The Body Care Routine You Need In Your Life

We're talking anti-aging so you know it's serious | Featuring Kayo Better Body Care

By: Dani

Body care is often neglected, but not by yours truly. We value body care products just as much as we do our skincare collection. Our thing is, what’s the sense in having a (nearly) flawless face if you have dry, bumpy, uneven, dull skin on the rest of your body? Recently though, we’ve been taking our body care routine a little more seriously. We told you about our obsession with exfoliating (here, ICYMI), but it’s much deeper than that. We’re into the layering of it all.

There’s not many things as luxurious as applying oil to wet skin, right after a steaming hot shower, and preferably followed by a next-to-nothing, satin blend slip. Especially one as good as this one from Kayo Better Body Care. But first you must moisturize. All we really ask of a body moisturizer is two things: that it sinks into the skin quickly (who has the time to sit around waiting for it to dry?) and that it smells amazing. The Body Beautiful Creme checks both boxes and bonus is that it’s a completely clean formula.

We could go on and on, but we’d let Christine Bullock, the master behind the genius, break it down for you.

Why so many people neglect the skin on their body

“There are a few reasons that face care has been the priority until now. First of all, anti-aging skincare really only began about 20 years ago in the early 90’s, with a focus on face care. Before then, there was just cold creme, vaseline and basic lotions. Therefore, the last two decades science has only focused on improving the quality of face care lines. The focus has remained on face care because your face is the first thing you see on a person and where you look as you communicate the most. However, with the influx of more body awareness through the increasing fitness industry, through more revealing fashion and through social media that leaves nothing to the imagination, everyone is becoming much more aware of the other 95% of skin below their chin. This is the beginning of the “bodycare boom” like we saw in face care years ago.”

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

“It is equally important to moisturize both your body and face. We must combat aging on 100% of our skin. Our changing environment has many more pollutants in the air and the skin is the first line of defense against these aging free radicals. Putting skincare on just your face in theory is like building a fence only 4 feet around a 20 foot property. You aren’t optimally protecting the property. Body care completes the 20 foot fence and assists in protecting the skin of the body and face.”

Better safe than sorry

“It is important to keep our products clean while being affective at combating aging. Consumers spend so much time and money making sure to eat a clean diet, drink clean water, take the best fitness classes – but placing chemicals all over your face and body basically counteracts that care. I call products with fillers and chemicals hidden inside “Anti-aging AGING Cremes.” What are the chemicals doing to the skin in the long run? It will take time to find out, because we are only in the early generations of skincare science. But I don’t want to be the test subject.”

How to prevent (premature) aging

“Beautify from the inside-out and the outside-in. Thus, make sure to eat nutrient rich foods like vegetables and fruits, drink plenty of water, take time to release your stress and make sure to protect the body by applying nutrient-rich creams, serums and oils on it’s first line of defense – the skin.”

The regimen

“The order of application does have an affect on the efficacy of the product. Kayo designed the products to mimic most face care regimens. Typically serum is the lightest product so it should be applied first. Our Concentrated Firming Serum, Daily Remodeling Serum and Vitamin Boost are all meant to be applied first as a spot treatment or all over the body. A creme is the the next heaviest product usually and we recommend using the Body Beautiful Crème over any treatment serum. Oils are usually the thickest product, therefore best applied last to lock in all the nutrients applied beforehand.”

The numbers speak for themselves

“We tested our Body Beautiful Creme using an 3rd party Self Perception Study. The study used 37 women participants raging in ages and ethnicity. Immediately 92% of participants agreed their skin look smoother. After 30 days using the product 100% of participants agreed their skin looked smoother, firmer, felt softer to the touch looked more youthful and had a healthier look. I think these results speak for themselves! When do 100% of women agree on anything?”

Christine’s holy grail must-have

“My personal “can NEVER live without” product from our line (okay, this is hard because I need them all) is the Body Beautiful Crème. It is affective at hydrating and anti-aging as stated in our perception study, the scent is intoxicating and everyone needs a simple creme in their body regimen.”

There’s more to come!

“We have a full and innovative bath line along with more spring body care necessities coming in 2018.”


Plant-based | No sulfate, phthalates, dyes or parabens
Eco-friendly | No environmentally harmful ingredients, recyclable  glass bottles
Ethical | Cruelty-free, developed and produced in USA
Our top picks |Body Beautiful CrèmeConcentrated Firming Serum
Price Range | $20 – $68

Have you tried anything from Kayo’s range? Let us know in the comments!

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