The Rose Perfume You *Have* to Try

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By: Dani

We told you before that Kai original fragrance was one of the best-formulated scents we’d ever tried. So it’s no surprise that the second scent debut is amazing as well. But here’s the thing. We actually like the sequel better than the original, which you know rarely happens, right? If you love true floral scents, then believe us, you will love this new scent collection. Besides, the formulas are seriously luxurious, so well-crafted. We had to talk with Gaye Straza, the creator of Kai Fragrance because we really wanted to know the story and inspiration behind the genius.

On expanding the original collection

“To be honest, it took me roughly 20 years with the original scent before I ever even had a thought of adding another scent. I’m big on layering which is what has driven Kai to what it is today, so I just kept adding here, a lotion, and adding there, a body wash and on and on. After all these years and all the auxiliary additions, I thought, “Okay, what’s next?” I knew it had to be something that could be layered but not just on its own, I wanted our new baby to be able to play well with its new sibling. It turned out better than my wildest dreams but it was scary like they always are. How do you beat the first one? Terrifying! I’m happy to say Kai*rose has surpassed those dreams.”

It had to be rose

“I absolutely adore roses probably because of my father. He was the kindest, most incredible father/mentor/cheerleader I’ve ever had, and I miss him every day. He was big on roses and he was so proud of the ones he could get to bloom. It took me by surprise and I literally just realized this scent is a tribute to my Dad. He was forever a fan of red roses, a symbol of love and the best friend I’ve ever had.”

On trusting yourself

“Everything I do is by pure gut instinct. Other than that my rules are that fragrance should never have a powdery, dusty or be a heady scent. Headache anyone? And it should always be subtle!”

Where you should apply your fragrance

“I love when a man puts his face in the nape of your neck so that’s a big one for me other than the obvious pulse points, as well just below my neck. And the Eau de Parfum? Don’t get me started, I always use it after my shower in the morning, closing my eyes I start spraying approximately a foot from the top of my head and keep heading down and around. How much and how often is such a personal thing, it’s really is one of those things that will always remain subjective.”

Fur love

“It seems we’ve almost collectively become more conscious of what we put on or in our bodies. Beyond that, I can’t believe animal testing still exists. I’d rather test it on the people doing it on the animals. Can you tell I have three dogs?”

Her top pick from the new collection

“Oh man, that’s just not fair, it’s like picking your favorite kid. If I’m pushed into a corner I’d have to say it’s got to be the Kai*rose Perfume Oil. That’s where Kai*rose started.”

Stayed tuned…

“After a few years ideas are pouring out of me like never before, and it feels so great. We’ve already added an Eau de Parfum, Body Wash and Lotion. Next stop will be our duo with the original Kai Perfume Roll On and Kai*rose Roll On. After that, the Diffuser and Skylight Candle are up next, then we’ll just have to see where the spirit moves me. I’m moving fast with another scent as we speak but being terribly superstitious I never share what I’m working on. I have to wait till it’s perfect. Like they say, but most don’t follow: Good enough is never good enough!


Plant-based | Paraben, sulfate, phthalate, phosphate & gluten free, microbead free
Eco-friendly | Recyclable packaging
Ethical | Cruelty-free, vegan, made in USA
Our top picks | Eau de Parfum, Perfume Oil
Price Range | $19 – $98

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