This Happened When We Tried Natural Deodorant For A Week

Spoiler alert: We're never going back to our old deodorant.

By: Dani

Day one, January 14, 2017, wearing:

LAVANILA Sport Luxe Deodorant

7:50am: Okay, so just left the apartment and so far so good, meaning I don’t feel sticky or moist. I’m feeling pretty normal. Before I left, I chucked the stick in my bag just in case I need to touch up during the day. To be fair, it is currently 32 degrees in New York so I have on four layers of clothes so I don’t freeze my butt off. And yes, there’s lots of walking involved in my commute which should mildly put this deodorant to the test. And when I get to the office I will be keeping all of these layers on since my building insists on blasting the AC even in winter. So keep that in mind.

First impressions? The smell of this deodorant is very pleasant, the scent is exactly like clean laundry (which apparently is a mix of White Jasmine, Honeydew and Green Apple). Not too far on the natural side, but definitely not as overpowering as those ‘power fresh’ concoctions. This seems like it would be a good starter to transition from antiperspirant to natural deodorant because 1.) it looks like a normal antiperspirant, 2.) it glides on very smooth and there’s no cruddy residue left on my skin, andddd 3.) there’s no annoying white marks on left on my top. So far I’d give it a solid 3 out of 5.

11:37pm: Took a bathroom break at work and just touched my pits. Surprisingly, they are dry. Not 100% but close enough. And more importantly, I don’t smell.

6:14pm: Okay, so here’s the situation. I’m home from a 8-hour work day (plus one and a half hours of commuting), cooking dinner and I’ve just done a sniff test. The scent of the actual deodorant does last all day long, but I also smelled traces of my body’s natural odor peeking through. It wasn’t a full-on, here-I-am funk, but it was there. However, I was still dry. Weird. Going to try the Lavanilla again post bentonite clay detox, which according to YT, is essential to switching over because you need to get all the toxins and chemicals out of your body so the natural deo can fully do its thing. Of course, I’ll report back when I do. Still waiting for my jug to arrive in the mail. For now, I’ll stick with this for a couple more days.

Day two, January 15, 2017, wearing:

Sport Luxe + Honest Company Bergamot Sage

1:21pm: So I tried the Honest Company’s Bergamot Sage spray deodorant about a month ago and it was truly my first go at a non-antiperspirant. To sum it up, things did not go well. Even when I first applied it didn’t absorb well into my skin. By the middle of the day, I smelled like I didn’t shower at all and my pits were uncomfortably sweaty (which is a very jarring feeling considering I’ve worn antiperspirant since twelve). Good thing I don’t have a boyfriend. Anyway, I decided to try it out again for the sake of this review (otherwise it would have been tossed immediately), but not on its own. I figure it can maybe be good for touch-ups throughout the day. So let’s see how this goes. Just applied two sprays per armpit. Ugh, wetness. But let’s see how this wears for the rest of the day.

7:30pm: Okay, so good news and bad news. The good? I can still smell the Honest spray and it is very nice. It even mixes well with the Lavanilla scent. The bad part is that it didn’t really do anything major in terms of keeping me drier. No, I don’t fully expect a natural deo to keep me from sweating like an antiperspirant (duh), but since it didn’t really do much, there’s just no point in doing an extra step. If anything, I’d say just touch-up with the Lavanilla.

Day three, January 16, 2017, wearing:

LAVANILA Sport Luxe Deodorant

6:39pm: So since it’s a mess outside – snow and rain – I stayed inside all day. After I showered, I applied the Lavanilla and then did some house cleaning – sweeping, moping, scrubbing. Afterwards, my arms were almost completely dry. For the rest of the day I was pretty much inactive except for cooking dinner, which of course included more cleaning, if that counts.

The takeaway? Without my four layers of clothes on, this deodorant kept me very reasonably dry and my natural smell nowhere to be found. I love the scent more and more every time I wear it. I think this is a winner.

Day four, January 17, 2017, wearing:

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant stick, Bergamot + Lime

Today I’m switching over to Schmidt’s. First I’m going to rock with the stick version since it’s what I’m used to. Okay, right off the bat I can tell you the consistency of this stick compared to Lavanilla is totally different. The texture is a lot more…textured. It’s a lot softer when you roll it on, so much so that when you do, it sort of breaks up a little. I found myself having to go back in with my fingertips to smooth out the deodorant, which made me think it might not be too different than using the pot version. I’ll keep you posted on that tomorrow.

But surprisingly after a little smoothation with my hands, everything felt very fresh and clean. The lime scent is very bright and zesty. And strong. Which, in my opinion, is a good thing because that means it’ll last all day long. Hopefully. I’ve heard that natural deo formula with baking soda in it tend to keep you a bit drier (which means less smelly) throughout the day, so we’ll see about that.

11;39pm. This scent lasted me all day and all night long. I can’t believe that’s I’m sniffing my pits right now and they literally smell like nothing. So far, this one is my favorite.

Day five, January 18, 2017, wearing:

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant, Lavender + Sage

Decided to try a pot version of the Schmidt’s in a different fragrance just to see if there’s a difference in formula between the pot and the stick. By the way, before I showered I worked out and afterwards I was still smelling fresh because of the Bergamot + Lime.

Applying the actual paste from the pot is a little bit tricky since the formula is actually very hard and stiff. Once you smooth it into your skin, it does warm up quite nicely. Still, it takes a little more time in the morning (not a huge deal, just thought I’d mention it). It does come with a tiny spatula to scoop out some of the paste, but I found using my fingertip was faster given I dropped the thing three times trying to get a good amount.

Final verdict

I have to say this worked out much better than I had anticipated. I was almost completely convinced that this was going to be the biggest and pretty much impossible hurdle to get over when transitioning to an all natural beauty routine. No so much. The sweating, I’m going to have to get used to, though. The bright side? Even though I sweat quite often, I never was stinky, which I’ve learned is because sweat doesn’t actually smell; it’s the bacteria that cause areas with the most sweat glands to stink – your armpits, feet, etc. I also heard that as your body transitions from antiperspirant to natural deodorant, it releases all the built up toxins, which will cause you will sweat more, but eventually (after 2-3 weeks) the sweating will calm down. We’ll see.


Have you ever tried a natural deodorant? If so, what are some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    1. Hey, Kaitlin.

      After about two weeks the sweating definitely calmed down. I’m not sweating anywhere near as much as I did those first two weeks of purging. Even when I work out in the mornings, it’s not like I’m dripping underneath my arms. I’ve mostly been sticking to the Lavanilla, which is designed to last longer scent-wise than the original formula (which I haven’t tried). But that’s not to say I don’t ever sweat; I do, which is fine because as long as I don’t smell, I’m good.

      Have you ever tried any natural deodorants?

      1. I have but I don’t remember what brand it was. Honestly, I tried it once and it felt like I wasn’t wearing any deodorant at all so I chucked it. I’m definitely going to try again, maybe the Lavanilla, and stick it out! Thanks for the info!

        1. I think it just take a couple days to get used to the new formula. Def try it for a week and see how it goers. If after a week you’re still not feeling like it’s enough protection, then it might not be for you. But after a week, we both forgot all about our generic deodorant and were totally hooked on the Lavanila.

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