Our 2017 #goals

This is how we're planning on making 2017 our bitch.

By: Amber x Dani

We don’t know about you but 2016 has been quite a year. For one – the obvious – we launched this site, which took lots of extra long weeknights and even longer weekends. 2016 was also the year we moved to Brooklyn which was a long time coming, and now that it’s been almost a year, we’re still psyched that we get to call ourselves New-Yorkers. A lot of great things happened, a lot of firsts, but honestly, a part of us is a little relieved that this year has finally come to an end and is grateful for the opportunity to start all over again. So, 2017, here’s to you.

Okay. Truth. We’ll be the first ones to admit, we’re not really into the whole “New Year, New Me” bullshit that floats around this time of the year. On the other hand, we are firm believers in setting goals, in fact we set new goals for ourselves all the time. Career/self-growth/personal development goals aside (because that would make this post super long and we want to keep the mood light, plus beauty and style resolutions are so much more fun anyway), these are the things we will be working towards this year.





Okay, so you know how you’re supposed to apply your skincare products in an upward motion and that allegedly reduces the amount of sagging you’ll experience later? Total BS. But I am way too aggressive with my face, especially since I have sensitive skin and use retinol regularly. Goal is to start patting my skin dry instead of wiping harshly and gently applying products.




I’m addicted to dressing in head-to-toe neutrals. Especially monochromatically. Ah, there’s just something so sophisticated and chic about it. And even though all-black-everything is my signature look, I’m determined to add in shades of gray, camel, blush, beiges, taupes, and I might even get crazy and slip some white in there.




First, you have to understand that say two years ago I didn’t drink a sip of water a day. Like nada. After about six months of training, I’m getting good with this during the week, but on weekends, the struggle is real. It’s not that I drink loads of juice/soda/coffee/tea/alcohol. I just have a seriously low thirst drive and I’ve gone so many years being chronically dehydrated that I don’t even think to drink anything…ever.

What can I say? I enjoy chewing better than guzzling. But I’m determined to get my water game tight. Consistency is everything and there are so many benefits of drinking adequate water from beauty to gastronomical (a little TMI: I suffer here too), so game face on. Let’s get it.




I have kinky-curly hair so really I only need to wash my hair once every week with a good conditioner when I wear it in its natural state. When I wear it straight, I can go without washing it for three weeks, no problem. But because I do use gel on my hair every day (if I leave the apartment) when wearing it curly, it dries it out and makes it super brittle.

I’m not that girl who enjoys luxuriating in lengthy showers, so the thought of washing my hair in the middle of the week is daunting. But I stuck with it for a couple weeks one time and really saw a different in my hair without all the product buildup. So, I’m committing to co-washing my hair every four days, and shampooing the excess buildup once every two weeks.




I’m not a serum girl, but I want to become one mostly because of FOMO. Yes, it’s real. I hear so many life-changing things about them so super excited to try the Cell Perfecto PM nighttime serum by YÜLI. This is a luxury  brand of natural skincare products founded by a girl who had to go through two rounds of Accutane to clear her skin (I went through one 8 years ago so I feel like we’re sisters in a subtle but meaningful way) so I’m guessing she understands the struggle of acne-prone skin and natural skincare. The two don’t always mesh well, FYI.

Anyone else gone through Accutane? Sound off in the comments!

Haven’t tried any of the goods from this range yet, but word on the street is they’re all super high-performing, especially this one time hats supposed to be amazing for treating hyper-pigmentation and acne scars.






Sooo there are a few leather pieces that I still own and wear only because I haven’t committed to buying replacements yet. Namely, my Ralph Lauren carry-all I bring to work every day to haul all of my junk with me, including my lunch, which is why the large size is crucial. I also still bring my Rebecca Minkoff crossbody when I’m out running errands, which I plan to soon replace with the Stella McCartney Falabella shoulder bag. An easy switch out will be trading my Adidas Stan Smith’s for these Converses. I also have a lot of shoes (mainly heels) for sale on my Depop that I’m hoping to sell within the next few months. So this is definitely a work-n-progress, but the plan is to be 100% leather-free by say, July.

Want to do it with me? Check out the exact process I’m going to be using here.




Meaning, the skin on my body. For the past 10 years I’ve been loyal to a skincare regimen but I’ve never actually committed to bodycare routine. Now that I’m getting older and I think it’s time. This year, I plan to exfoliate often, if not every day. Right now, I’m loving Herbivore’s Pink body scrub, but once I’m done I can’t wait to try out Josie Maran’s sugar scrub. Also, I have to moisturize my entire body, head-to-toe literally, every single day. Even if I’m running late. I’m so bad at this out of pure laziness. Let’s see how this goes. So far, I’m two weeks into this new regimen and I have to say, I’ve been doing really good.




I’m a big fan of statement pieces. It’s a great way to show your personality through your clothes. But just because a piece makes a huge statement doesn’t mean it can’t also be versatile. So as I continue to build my ideal wardrobe this year, I’m going to make sure the stand-out pieces that I buy are as statement-making as they are wearable.


So what are some of your goals for this year? We’d love to hear about them in the so leave a note in the comments section below. Are any the same as ours? What did you struggle with in 2016 that you desperately want to change? Let us know!

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