The Revolutionary Beauty Brand You’ll Want To Tell All Your Friends About

Because every single one of their products is just *that* good.

By: Dani

Here on GOCO we talk a lot about paraben-free this, paraben-free that. But trust us, there’s (actually) a good reason; were not just talking out of our asses with this stuff because it’s sounds cool and is on trend. Parabens are preservatives that most brands add to their makeup, skin, hair and body products because of their ability to extend the shelf-life of said products, by combating bacteria and mold. The ironic thing is, commonly used actives such as vitamins A, C and E become unstable and start loosing their beneficial properties after just a few months. Now let’s put that into perspective: the active ingredients in your products lose their potency and effectiveness after about ninety days, while parabens and other additives are designed to give products a life of (up to) thirty months. Thirty! Just think about that for a second. Thirty months is two and a half years. That’s at least a twenty-seven month discrepancy. Sheesh.

So yes, NUORI’s products are 100% free from preservatives and any other synthetic additives. In other words, no weird stuff that you wouldn’t be able to pronounce even if someone paid you to. That’s big. Huge. The idea behind the brand is to use your products while they’re fresh. That way, you get the most out of your skincare (and money, hello?) Sounds a bit obvious but, hey, thank the beauty industry for confusing us all. But NUORI make it super easy for you. Each NUORI product comes with a Start-Using-By Date (stamped on the front of every box) and an Expiry Date (stamped on the bottom of every bottle or top of each tube), that way you know exactly when your actives will be the most potent. So cool, right? Seriously, what other brand is that thoughtful? #goals, dammit. Goals.

Oh, and did we mention that all NUORI products are freshly blended in small batches in Denmark, which means once you place an order you’ll be getting extremely pure, highly-effective beauty products that, BTW, will look chic AF on your bathroom counter or vanity. So you can rest assured that their products live up to all the claims they make, which is a lot more than we can say about other mainstream brands. And the most impressive part is that they do it with all natural, plant-based ingredients that won’t break you out, fuck with your hormones, give you rashes or…cancer. I mean, come on, you know a brand is really committed to their shit when they can list all of the active ingredients they use on their site (21 total, if you’re wondering).

Guys, we really love this brand. So much. Can you see now why we’re so pumped to tell you about their products that we’ve tried? But first let’s obsess over the packaging a little (because, of course). Not only is it sleek and minimal, just the way we like it, it’s also smart in a practical sense – it limits exposure to air, light and bacteria, which optimizes the freshness of each product.

Okay, now onto the products.


Vital Foaming Cleanser

This just became a hero in our medicine cabinet. It’s the perfect gentle cleanser to bring back balance to your skin, especially while you’re using the vitamin C treatment. You only need one pump, and it’s a gentle lather that isn’t stripping. Really like it in the morning. It leaves our skin feeling balanced and clean, but never stripped. Will we give up all our other face washes until this one runs out? Possibly. It leaves our skin feeling so fresh and has the most gorgeous, citrus-y scent from the fruit enzymes inside.


Supreme-C Serum Treatment

We all know by now that vitamin C is a great barrier against a whole myriad of free-radical damage, mainly from the sun, and it’s a great anti-anger since it encourages collagen production. And if you didn’t know, now you do. NUORI’s formula uses the purest form of vitamin C, Ascorbic acid, which absorbs quickly into the skin.

We’ve used other vitamin C products and the common denominator is that they all were in liquid form, or they had a really gritty texture that seemed to never absorb into the skin fully, which is no bueno when it comes to layering. Here’s how the NUORI treatment works: it comes in two 10ml vials, which you need to use up within ten days, and as soon as you hit the dispenser the 100% pure vitamin C powder is released into the serum, which is the genius part. You then shake vigorously to activate and bring the formula to life. If you’re wondering why doesn’t it already come mixed together, it’s because vitamin C, like we mentioned, oxidizes a lot quicker than other actives – as soon as it comes in contact with a liquid it begins to lose its efficiency – so in order to get the most out of a vitamin C serum, it’s best to use it fresh.


Perfecting Facial Oil

TBH, we have sort of an open relationship with facial oils. We’re not loyal to only one, and love constantly switching them up. We just about have a different one designated to everyday of the week – there’s so many good ones out there! That said, this oil sits in the marble tray on our glass wall-shelf alongside all the other beauty oils we love love love, like this one (which is still top five), and somehow this oil seems to get more use than the rest. Maybe because this one is formulated to match your skin’s natural lipid balance, and so it absorbs quickly instead of leaving your skin greasy-looking. Yeah, that’s probably it. We put it on after applying toner, and that’s it. Our skin is calm, soft and balanced. *Magic*

Seriously, if you want to try a beauty line that’s ethical, crafted by scientists and chemical engineers, and insanely cool, go to their site now and see what catches your eye. (Warning: their site is so pretty, you’ll probably be there for a while.) And guess what? NUORI also makes body products too. We can’t wait to try some more things from their line, mostly the Perfecting Body Oil and Vital Body Balm. And the Enriched Hand Wash and Lotion duo! And yes, we pretty much just named all the products in their body line, but oh well. The obsession is real, guys.


P.S. So excited for NUORI’s new partnership with Shen Beauty in Brooklyn (yay!). They’re also partnering with many other stores in the US, including The Detox Market in LA, and Spruce Apothecary in Portland. Perfect. You can see the full US retailer list here. Also, as always, we’ve curated an edit of our favorite pieces from their collection. You can shop them below.

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**FTC: No monetary compensation was received for this post, however products were sent to us. Opinions are 100% our own, of course.**

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