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By: Amber

Our two fur babies are more spoiled than Nori and Blue Ivy put together. We’re still two iPhones behind and they’ve got the coolest litter box you’ll ever find. So you know how there are robot people? You know the types who love anything tech? Yup, not us. We don’t even use Siri. But we’re pretty obsessed with this gem we found because it *actually* works and isn’t annoying.

So picture this: instead of cleaning out your cat’s litter box before breakfast and beauty sleep, all you have to do is empty out a drawer twice a week. Okay, you probably need more of a visual. We got you.

The Litter Robot III Open-Air is a blend of tech and convenience by Automated Pet Care Products, Inc., which makes all their products in America. It’s a self-cleaning litter box that has a rotating globe that helps you cut back on the amount of cleanup you have to do. You still have to deal with poop, but significantly less. Complete win.

You’re probably wondering how this is possible. So there’s this cool self-adjusting sensor on the litter box that picks up on the motion of your cat when they enter and use the litter box. After they’re done, it automatically starts rotating so that all the clumps that your fur baby has made gets filtered out and dumped into the drawer at the bottom, which is lined. The cycle only takes about two and a half minutes. It’s pretty quiet too so it’s not like it’s going to jar you out of the zone if you work from home like we do. Once it’s full, you get a notification (not to your phone although hey, that would be really cool) to empty it. The emptying process is nothing to be intimidated by. Once you get the notification that the waste drawer is full, you remove it and dump the waste.

It took a couple weeks to get the hang of the process, but we were so pleased that our fur babies took to it eventually. A bonus about having this unit versus a traditional litter box is because of the amazing sifting that the litter box does, you end up saving up to 50% of the amount of litter you use. That means money in your pocket. So investing in a Litter Robot III Open-Air is a really smart idea.

One thing to note is that this unit is significantly larger than a standard litter box. So you’ll want to make sure you have room for it in your space. But overall, this is definitely a great product if you just can’t deal with scooping litter twice a day.


You can shop the Litter Robot III Open-Air below along with some of the best accessories for it.

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