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By: Amber

We had to share our love for PHLUR because it’s rare for us to stumble upon a brand and instantly be all in. (BTW, it’s pronounced like the French for flower, fleur. If you’re wondering about the PH, it’s because the pH balance in your skin is a major factor in how the scent will smell on you. Thoughtful right?)

By now you know we’re suckers for cruelty-free beauty brands who commit to using clean, natural ingredients. (ICYMI: we told you why we love Honest Beauty, who’s killing it too.) But this brand is seriously #goals. No, but for real though. 


CONFESSION: we are beyond obsessed with fragrances and smelling good. Leaving the house without perfume kinda sorta gives us anxiety. But since going vegan, it’s been challenging to find a cruelty-free scent that could become our new signature.

Don’t be fooled.  PHLUR is so much more than ‘just another fragrance brand’ that to call it that is — we’ll say it — insulting. It’s an experience, but not just any experience. From the samples that you’ll order initially (PHLUR fragrances are only available online so they send you two samples of your choice so you can test the scents out for a week before you decide) to the extremely personalized packing (the box is designed closer to a classic Chanel flap bag than anything else and has your name handwritten on it), we promise you by the time you get to the actual fragrance you will already be in love with the brand that you’ll be ready to put your next order in.

We honestly can’t believe how such a new company could absolutely nail everything down to the details. It’s quite awe-inspiring. The best part about getting a fragrance from PHLUR is that because it’s a niche brand, it’s less likely that someone will also be wearing it. And that’s the epitome of luxury, isn’t it?

Innovation and sustainability

A brand that “cuts the BS out of perfume” is our kind of brand. If you’re wondering what that means, PHLUR fragrances are made are free of known skin irritants – silicons, parabens, phthalates, unnecessary stabilizers, and animal products (!).

And it doesn’t just stop at the amazingness you spritz on your skin. In addition to the conscious ingredients, PHLUR is mindful about every step from the packaging to who they’ve partnered with. Our favorite detail is that the bottle is not only made of 20% recycled glass, but there’s also a story behind why the glass isn’t transparent. Did you know fragrances in clear bottles require stabilizers and dyes? By PHLUR painting the bottles, we get to put less chemicals on our skin. Check plus. Eric Korman thought of everything, huh? (FYI, he’s the founder of PHLUR.) Bonus? The top is magnetic so there’s major satisfaction going on when you put the top back on the bottle. High-class.

On top of that all that goodness, PHLUR is dedicated to donating a solid $5 of every single bottle sold to support various sustainable initiatives. Come on, could a brand get anymore GOCO?

True luxury

If you’re in the midst of curating a mindful beauty cabinet/vanity like us and have been struggling in the fragrance arena because although brands like Diptyque and Byredo create amazing smell-goods, the prices are as stunning as the scents, then this is going to be a life-saving (slight exaggeration) brand for you. We tried three of their scents. Read on to see what we thought of each one.

The fragrances



This one has a wet, sweet vibe to it. It literally smells like your lover handed you a bouquet of peonies (or some other really expensive flowers) with rainwater on the petals. Basically, it’s good sex in a perfume.

If you think it’s weird or slightly absurd to incessantly smell yourself all day long, then this is not the perfume for you because the fig, hazelnut, and sandalwood inside will definitely have you desperate to smell it again and again. And again.

All PHLUR fragrances are unisex, but this one is definitely the one that can easily be shared. It’s actually an ideal gift for the couple who kind of has everything.



We had to try this one because it has “cat” in the name and yeah, we’re majorly obsessed with cats. Like, we swear it’s not healthy. And neither is how much we love this scent.

If you want to smell like a well-dressed man…or if you know one who you want to spoil a little, this is going to be so perfect. Actually, be careful wearing this one around your man if you have one. He might get suspicious!

Out of the three PHLUR fragrances we’ve tried, this is definitely the strongest and most powerful. The best part is the woody, leathery scent still has a modern, youthful vibe to it. Other notes  are vetiver, oud, and one of our faves, tobacco. This certainly is not the fragrance for you if you like smelling girly, but there’s no shortage on the sex appeal you’ll exude when wearing this. This one will get you eight hours of wear.



This is what the inside of a really expensive handbag should smell like.

If you want to smell like a rich bitch who shops in Bergdorfs, lunches at Barneys, and gets her blow outs at Harrods — this is about to be your jam. It’s bright, but still, deep but not too deep. If you like spicy, floral scents that are still vibrant, you have to try this one. The top layer is super in-your-face without being overbearing or predictable. Underneath is this peppery scent that’s absolutely addictive. And we mean it. This contains notes of mimosa and cognac.

If you wear this during the day, you won’t need a touchup until after your clock out since this gets you 10 hours of wear. But if you spray on your clothes too, it’s an all day, all night thing.

Seriously, go try these perfumes

PHLUR’s primary mission is to create experiences, not products. Like we mentioned earlier, you can only buy their unisex fragrances online, which might seem counter-intuitive because fragrances are all about the smell. Don’t worry — before you purchase a full-size 50ML fragrance, which is $85, you can test out two for $10. When you decide which you like best, you get to use that towards your purchase. Cool, right? You don’t even have to leave your apartment or get bombarded by thirsty salespeople badgering you with spritzed strips of paper while you’re just trying to find find the bathroom.

But that’s not all. After you purchase your full-size fragrance, you can gift up to five friends two samples for free so they can try the scents out for themselves.

Oh, yeah, and the customer service at PHLUR is topnotch, so if you’re worried about the whole ordering a fragrance online thing, don’t. They’re accommodating and sweet. This is a company who’s not all about business, but about making their customers excited, happy, and feel special. Support them!


Plant-based | No harmful-for-skin or harmful-for-the-environment synthetics
Eco-friendly | 20% recycled glass bottles, vegetable-based paint, FSC-certified boxes made with 100% post-consumer cardboard
Ethical | Cruelty-free (Leaping Bunny Certified), responsibly sourced ingredients, ingredient transparency, supporter of Made Safe
Our top picksHanami, Olmsted & Vaux
Price range | $20 – $85

As you can see, PHLUR is single-handedly proving you don’t have to go to a fragrance counter in a department store to indulge in gorgeous perfumes. Are you with it? Def let us know what you think of buying fragrances online, if you love the packaging as much as we do, and if you’ll be trying a couple samples in the comments section below.

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