Could This Be The Kit That Keeps Breakouts At Bay…Like For Real?

An honest review of what's been hailed as the most effective over-the-counter acne kit.

By: Amber

When it comes to topically getting rid of acne, there are two power players: salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. If you’re not legal yet, BP is ideal because it’s very effective at killing the bacteria that causes breakouts. The problem is that it’s also one of the harshest chemicals for the skin. It can be extremely drying and for more mature skin, this is not what you want, especially if you’re concerned about anti-aging. If you have sensitive skin, it will, for sure, irritate your skin and can even lead to unsightly flaking and cracking.

When you have acne, the no. 1 rule is what? Let’s say it together: keeping balance.

That said, you will absolutely wreck your skin’s moisture barrier if you’re past puberty and are constantly drying out your skin. Yes, us acne-prone types tend to have oily skin, but overdrying it (topically) is not the answer because it most likely will cause more acne and irritation. It can seem backwards, but here’s the thing: when you excessively dry your skin out, your skin goes, “holy shit, I’m so effing dehydrated!” and produces more oil, or for technical purposes, sebum. Excess sebum leads to, you guessed it – breakouts and pimples. So whatever you do, always remember that if your skin is freaking out, it’s because it’s unbalanced.

This could, unfortunately, be because of hormones (this includes your body’s natural hormones and hormones added through diet, mostly from dairy and sometimes meat), or because your skin is overproducing oil (due to a broken barrier function which is commonly the result of dehydration, or genetics 😩). It’s important to know your skin and track the root cause so you can properly treat the issue, but whatever it is, one thing stays true: instead of waiting for a breakout, it’s best to be proactive and use products that are geared towards bringing balance to your skin, not only drying out all the oil. This is one of the reasons why we were drawn to Lexli. But first, before we get into the details…

A little background

Like we’ve mentioned before, we’ve (reluctantly) continued to use a benzoyl peroide spot treatment and nighttime face wash despite knowing the aforementioned side-effects. On one hand, we love the idea of removing BP from our routine not only because it’s potentially doing more harm than good to our skin in the long run, but also because it would help streamline our regimens. However, when you’ve done two cycles of Accutane, and BP has proven itself to be the *only* product that keeps your chronic acne that you’ve had for fifteen years at bay (besides Accutane!), it’s hard to part ways with it.

Now let’s chat about salicylic acid for a second. It sounds kinda scary because of the “acid” part, but it’s not so bad. SA, in the simplest terms, is a BHA exfoliant that is safe to use daily. It breaks down the bonds of dead skin cells through a chemical reaction with your skin, which is perfect if you have clogged pores. We actually incorporate a SA wash about 3-4 times a week.

The kit

That brings us to Lexli and their Twice-Daily Acne System. The four-piece kit features a cleanser, an exfoliating scrub, a lotion/spot treatment, and a moisturizer with SPF. We also added their toner to our routine because, well, you know our obsession with toners/mists/tonics by now – we always like to go the extra step to making sure our pores are squeaky clean, but never stripped.

The line was formulated by a physician, which drew us in moth-to-flame style because acne is a skin disease, people. It’s a condition that most people with acne-prone skin struggle with majority of their lives. The star ingredient of the line is pure aloe vera, which easily penetrates the skins’s tissue and also encourages the healing of tissue, which is a fancier way of saying regenerate cells. When you have acne-prone skin, cell regeneration is so vital because not only does acne damage your skin in itself, but you’re constantly being left with scars and pockmarks from pimples and cysts whenever you break out. Also important to know is that all the products in the acne kit contain salicylic acid (if you were wondering what the whole spiel was about earlier).

Big promises

When we read that it’s the “most potent and effective acne treatment systems available over-the-counter,” we knew we had to try it out and report to anyone dealing with adult acne – mild or severe. We’re constantly trying products so we can share our experience with you guys, so of course, after trying to many to date we’ve become skeptics of brands’ promises. We also have been dealing with our problematic skin since we hit puberty and have tried every single topical  product available to man. So yeah, although didn’t have high hopes for this line even though the ingredients and philosophy of the brand hit all the right buttons, we kept an open mind.

While we didn’t have any active breakouts when we started using the products, we had recently gone through a major freakout, which was brought on by hormones and not clogged pores or bad eating habits. This was actually perfect timing because since we had a bunch of really dark, new scars, we’d be able to see if the exfoliating scrub would help with that in particular.

In order to see how well these products performed, we quit using our BP wash and spot treatment cold turkey! It had been our first time doing that since we were, who knows, twelve?Okay, first of all, this was one of the scariest things we’ve ever done (mild exaggeration there) and second, we were sure we were going to wake up with craters all over our face after a few days of not using it. Also want to mention we decided to weave in the Lexli products slowly. One, so our skin didn’t have fit with introducing too many “potent” products to our skin at once, and also to see which products we liked the most and which maybe weren’t so necessary.


The initial introduction included the toner and lotion. The Tone & Balance spray was up first because we weren’t currently using a toner in our simplified routine and we loved a lot of the ingredients: Pharmaceutical-Grade Aloe Vera; Purified Water; Propylene Glycol, and Vitamin B5. Long gone are the days when we desire that stripped feeling that alcohol-based toners give your skin. This one leaves your skin feeling soft and actually pretty moisturized, but it definitely still is worth using because your skin feels double clean.


We were particularly excited about seeing how our skin reacted to the Acne Clarifying Lotion because it’s basically the replacement for the BP spot treatment we were using. It’s a thin, slightly creamy formula that the skin absorbs nicely and layers easily under your moisturizer. We (thankfully) didn’t experience any new pimples while trying all the products in the kit out so we can’t vouch for how it works as a spot treatment, but the ingredients are killer and have our stamp of approval.


Next, we added the Acne Moisturizer With Sunblock to our daily routine, mainly because (gasp!) we weren’t currently using any SPF with our new minimal routine. Please don’t judge. We know how bad that it and it’s really strange for us to do, but we’d been committed to the very simple routine that a skin connoisseur wanted us to try for a few weeks to re-balance our skin. Anyway, this is a great moisturizer, great in the sense that it falls seamlessly into your routine. It’s a basic, but it’s formulated with great ingredients, especially love that it contains Aloe Vera (hydrating and soothing), Tea Tree Oil (the natural forms of BP), and Zinc Oxide (that’s the SPF) and does its job: hydrates and kills bacteria that causes acne.


The last addition to the regimen was the Acne Cleanser. Love that this cleanser contains witch hazel, which we sometimes use a pure form of a toner. But that’s another post. This cleanser also contains a hefty amount of delicious vitamins Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin D3 as well as Eucalyptus Oil, which is an amazing decongestant (free up those pores) and antibacterial (no need for BP with this wash) and an anti-inflammatory (if you have active breakouts, this will calm them down and hopefully reduce most of the redness).

Overall, it’s a sound kit filled with well-thought-out formulas. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the solution we were looking for in terms of actually getting our skin clear and keeping it hydrated, despite the amazing ingredients in the formulas. Our adult acne is very stubborn and even though our skin didn’t react badly to the products, the level of improvement wasn’t impressive. Our skin had much fewer breakouts while on the BP. However, it’s definitely worth a try if you’re dealing with mild or even moderate acne and nothing over-the-counter that you’ve tried seems to be working. If you’ve got severe, chronic or persistent adut acne, you’ll most likely need something more intense/aggressive. The price for the entire kit is just under $50, which is pretty decent. The products are pretty small, namely the exfoliating scrub, but overall it’s a good value for your money.

The only minor complaint we have is about the packaging. We’re not fans of the jar that the cleanser comes packaged in. Not only is it not the most convenient to screw off a jar top to cleanse (it’s fine for masks), but we much prefer pumping than dipping, especially with what’s used to cleanse our skin because so many germs live under your nails.

If you suffer from acne, whether is sporadic or chronic, it’s always frustrating and devastating. That’s why it’s so important to not only understand your skin, but also understand what it wants, needs, and how to satisfy that. Lexli is a great brand and we’ve had nothing short of a pleasant experience using their products. With acne, it’s all about being persistent and consistent. It sucks because you’d give anything just to have normal skin, especially if you’re minimalists like us. But we gotta do what we gotta do. Lexli is worth a try if your struggle is real and so report back! You can invest int he kit, but you can also buy any of the products in the kit separately so you can tailor it to your needs depending on the severity of your acne.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that you might experience some purging when you start using this kit. It’s just the nature of using targeted products like these.

Have you tried anything from Lexli? Let us know in the comments below!

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