Layer Your Fragrance Like A Pro, Ft. Ellis Brooklyn

Plus, a rose perfume that doesn't smell like the inside of an old lady's closet.

By: Amber

True story: this one Saturday morning we were lazing in bed with our fur babies, casually scrolling through NAP’s beauty section (cause that’s what we do when we’re bored) and something amazing happened. We discovered Ellis Brooklyn, a niche luxury fragrance house that you’re about to fall in love with (promise). After deciding that we *needed* at least one of @BeeShapiro‘s (she’s the master behind the line) scents in our life, we did our research and first verified that everything is cruelty-free (of course, they are!), and then found out that  everything is made in New York. BTW, you can also shop all Bee’s certified organic body milks and perfumes at Sephora and Nordstrom.

As far as we’re concerned, clean is the new luxury. While there definitely isn’t a shortage of high-end and beyond fragrance brands, there are a few that are cruelty-free and even less that are committed to making products free of parabens, phthalates, or other toxic chemicals. When we found out that Bee collaborated with the renowned Jerome Epinette (he’s only the perfumer who created Byredo’s incredible scents, hello Gypsy Water), we knew Ellis Brooklyn was going to be holy grail status. 



The Excellent Body Milk

Here’s when you know a product is amazing. When you’re excited to wake up in the morning, just to shower, just to get to use your body moisturizer. That, and the fact that the word ‘excellent’ is even in the product title. Actually, we’ve always been into scented body lotions. They’re perfect for those days when you’re not doing much, maybe staying in and you don’t necessarily need to commit to a full-on perfume or cologne, but you still want to smell good. They’re also great for using as a base layer of scent to build on. Thing is, ever since transitioning to exclusively using cruelty-free beauty products, we’ve struggled to find a new go-to. Bee’s body milks are housed in gorgeous, recycled glass, lead-free bottles with an apothecary pump – so convenient. Seriously, doesn’t everybody appreciate a good, sturdy pump? Best part (besides, of course, the completely addictive scents) is that you get a full eight ounces, so it’ll last a while. It’s so annoying when body moisturizers come in smaller quantities, right? Four ounces, really?

If you’re wondering, what the hell is a body milk?, you know, versus say the traditional lotion or cream or butter, it’s a lightweight, non-greasy formula that melts straight into your skin. Meaning, you don’t have to rub for days for the product to be absorbed (who has the time?). So let’s break down the genius because yes, it’s that special. While reading through the list of ingredients (cause you know that’s what we do now…with everything) the skincare junkie inside of us did cartwheels. Turns out the formula contains one of our latest obsessions: rosehip oil, which is a lowkey workhorse ingredient as it’s great for anti-aging due to the high concentrations of plant-based vitamin A it contains. It’s also antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and packed with antioxidants. More on that here. 

Two other ingredients we were excited to see that the body milk contains are coconut oil and cocoa butter. We’re sold that these two have a lot to do with not only how soft and velvety the formula is, but also why the fragrance lasts so long. We’ve even found that mixing in a little more oil (jojoba is great) before applying makes the intensity of the scent last even longer.



The Eau De Parfum 

If you’re like us, you hate spending so much money on expensive perfumes only to have them evaporate within a couple hours (some don’t even last that long). Alone, the eau de parfum lasts a good 4-6 hours on the skin before it begins to fade. When you layer it over the body milk, the scented cream base gives the liquid something to cling onto. But don’t worry, doubling up won’t have everyone giving you the side-eye when you strut into the room. Layering simply makes them last longer. You’re really only cheating yourself if you stop at the body milk. 

The scents

When we say these scents are addicting, we do not mean that lightly. They’re reasonable priced, and truly some of the best fragrances out there, which is a combination you don’t often find in commercial scents. 

RROSE. If you like true florals like we do, this perfume is about to be your everything. Rose can be a bit tricky, though. Most people think of rose as a more mature scent, maybe something your grandmother would wear. And that’s because a lot of the times, it’s true; rose is typically paired with powdery and musky notes, which gives it a much more heavy and feel. The Shapiro-Epinette genius here is that instead of having the rose as the top note, it’s instead replaced by peony while rose opens up as one of the heart notes, which makes it come across as sensual, yet still fresh. You get more of the musk and woody base notes from the actual eau de parfum, which create the perfect balance. 

MYTH. This is the scent you wear if you like it when people are constantly coming up to you asking, “Is that you that smells so good?” It’s not so in-your-face like a lot of popular fragrances, and that’s what makes it so good. It’s clean, but still has a warmth to it. Best way to describe it is that it’s the sort of smell that you could actually smell like. In that way, we guess it sort of lives up to its name. This is our favorite of the two we tried, though they both are absolutely wonderful. 


Plant-based | Phthalates-free, paraben-free
Eco-friendly | Recycled, lead-free glass bottles (from Ecocert supplier), FSC-certified, Green Seal certified paper stock packaging, carbon-neutral shipping
Ethical | Cruelty-free, made in small batches in New York
Our top picksMyth Body MilkRrose Eau de Parfum
Price range | $55 – $100

Have you tried anything from Ellis Brooklyn yet? Let us know if you are in the comments section below. We seriously love this brand and can’t wait to try more. Did we mention Bee also makes candles? Because she does! You know we’re dying to get our hands on a couple.

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**FTC: No monetary compensation was received for this post, however products were sent to us. Opinions are 100% our own, of course.**

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