Hey Anese, Can We Be Bff’s?

They say they're the sassiest brand around, and we agree.

By: Dani

By now, you know we’re crazy skincare junkies. Taking care of our skin is our number one priority within our beauty routine. The less we need to cover up with makeup, the better. You’re probably catching on to the fact that we’re also really into natural skincare. One of our goals is to basically go at least ninety-percent chemical and toxin-free. Right now our Holy Grail beauty routine is still a work in progress, and we definitely were tempted to experiment a little with Anese. Oh, and FYI: we bought all of these products with our own money. Nothing was sent to us, nor are we getting paid to tell you to buy any of their products.

Okay, so here’s how this all started — we were scrolling through Revolve’s site looking for some goodies to add to the GOCO shop and then it happened. Out the corner of our eye, we spotted their new beauty (!) section and had to give it a scroll. We see a product called, “Fuck Bad Vibes” and that’s it, we got to check out the entire line. We headed straight to their site to see if they were 100% cruelty-free. Not only did Anese check that box, but it also checked the natural-derived-ingredients box too. Um, sold.

We immediately started reading about each individual product and quickly filled our carts with what we wanted to try first. It was a difficult decision — between the raving reviews for every single product and the hooky names, we were as indecisive as a pregnant woman trying to choose what she wants for dinner. But we finally settled on a few to try out and report back to you guys.

Can I Speak to your Manager?

Facial Toner, $23

A toner is such an important part of a working skincare routine, so if it’s not a part of yours already, it should be. And the simpler, the better really. This one is a ‘cleansing’ toner and that’s all you really need a toner to do. Leave moisturizing and hydrating duties for your actual moisturizer, via night cream or facial oil (or both). That way it can truly do the job at task – cleaning away all the extra dirt and oil your face wash maybe didn’t get off. Since this one comes in a beautiful spray bottle, you can use it two different ways. Either spray directly on your face for a refreshing and cooling effect and them wipe away with a cotton pad, or pump a few sprays onto a cotton pad and wipe your face (and neck!) down like a typical toner. Options, people.


Skin Perfecting DMAE Serum

Okay, in case you’ve never heard of this acronym, DMAE is basically a health compound that reduces the buildup of ‘age pigment’. When consumed, it also works as a powerful anti-oxidant. So what does all of this scientific blah blah blah mean? This shit is good for your skin. If used consistently, it can tighten and tone skin from all the ‘methyl donation’. The actual consistency of this serum is a thick, milky texture, which absorbs into the skin nicely, with no leftover tacky feeling.

Fuck bad vibes.

Hydrating Body & Hair Elixir, $26.

We’re all about a good fragrance, but sometimes it better to just have a subtle wave when you lean in for a hug, instead of that massive whiff as soon as you walk into a room. The light, sweet scent of almond and sandalwood of this multi-purpose, moisturizing scent will add low-key vibes to your look. Plus, it’s good for layering since it won’t complete with your perfume. Use on your skin or in your hair.

Girl Power Mask Duo

Mask, $39


We usually do a mask something like 1-2 times a week, just as a quick pick-me-up for our skin. And although not always 100% necessary, it’s a nice gesture to do for your skin. So be nice to yours and treat it with this something special. This duo is a good place to start, because you get two-for-one, and they both have totally different skin-salving properties.

Pretty Sure I’m Gorgeous is a super hydrating charcoal mask that feels more a like a cream on your skin, than drying. It also has the aforementioned DMAE qualities in it so it tones your skin as it moisturizes. So Over It is great after a long day (or week) when you skin needs a little detoxification. This one gently exfoliates and adds a smoothness to your complexion. You cans also buy both separately, but you get the better deal with the duo, just saying.


P.S. One of the most enjoyable parts of doing this blog is finding really innovative, cool-as-hell brands and getting to share them with you guys. Brands that you’ve probably never have heard of, and otherwise would have never found on your own. And guys, remember is so important to support brands like this who are standing for what they believe in, putting safe products out on the market, and who genuinely care about who their customers are. If you’re looking for gentle, effective skin care that are cruelty-free, all natural, and organic, then try this brand. Join their #skinsquad here.

Have you tried anything from Anese? Let us know in the comments section below!

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**FTC: This post is not sponsored. No monetary compensation was received for this post, however products were sent to us. Opinions are 100% our own, of course.**

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