Proof You Need To Try A Cleansing Oil

Right now. Seriously, it's that life-changing.

By: Dani

Do not take this lightly, because we’re very serious about this: We will never go back to a skincare routine that only involves a ‘normal’ face cleanser. And by normal we mean all those stripping cleansers that leave your skin feeling tight and hella thirsty after you rinse. You know what we’re talking about. Detoxifying cleansers like the Herbivore Charcoal Bar Soap are great to use every once in a while when our skin feels a little clogged and congested, but cleansing oils are now our thing.

It just so happens that this method of cleansing is nothing new (like everything great). Hello? People in Ancient Egypt (think Cleopatra) used to take full-on oil baths. Well, oils are here to stay and trust us, you’ve got to jump on the bandwagon.

For everyone afraid to put oil on their face

First off, oils actually balance out your skin. While you’re cleansing, you’re also nourishing your skin instead of stripping away all of the moisture your complexion needs to maintain its glow. And there aren’t any harsh detergents, which by the way, send your skin into oil production overdrive. So if you have *oily skin* you may just want to try cleansing with an oil. It just might be the answer.

Got acne?

Did you know that 90% of the time when people think they have oily skin they actually have dry skin? Most of the time people diagnose themselves with having oily skin because their faces are always shiny or producing lots of (annoying) oil. And then when they breakout, they are convinced that it’s because their skin is so oily, so they use a shit ton of acne washes and creams and treatments to dry out their skin, hoping it will keep the oil from coming and “clogging their pores.” This was us. For years. Oh, how far we’ve come.

What ends up happening is that because your skin is so stripped and dried out, it begins to overcompensate for its lack of natural (needed) moisture. But then because your skin is SO dehydrated, it can’t even absorb the oil that it’s producing. See how the cycle works? Mm-hm, this is why your face looks like a sweaty mess day after day after day. Your skin can’t absorb the oil, so yeah, it just sits there on the surface. One of the main symptoms of dry skin is shiny skin (think a balm man’s head) post-wash (so is large, open pores and stubborn acne scarring BTW). Is this you?

So why do so many dermatologists keep recommending these products if they don’t really work in the long run? Well, come on, they aren’t going to sell any prescriptions or make money by telling you to wash your face less, and use natural oils to cleanse your skin. Right? That’s why you’ve got us.

The magic of an oil cleanser

Like attracts like. Oil attracts oil. Make sense? Oils feed and condition the skin while gently getting rid of all the dirt and buildup. So, in a nutshell cleansing oils can be used removing makeup, anti-aging, redness, dullness/uneven texture, acne/blemishes, and oiliness.

Because cleansing oils get deep down into your skin, they actually work to treat your skin with the essential fatty acids, while extracting stuff buried beneath the surface. Suffer from constant blackheads? Try cleansing with an oil and trust us, things you didn’t know were there will come out. Kinda gross, but it’s true and we got to keep it real with you guys.

How to use

Number one, you don’t want to use a cleansing oil on a wet face – always start with dry skin. I know that may sound weird but just go with it. Work it into the skin, and then once you’re finished cleansing add little bit of water on your fingertips. Once the oil mixes with the water the formula emulsifies and melts into a creamy texture. After you rinse you notice that your skin is so bright and silky and pretty, not dry and taut. BTW, if your skin feels that way after cleansing you are actually aging yourself. Your skin should not feel this way! Time to change your routine if it does.

Our favorite formulas

First off, you have to try the Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil, ($32)  If you don’t know Josie, she’s this amazing former model, who we’ve already asked to marry us…haven’t gotten a response yet. We’ll keep you guys posted. Her formula actually heats up so it literally melts away the crap on your face. Once you add water the Argan-oil based formula turns into this milky, silky amazingness. Oh, and it smells absolutely heavenly. Fresh and citrusy. One caveat: if you wear eye makeup on the regular, especially liner or waterproof mascara, you’ll need to go over your eye area a second time to fully remove all the residue.

If you’re looking for more of a deep cleanser for removing (heavy) makeup, go for this DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, ($28). Kinda looks like basic olive oil in the bottle, but it’s so much more. This Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser, ($72) smells just as amazing as the Josie Maran oil. It has a slightly thicker consistency though, which makes it feel so luxurious when you’re massaging it into your skin, yet it still leaves your skin without the greasy feeling. When we woke up in the morning, our skin was baby soft and just…calm. Any congested areas didn’t feel as textured.

Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, ($48) is another good one that happens to be cruelty-free, non-sensitizing, non-irritating, and dermatologist-tested (if you care about any of those things, which you should). Don’t really want to spend that much money on an oil cleanser? Just use a basic oil (make sure it is 100% natural oil, not the fake, mineral oil-based ones. Options here and here), to clean your face, AKA the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method).

We should warn you…

All oils are not created equal, Some oils work great for dry skin, some may be too thick if you have acne-prone or oily skin. So it may just take a little trial and error. Remember, it takes at least 30 days to see a difference in your skin when trying any new product, so try it out for a month or so before you decide you’re not down with it.

Also, FYI: if you have true acne-prone skin (like we do) and not just oily or dry skin, your best bet is to alternate with a detoxifying or gentle cleanser that won’t aggravate or strip your skin (natural or not). From our experience, cleansing with the oil every day, twice a day caused clogged pores and breakouts. That way you are feeding your skin the moisture it needs with the oil-based cleanser, but at the same time, you are treating your skin’s needs as this is crucial for people who legit genetically have an skin-type that is prone to breakouts regardless of diet.


Definitely let us know…have you ever tried cleansing oils and loved them? Please leave a comment below letting us know which are your favorite and how you’ve included them in your beauty routine. If you’re still a oil cleanser virgin, what are your reservations and what kind of skin do you have? Let’s get the comments section below lit!

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