bit luxe, in the way that when you use these products you feel like you are treating yourself, in a non-intimidating way. Because, let’s be real: sometimes products are so beautiful and high-end looking you don’t even use them because you either end up intimidated by them or are too scared to open them and ruin their gorgeousness.

First Impressions

So yes, these products are all beautifully packaged and don’t test on animals, but are they actually good? Let’s start with the product that we were most excited about because of all of the hype on YouTube. Ahem, drum roll please…Haloscope. In case you don’t know — and in which case, what rock have you been sleeping under? — Glossier has three shades of highlighters to choose from: Quartz, Moonstone and Topaz. As oily-skinned girls, we must say we don’t really need highlighter to get our skin looking glowy, but we have been obsessing over strobing lately (like everyone else) and want a go-to highlighter so we can master the technique on nights out when we want that extra lit-from-within, J-Lo glow. We also loved the fact that it’s a balm-esque formula in a stick applicator. So convenient! It makes it so much easier to apply, especially on the go, and it blends into the skin with practically no effort at all. It’s so lightweight you can’t feel it on your skin. 

And now for the bad news, for us at least. We were so disappointed when we realized that the highlighters contain beeswax. But kudos to Glossier’s customer service team. When I emailed Olivia about returning Haloscope (since, turns out, it contains beeswax), she was super sweet and issued the return almost right away, with no issues. She even let me keep all of the items from my order. Such a cool company.

We were also excited to try out the detoxifying mask. We’re perpetually on the hunt for a treatment that will get deep into our pores and drag out all the impurities, you know, the gunk that builds up all day long — all that. We don’t know what it is, but sometimes we feel like our skin just isn’t clean enough. Plus, we have a major, on-again, off-again blackhead problem going on in our nose region, it’s so gross. But, TBH, we haven’t always been a believer in masks, or in any magical, life-altering power(s) they claim to have. We’d just never used one that I could actually see a difference after using it. Anyways, the full name — Mega Greens Galaxy Pack ($22) — had us thinking it would be the skincare version of juicing for breakfast. As soon as the clay settled into our skin, we felt it working. The intensity of the tingling was a little scary at first, but it could have been because we’ve been heavy on the retinol lately. We’re not sold on a mask, especially not one that we have to let sit for twenty minutes, unless we see instant results. That said, the avocado oil, spinach, and orange peel slayed our pores. We did ours before bed, but we actually think this is a great go-to mask for special occasions/events. It does flush your skin red for a couple minutes after you rinse it off, but it leaves your pores visibly tighter, which will make your makeup look even smoother.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the also infamous, Boy Brow,($16). And we won’t lie, we was skeptical about trying because we’ve been loyal to Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Wiz since we tried it years ago. Our M.O. is to shape with the ABH pencil and use a dark brown shadow to fill. But we thought, what if we could eliminate a step from our (granted minimal, but still) morning routine? Turns out alone, after applying two layers after penciling in with ABH, they looked so much more naturally full than when we use the brown shadow. It’s the perfect product if you want your brows to look healthy and groomed, but not too done up. It gives the right amount of fullness without looking fake or overdone. Even closeup, the formula gives a finish that mimics hair. It’s definitely designed for a more natural looking brow, meaning you’re not going to get hardly any definition with this product, but you will give buildable volume. And it passed our 8-hour test. Check.

Is Glossier worth the money?

At just over twenty bucks, we think the Green Galaxy Pack is a steal. It is recommended to apply a thick layer, the texture is really creamy and supple so you don’t actually use up that much product per treatment. And like all good masks, you can use this mask twice a week, once as a full facial and once as a spot treatment on any problem areas. Like we said, this would be the perfect mask to do before a big event/special occasion or after traveling because of the instant results. It’s so nice that we have the Moon Mask next on our list and we plan to do them back-to-back as recommended. If the moisturizing mask is as good as the green mask, these two definitely have the potential to become a couple products that we set up for auto re-delivery via Glossier’s site. 

Boy Brow, Balm Dotcom, and Haloscope are priced like high-end drugstore products, which we love because not only are they easy on your bank account, but you feel like you’re getting something more luxe, more exclusive than a drugstore brand.

Final rating…

Glossier gets a 4.5 out of 5 from, mainly because the products simply they do what they say. When it comes to brands, especially ones that only exist virtually, performing the way as promised is paramount. We also love that most their ingredients are natural. It just goes to prove that you can go the more conscious way without sacrifice quality or effectiveness. 

We’re excited to try a few more products from Glossier because we think they’ve nailed no-makeup makeup products, which is perfectly in line with their “more skin, less makeup” philosophy.The branding is so fresh and creative. They’re products are for girls who want the “I woke up like this” look. If you haven’t tried anything from the brand then we definitely recommend trying out at least one thing, and then if you like that product you can always try more. Boy Brow would be a good start. It’s a reliable product that you can’t really go wrong with and if you love to mask, try the Green Galaxy Pack. 


Have you tried any Glossier products? What did you think of them? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to know what you think!

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