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By: Dani

We love jeans. Like, seriously love them so much that we basically wear them on an everyday basis, because, we mean, what else? Jeans are the foundation of nearly all our outfits. They’re versatile, comfortable, and easy, three things we look for in everything we buy.

It’s funny because one night we were out with one of our friends and the conversation came to a complete pause when she blurted out, “Oh, I never wear jeans.” We stared at her like, how could you not wear jeans? Like, literally, how? Though we are minimalists, part of us believes that you can never, ever own too many pairs of (good) jeans, especially if you’re like us and wear jeans almost everyday of your life.

Just like how we’ve gotten selective about what food we eat (we’ve been vegan for a year and a half now) and the ingredients used in the beauty products we use (seriously, who wants Alzheimer’s?), we’re also paying attention to who makes the clothes we wear. Of course, by now you know that we’ve given up fast fashion and exclusively shop from brands who are committed to social responsibility in some way, shape or form. Some people would call these ‘ethical’ brands. We have two issues with that. One, the term ‘ethical’ almost always triggers an instant eye-roll reaction. We won’t lie, we used to cringe at the lame-sounding term too. It’s also too broad and very vague of a term. Are we talking clothing made sans animals products like wool, silk, fur, and leather? Fair wages for workers? Or are we talking sustaining our planet?

It’s confusing, but good thing is Monkee Genes has all bases covered with their collection. And beyond that, they’re made-in-NYC, affordable denim jeans fit as well as they look, which is such a relief because it’s been so hard finding a pair of high-quality, ass-hugging, organic jeans that aren’t, well, ugly.

And why organic?

A few facts for you. Over one million people are hospitalized every year caused by direct contact with pesticides. What’s even crazier is that almost half of the chemicals used in pesticides have been confirmed by the World Health Organization as highly toxic. Organic farms remove the use of these harmful (and expensive) pesticides and artificial fertilizers by promoting crop rotation on a three year cycle. So no, choosing to buy organic cotton is just some elitist trend; it’s one step closer to saving the fish population from over contaminated water and saving the bees and worms from going extinct, who are all adversely affected by these toxic pesticides.

So here’s the great thing behind each pair of denim Monkee Genes make: their exclusive Organic Flex fabric creates the perfect balance between elasticity and the ability to hold shape by a unique weave of ethically-sourced, organic cotton and polyester. Oh, yeah. They’ve got this down to a science. The craftsmanship is impeccable.

Fit is everything

The thing about cheap jeans, besides not being durable and/or made from materials that aren’t moveable or breathable, they don’t fit the way they’re supposed to. Aren’t you sick of cute jeans that are uncomfortable? Of that you have to constantly replace?

We all know that when it comes to jeans, if you want a flattering look, fit is everything. If they don’t fit, they’re useless. The whole point of wearing jeans is for them to hug us in the right places. Every pair we tried from Monkee Genes fit like they were custom-made based off our measurements. They have a supremely well-fitting waist. So even if you’re that person that can never find jeans that fit because if you happen to get them past your booty, you end up with a huge gap in the back (guilty), no worries. These jeans will fit your waist, butt and hips.

Our favorites from the line

Okay, so of course we have recommendations! First, we love the Monroe jean. The Monroe is a close cut jean with a cropped leg, which look great with just about any kind of shoe from a sneaker to a strappy sandal. You can choose between a regular cut for a more cropped look, or long for a ankle grazing cut.

Another favorite is the Light Grey Stream Silhouette Jeans. These are your classic, super-tight-everywhere jeans. They’re incredibly flattering as they slim you out without making you feel like you’re going to black out because the circulation in your legs is gone (that stretch, girl). We also love the Light Grey Stream color, which is a further washed version of the Grey Stream denim. It’s the perfect neutral and because of the organic flex technology, the excellent color retention means your original wash will last forever.

Ethical denim never looked so good, right?


Guys, you can shop Monkee Gene‘s denim right here. Below you’ll find the pairs we tried. Let us know in the comment below if you’ve tried a pair of their jeans already. Also, let us know if you’ll be willing to splurge on a pair…or two, or three.

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**FTC: this post is not sponsored and no compensation was received, however products were sent to us. Opinions are our own, of course.**

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  1. Amber and Dani! I stumbled upon your site a few weeks ago and am addicted since I find such great advice from you guys about living a better lifestyle. Thank you! I just followed you guys on insta too:) I love jeans and am happy to learn about your suggestions. I’m Nicole, a minimalist style and beauty blogger at casualcolie.com! Feel free and say hi anytime:)

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