What's more luxurious than slathering your skin in lush oil extracted from exotic flowers? Um, not much. 

By: Amber x Dani

Because we have *oily* and shiny skin (we’re convinced that these are separate, but equally tragic conditions because even when our skin is super dry, we’re still shiny right in the center of our foreheads and noses), we’ve always been weary of voluntarily adding oil to our faces despite how luxurious the whole facial oil trend seemed. Nothing could seem more counterintuitive. This comes from girls who layer on mattifying powder every morning just so we don’t look like we smeared Vaseline all over our faces by lunchtime.

Other than wanting to add a little luxury to our beauty cabinet, we really wanted to try out a beauty oil from Herbivore Botanicals to see if it would help our skin retain the proper moisture. We also have acne-prone skin and sometimes we get obsessed with preventing blemishes by drying out our skin – retinol, weekly exfoliating sessions, clay masks, creams with benzoyl peroxide, the works. But we end up stripping our faces of some of the moisture needed to keep the skin supple. We also end up excessively drying out your pores can actually cause more breakouts.

Now, on to the review…



Amber: Herbivore Botanical’s packaging couldn’t be more in line with my own personal aesthetic. It’s simple and clean, but sophisticated and posh, proving that just because the products in their line are all made up of natural ingredients, doesn’t mean they have to look like somebody made them in their basement (no offense). I actually think the products look a lot better than some in the high-end or even luxury price range.

Dani: Coming from a brand that uses only ingredients found in nature, with a focus on creating simple products that (actually) work, their packaging expresses this to a T, which you already know I l o v e. Any product with a minimal aesthetic is my style. I just think the more basic a product, meaning the less ingredients used, the better. (This oil only has seven ingredients total. Seven!). That thinking goes hand in hand with the way products are presented. I don’t need all the colorful frills or the unnecessary dyes and added artificial fragrance. Just give me stuff that does what it say it’ll do and I’m happy.

I love that the Herbivore facial oil comes in clear glass bottles. I use a facial oil every night and keep it stored in my medicine cabinet so the fact that the glass is clear doesn’t worry me in terms of the product going bad or expiring quickly. The dipper applicator is also extra nice because when you squeeze product in and then go to apply, excess oil doesn’t ease out of the tip; it’s very secure and constructed very well.



Amber: Since I was pretty much a facial oil virgin before trying the Orchid Facial Oil ($64), I wanted to make sure I nailed the application and followed Herbivore’s specific guidelines for use. I debated using it in place of my go-to moisturizer. Since I’m good about my SPF and never leave the house without it, I layered my normal moisturizer over it.

As soon as I warmed the recommended 3-10 drops (I did three for morning, closer to ten at night) in my palm, I instantly felt how silky the texture was. Of course it felt nothing short of exquisite on my face. The smell is subtle at first, but then intoxicating without being too much. So even if the orchid extract and jasmine and camellia notes are not your thing, it’s not like you’re going to be getting whiffs all day. The formula is much lighter than traditional/cooking oils like olive or coconut oil so no – you do not feel like you’re wearing a blanket of grease on your face. The weight is similar to a typical oil-based moisturizer.

Dani: The first time I came across Herbivore Botanicals was on Urban Outfitters. I was *casually* scrolling through the skincare products and the first product that I was enticed by was the hair perfume, which I’ve yet to try, but it’s definitely on my to-try list. I sent a quick email to UO customer service, asking whether or not the brand was cruelty-free. They responded that it was, so I went to the brand’s site and was pleasantly surprised by 1.) the selection of products on their website, but more importantly, 2.) the fact that not only are they CF, but all of their products are made with 100% natural ingredients, which we told you here, we’re been really committed to our safe/non-toxic game. So double thumbs up for the brand. Now onto the actual product…

Okay, let’s talk about scent first, because that’s kind of a deal breaker for some people, including me. If I don’t enjoy the way a product smells, there’s no way I could douse my face in it. Right away, I saw on the website that this oil has a key ingredient of Jasminum Sambac (Jasmine Absolute), so I knew I was going to love it. I basically love any floral fragrance. The scent lingers for quite some time after applying. Since it’s a fragrance that I don’t mind, it doesn’t bother me. I also mostly apply it at night right before bed, so it doesn’t matter anyway.

So, summer’s over (I’m tearing up as I write this) and Fall is now in full swing. Let’s be honest, this transition is a tough one for everybody. For me, as soon as September hit, my skin freaked. My face and neck instantly got so dry, the skin started flaking, which hasn’t happened since my Accutane days. So, I was really hoping this oil was as moisturizing as it claimed. I found this oil to be quite versatile. For the first week I tried it only at nighttime.

First I tried it over my night cream as sort of a way to “lock” in all of the moisture applied, and then after a few days I switched to using it as my sole moisturizer, at night and in the morning. I found that The Orchid Facial Oil was incredibly hydrating, but at the same time, still lightweight enough to wear it as a moisturizer even in the daytime.

Even though it’s an oil, it doesn’t make you look oily at all. This is coming from a girl with the oiliest skin ever. So if you have dry skin and your skin gets even drier in the wintertime, you could even try layering it over your usual moisturizer. This will give you a serious winter glow (yes, that’s a thing and I might’ve just made it up). This oil was suggested by the brand for dull/tired skin, but I think it’ll work for other skin types.


Worth the money?

Amber: Facial oils are not cheap. But for good reason. Unlike traditional moisturizers like cream and gel formulas, facial oils are much higher in effective ingredients. This means it’s straight to the point – think like a neat drink. The oils in the Herbivore line contain no fillers, just intense nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. You pay more for less quantity, but the quality of moisture can’t be rivaled by creams and gels that are diluted with water. Herbivore also exclusively uses natural ingredients, absolutely no chemicals.

If you go for one in the Herbivore range, I would say that during the warmer months, you can apply it seldom. Treat it as a special treat to yourself. I particularly love to use it on the nights that I apply my retinol, which is a few times a week. You can even use 1-2 drops and use a spot treatment on the areas of your face where you get particularly dry instead of applying it all over your face.

If your skin is in constant need of hydration, then this oil is definitely about to be your new shit. I would definitely suggest sleeping in a heavy coat so it can sink in and for the daytime, I would layer it underneath your moisturizer. We all know that the key to youthful looking skin and warding off fine lines/wrinkles is to stay hydrated. Because of the amount of concentrated moisture this oil provides, it’s ideal to effortlessly step up your anti-aging game.

Dani: I have no objections to spending money on things that I enjoy, and I think some products are just worth splurging on. This is definitely one of them. Plus, a little goes a long way so I think you get a lot for your money in this case. You only need a few drops to hydrate your entire face, a bit more to get your neck too. I do this every time because for me, good moisturization starts at the forehead and ends at the nipples. I literally only use 3-5 drops.


Final Rating

Amber: The Orchid Facial Oil gets 5 out of 5 glittering stars for me. I love this facial oil from the packaging to the ingredients. I definitely want to try the others the brand offers. I’m really surprised how under-the-radar this brand is, especially with a game-changing product like this one. Still not sure if 2 ounces of floral facial oil is worth the investment? Give the travel-size roll-on a run. But warning: once you try this stuff you won’t be able to stop.

Dani: 5 out of 5. I’m obsessed with the glow that this facial oil gives me. I also love that all the oils come in a roll-on option as well. It’s perfect for traveling. It’s also ideal if you want to try the product out for a while to see if it’s for you before committing to the full-size. Can’t wait to try out more from the brand (hint, hint).


Have you ever tried anything from Herbivore Botanicals? Any of the facial oils? Let us know in the comments section below what you think of their products. If you have any recommendations of other products to try from the brand, let us know and we’ll and review!

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