Non-Toxic Roll-ons That Will Have You Stressing Less And Sleeping Better

A thousands-of-years old way to hate your life less, basically.

By: Amber

Adulting is hard. Too bad it’s one of the non-negotiable parts of life. To help us all cope (us millennials have it hard, just saying) is Blends With Benefits. They’re all about artfully (there’s some science involved too, of course) combining essential oils to create highly effective blends. There are over ninety essential oils (yup, nine-zero) and in their British Columbia lab, which we’re sure is super chic and cute, they have the task of choosing the right oils to combine to produce desired effects. Essentially, (see what we did there?) it’s like making cocktails for your skin to improve the quality of your life. We’re talking helping you sleep better, function better, and detox from the inside out.

Since essential oils are extremely concentrated, you have to be careful which ones you apply to your skin and where. How concentrated? It takes 60,000 rose petals to make 1 ounce of rose oil. Crazy, right? There’s a level of luxuriousness that we love about using essential oils so we were really excited to try Blends With Benefits. All the oils are made with love in Canada and they come in 3-ounce roll-ons that are easy to apply and travel with.

Normally, our M.O. is to use a few drops of an essential oil to freshen up the apartment via a diffuser. It’s also a less committed way to reap all the benefits, especially if you have sensitive skin. There are also a few skin and body care products that contain certain amount of essential oils that we love. Blends With Benefits was our first foray into using them directly on our skin. Read on to hear from the team – how the blends work and the best way to get the effects of essential oils.

On the line

“We first determined which are the biggest needs from our community. Sleep (or rather, a lack of sleep) ranks as one of the biggest challenges we hear on a daily bases. For our original 6 blends, we worked with our team of Certified Aromatherapists to craft balanced blends that address each specific issue. We utilize oils that have a proven record of assisting with each specific need. We then balance the blend out to ensure maximum effectiveness. When it comes to sourcing our oils, we’ve searched the globe (literally) to blend the best organic oils (harvested in a sustainable fashion of course) for our blends.”

How the blending all started

“We saw so many loved ones turning to traditional pharmaceuticals and managing through tremendous side effects, and we knew there had to be a better way. In doing our research, we found that many of today’s pharmaceuticals are actually based on plant medicine. Essential oils are the most pure and concentrated form of this with hardly any downsides. From there, we worked to determine which are the most common reasons our community was taking traditional pharmaceuticals and crafted our blends around addressing these common needs.”

How the *magic* (actually) works

“In skin application, the oils are absorbed into the body through the skin in the same fashion a nicotine patch works. When we apply to the skin, we will also inhale a large amount the vaporized essential oil through the nose. These airborne molecules instantly connect with olfactory organs impacting the brain in (usually) less than a minute. The unique element of essential oils is that they are picked up by the limbic system (often called the ‘emotional brain’).  This system is a direct connection to the portions of the brain that control blood pressure, breathing, heart rate, stress levels, hormone balance and memory (Remember that smell of mom’s home cooking and the rush of childhood memories that come back? That is the limbic system at work). The ability for essential oils to tap into this system so quickly is one of the reasons they can have such an immediate impact on our physical and mental states.”

Essential oils aren’t as scary as they seem

“The scent can be overwhelming if the blend is too strong or it isn’t balanced. Our team takes great care to ensure that the blends are balanced and don’t overpower you (or your neighbor!). Our bodies are great at telling us what we need. If you crave/enjoy a scent, that is your body telling you to apply it.”

Should you apply to your skin, sniff, or diffuse?

“The effectiveness really depends on what you are trying to achieve with the oils. We created our roll on line to be applied directly to the skin as that is the one of the most effective ways to introduce the blends to your body in a safe fashion. We always balance our blends with carrier oils to ensure they can be applied safely. Diffusing is another great method (we are launching these shortly!) but make sure you don’t use heat in the diffusion process! We would highly advocate against ingesting essential oils unless you do under medical supervision. They are incredibly powerful and can be harmful if ingested incorrectly.”


Let us know in the comments what you think about incorporating a few essential oils into your self-care routine! We’ll be hanging out as always.

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