Why Don’t You Ever Have Anything To Wear…and Why?

Open-ended time, guys. Yay!

By: Amber x Dani

If you have a versatile, fully functional wardrobe, getting dressed is something you either look forward to because it’s a simple, quick, and fun experience. Or it’s not even something you think about because your well-curated closet does all the work for you. You just grab and go and look amazing. Dreamy, huh?

On the other hand, if you have a closet full of gaps and holes where nothing is cohesive or conducive to your lifestyle, getting dressed is stressful and something you spend way more time on than you wish you could.

Hey, a secret? We’re still working at building this ideal wardrobe that we talk so much about. The truth is, it’s a process that can take months, in some cases years, when you’re starting from scratch. But that’s okay because as much as we want the destination, the journey has its perks and high points. So, don’t feel bad and drop a comment below letting us know why is it that you seem to never have anything to wear.

Is it because you don’t shop strategically and buy pieces that will be cohesive in your wardrobe?

Is it because you mainly buy cheap, trendy fashion from big box stores that fall apart after a only few wears and go out of style just as quickly?

Could it be because you tend to buy clothes that are aesthetically appealing, that excite you visually, but don’t really match up with the demands of your lifestyle?

Maybe it’s because you’re a habitual bargain shopper and you often buy clothes based on how discounted they are versus how much value (in terms of increasing the utility and versatility) they add to your current wardrobe?

Are you an impulse shopper who buys things on a whim that you never end up wearing?

Is your closet perpetually a mess and therefore you have regular “oh, when did I buy this?” moments where you discover stuff int he back of your closet that you didn’t even realize you owned?

There are a multitude of reasons why you might be struggling to create outfits you feel confident and inspired in on the daily. Take a moment to share below what you think your problem (or problems, not judging) is and we can all jump in and help each other.

Come on it’ll be fun!


In your comment, explain why you think you can never find the perfect outfit to wear within your own closet. Really consider your thought process when adding pieces to your closet because that could be why your wardrobe is dysfunctional. Don’t be shy!

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