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We've tried Beauty Pie's entire range (!)

By: Amber

You know how if you saw a selfie of yourself from five years ago (selfies were actually a thing back then, right?) you would cringe at your brows? Overarched, too thin…just bad? Yup, we do that too. We had such a bad brow situation until we stopped religiously waxing and discovered the Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Brow Wiz. Life changer. Full, beautiful brows frame your face and make you look younger, more awake and sometimes even more sultry…depending on how you apply. But we were also a little late to the mascara game. We were always “lips are everything” kind of girls until we saw a friend swipe on some mascara before filming something and saw the magic between the before and after. Ever since that day we’ve been on the hunt for the perfect lengthening, thickening, voluminizing mascara — yeah, we want it all. It’s got to be a formula that doesn’t clump, can easily be layered (two or three coats), defines and gives you that “who dis?” effect, amiright? The wand needs to have a good brush too — we want each individual lash to be gripped. Aggressive ambitions, we know. And that’s not even mentioning the obvious: the formula has to be completely cruelty-free, meaning made with absolutely no animals products and from a brand that doesn’t test in animals or is owned by a parent company that sells on mainland china, and therefore tests their products on animals.

Alas, we get to Beauty Pie. It’s one of our favorite makeup brands because yes, they are 100% cruelty-free and shocker: affordable. Like really affordable, not that bullshit “affordable” that everybody likes to throw around these days. All you need is a monthly subscription, which is $10/month, and you can try high-quality mascaras (among many other products) for literally fractions of drugstore prices. We’re talking less than three dollars, people. That’s like getting Italian-made luxury for factory prices. So technically if you were some crazy mascara person, you could buy fifty your first month (because with your subscription you have a $100 spending limit so everyone can get a fair share of the pie). Not a bad idea if you end up finding a holy grail mascara from this post because we all know that gutting feeling of when a product we love is discontinued.

We tried all four mascaras from Beauty Pie’s range and here’s the verdict:

1. Uber Volume-Boost Mascara

Voluminizing mascaras are notorious for clumping during application, and we can definitely attest to that. This one does neither and is ideal if you naturally have long, but thin lashes that need a little boost in thickness. The formula is great for layering though, so if you don’t have long lashes when your face is scrubbed bare, you can easily pair this one with the Flash False Mascara. This isn’t the mascara if you’re looking for a falsies look, but it gives you the look of naturally thicker lashes. You’ll want to use minimum two coats when applying, but just note that this mascara alone doesn’t do much bulking up beyond the second coat. You know of our affinity for skincare products and there’s nothing better than makeup that works hard to improve natural beauty so we’re obsessed with the fact that this formula is infused with collagen. Color-wise, this is definitely a jet black mascara so it’s ideal if you have dark hair or skin. It really defines the lashes and makes them appear fuller.

2. Radical Lash Super Volumizing Mascara

This one comes in a nice fat tube. Don’t know why that’s a good thing, maybe because it seems like there’s more product inside so we’re getting more bang for our buck? Anyways, this is also a great one for layering and with this formula you’ll visually see a difference with each layer you apply. It doesn’t clump, it’s pure black and again is great if you have longish lashes that need a little oomph. 

You have to be careful with the brush on this one because you can get a lot of transfer if you rush and wouldn’t try and use this for bottom lashes. Best part is that this mascara doesn’t melt off in heat. Also in love with the fact that although this isn’t a waterproof formula it doesn’t come off unless you wipe it off. You don’t have to scrub and irritate your sensitive eyelid skin.

3. Flash False Mascara

Don’t know about you, but wearing falsies in everyday life is too strange, but hearing that a mascara will get us the look has us ready to swipe. Love the tiny brush this one has because you can be precise and intimate with your lashes and get every single one (if you have that kind of patience). We prefer to apply our mascara to our lashes individually instead of making huge all-encompassing sweeps and this allows you to do that. You’ll barely get any transfer with this formula, in fact, out of the four this one transferred the leaf, of at all. Like the others, this mascara is dark and dramatic, gives you a high definition look without clumping. We recommend layering this own with one of the other voluminizing mascaras because this one gives you length and makes you look more awake. This formula dries quickly, you don’t have to walk around for five minutes after applying fearing a sneeze. It’s definitely best for someone with fine lashes and wants more definition or short thick lashes and wants more length.

4. Uber Curl Drama Mascara

Because curled lashes are better lashes. Let’s talk the brush first. The inner part of this brush is much skinnier than the others, which makes it easy to apply to individual lashes on the inside corners of your eyes. Plus, plus, plus. This technique is great for separating your lashes but you have to be very strategic because if you don’t you risk getting clogs between your individual lashes, which is a no-no. You only need a few strokes of this mascara, you don’t have to pile it on incessantly to see results. If you’re a three-coat girl, we’d go for the Flash False, then this one, then the Uber Volume-Boost formula.

Application tips

Always be aware of your brush in relation to your eyelid in order to not get smudges on your top lid. Also, don’t only swipe in large strokes. Start off with one stroke that encompasses the majority of your lashes, wiggle at the base, then slide. Next, go back over with more precise strokes aiming to coat each individual lash with the top of the brush.

Experiment with layering the different formulas. No one formula will do it all and that’s okay. Sometimes the best to start off with one, go to another, and then finish off your third coat with the one oh started with. When layering, always aim to lengthen or curl before you add volume or thickness. When you pull your brush from your tube, always brush off the excess product before swiping the brush on your lashes to avoid clumping. It’s better to add extra layers than to start off with extra product. 

If you love the cat-eye look, only apply product to your inner lashes with the tip of the brush and apply more product to your outer lashes, maybe even an extra coat.

These formulas are quick-drying, but to be safe, try not to blink for 30-60 seconds after applying your last coat.


Does anyone have any other general mascara tips? Drop them below. Also, let us know which mascara is your favorite! If we get a lot of responses, we’ll do an amazing giveaway for a six-month subscription to Beauty Pie!

Let us know in the comments! We’ll be hanging out as always.

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