The Only Travel Bag You’ll Need This Year

We all have baggage. So why not make it chic?

By: Amber

Just like with skincare, we like our luggage to do all the hard work for us.

We searched high and low…like really high and really low for the perfect carry-on. We knew it would have to be a hardside one because it’s the most durable kind, had to have four wheels for optimal sliding, and be affordable…meaning not hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Come on, we can’t blow all on money before we even take off. Already that was a near impossible feat. But then add that we wanted it to look chic, we were in over our heads until we discovered Genius Pack.

A lot of time people focus on heading to a luxurious destination. But half the luxury is getting their smoothly and a lot is riding on the bag you’re carrying. You want one that’s dependable, safe, and of course aesthetically beautiful for when you ask your Uber driver to snap you before you head to security.

The 21-inch hardside spinner carry-on lives up to their name and then some. First of all, it’s currently on sale for just over $150. Steal. It doesn’t matter where you’re going because this suitcase meets the International and Domestic Carry on Allowance.

Why it’s genius

There are definitely other luggage companies that market their bags as “smart,” but let’s be real, they never look as chic as Genius Pack’s. Some of their signature features include compression straps on the interior and gel-print handles so the bag is comfortable to carry if needed.

This model has an integrated combination lock for anything extremely valuable like jewelry or a small Chanel. That’s incredibly thoughtful and useful, no? Also, we were so impressed when we noticed the discreet, but perfectly roomy area indicated for laundry. This is perfect if you’re traveling a lot or hotel hopping and want to keep track of the clothes that  we’d to be washed when you get back. Staying organized throughout the trip definitely helps save time when it comes to packing up to leave and head back home so we’re all for this feature.

You’ll never forget anything

If you’re the type who’s always forgetting something or always feeling like you’re forgetting something (us!), then you’ll love that this bag comes with a packing list inside the bag so you always remember to check it before zipping it up. This comes in handy when you’re packing to go and packing to leave.

What’s even more helpful than the permanent packing list is the interior panel engineered with designated category compartments. If you’re an organization freak like we are, these are going to make your nipples hard. With these, you don’t have to worry about packing cubes. They’re already made into the lining of the suitcase. So genius.

Easy dragging

Four wheels that spin 360 degrees was also a non-negotiable prerequisite for our go-to travel bag this year because well, if you’ve ever traveled with a two-wheeler, you know the struggle. Four wheels makes everything glide so easily and also? Genius Pack’s design has not four, but eight (!) silent-gliding spinner wheels. This bag is also extremely lightweight (under seven pounds!) so if you do have to carry it instead of wheeling it, you can do it effortlessly. We’ve got handbags that are as heavy as this carry-on.

Durable + sleek

If you’re wondering why a hardside carry-on was one of our main requirements it’s not only because it looks super sleek. You don’t have to worry about cleaning hardside luggage and it can also endure more wear and tear. In other words, if you’re as reckless as we are, don’t worry. It’ll hold up. Genius Pack took it to another level making theirs crush-proof. You know what that means right? When you’re squeezing your bag into the overhead, it won’t get dented or ruined. It’s kind of like snap back. You can crush it, squeeze it, do all kind of weird things to it and it resumes it’s beautiful original shape.

It’s for newbies and pros

This is the perfect carry-on for the seasoned jet-setter to first-timers because it has all the features needed to making your traveling easy, organized, and safe. The best products are the ones you don’t have to worry about. You know, like a bra that fits so well you don’t even realize you’re wearing it because the straps don’t fall and the band doesn’t itch and the undersides aren’t annoying. Think of Genius Pack’s hardside spinner like that.


Do you think you could pack everything you need for a trip in just a carry-on? Let us know in the comments section below! We’ve curated a special edit below full of all our favorite bags from Genius Pack! Have fun perusing!

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