The Healthy Mattress That Will Make It *that* Much Harder To Get Out Of Bed

Not even kidding. You will need to get a louder alarm.

By: Dani

We talk about a lot of important things here on GOCO – shit like, why you should only buy products that don’t require bunnies to get their eyes poked at in order for you to purchase them, the hypocrisy of the ethical fashion industry, and how making the (small) investment in a Kavaldon candle can change your life. Okay, that last one was a bit of stretch, but you get what we’re saying. However, there’s one topic that hasn’t made an appearance here in the feed yet: sleep.

Sleep is wonderful.

Which makes it surprising to see how often it is underrated and underestimated. So why haven’t we talked about it sooner? Well…truth? Our quality of sleep hasn’t always been great.

Oh, to not care what the future holds…yeah, that’s true liberation. If this is you, we envy you because we’re the creative, neurotic types who can never get to sleep because it’s basically impossible to shut our brains off at night. We’ve been suffering from occasional insomnia and broken sleep due to nighttime anxiety for years now. A lot of the stress comes from not only our incessant thoughts and noisy mind, but we’ve realized that how we sleep affects us too. Up until about a year ago we both slept on twin beds (we’re five-seven and some change, for reference) so definitely wasn’t an ideal situation for trying to get a night of sleep. Even after we switched to a larger, more appropriate-sized mattress (all hail the queen!) we still tossed and turned and sometimes would wake up damp with sweat (sorry, kinda gross).

We’ve always lived by the mantra, your bed is your sanctuary, because it truly is, or at least it should be. Beautiful, high-quality sheets, are a must. But we just hadn’t found a mattress we actually enjoyed, that we felt comfortable recommending to you guys. That is, until we tried a Helix mattress. We actually look forward to going to sleep now, which seemed a bit foreign at first, but let us tell you. Oh. My. God. It’s so hard getting out of bed in the morning when you feel like you’re lying on top clouds. Seriously, it’s bad for business.

If you have trouble sleeping, and you’ve tried everything else like we had, it may be time to question your mattress. Are your needs being met? Do you deserve better? Have you been thinking of moving on but talked yourself out of it because you’re comfortable? Oh yes, this just got real deep.

Getting started

Here’s how it works: you go on the Helix website and first you select which size mattress you want. Then you go through a short series of questions – things like sleep preferences, height, body weight, medical conditions – to determine the perfect mattress that suits all of your personal needs. It’s super quick and easy. The fact that they take so many factors into consideration is amazing.

Our favorite category is point elasticity, which is determined by your body type, sex and preferred sleeping position. At the risk of sounding nerdy, we have to say, we were wildly impressed with the fact that, say, if you have broad shoulders (we do) Helix will customize your certain pressure points on your mattress, since compressing one area of the mattress will change the way other parts feel.

Layers, baby. Layers

All Helix mattresses are built with four distinct layers, consisting of from four different foams – High Grade Polyfoam and their own proprietary blend, Helix Dynamic Foam – (including latex) and individually Pocketed Micro-coils., The density of each layer, of course, depends on the results from your Sleep Quizsurvey since every mattress is completely customized. able.

Cruelty-free, of course

The cover of the mattress is made out of 100% polyester and is pretty thin, by design – this allows efficient air flow, keeping the temperature at a comfortable level throughout the night. It also means that you really get to feel the actual foam contour to your body.

It may not seem that important but this was actually one of our top requirements when choosing a new mattress. It was so hard, surprisingly so, to find a mattress that doesn’t use any animal products. Most mattress covers are made out of wool, which is so disappointing, and not to mention doesn’t seem all that practical. Who wants to be hot while they sleep?

Fair price

When you compare the Helix mattresses to some of the other non-toxic mattresses out there, you’ll see the markup is crazy. It’s actually pretty amazing that you can get a queen bed for under $1k, especially considering that all Helix’s mattresses are one-of-a-kind since you can completely customize yours to your specific nighttime (or naptime) needs. Isn’t that what luxury is all about…exclusivity? The whole one-size-fits-all thing is so the twentieth century. Doesn’t a mattress that’s built for your sleeping habits and weight sound much better and worth the money?

Also, Helix has a really cool 100-day trial where you can try out your mattress for an entire season to see if you truly love it. If not, you can return it, easy peasy. Oh, and if you’re right tight on funds, no worries. Helix allows you to spread out your payments and break them down into 3, 6, or 12 payments. And there’s free shipping. Always.


Plant-based | Latex-free, chemical-free
Eco-friendly | No environmentally harmful synthetics, recyclable packaging materials
Ethical | Cruelty-free, vegan, designed and made in USA
Our top pick | Queen Mattress
Price range | $600 – $1,195

As we continue to try to live as consciously as possible, upgrading our mattress and greenifying (yes, we just made up that word) our sleeping situation was a big step in the right direction. What do you guys think? Do you think you’ll try a Helix mattress? Let us know in the comments below. Want to try a Helix mattress, shop it right here.

**FTC: this post is not sponsored and no compensation was received, however products were sent to us. Opinions are our own, of course.**

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