When You’re Officially *Done* Looking For A Top Shelf-Worthy Face Cream

Spoiler alert: this $250 cream scores a 10 out of 10. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

By: Amber

This is the way we see it: there are skincare brands and there are skincare brands that revolutionize what it means to care for your skin.

Thar said, Dr. Timm Golueke is a legend in his own right. He’s a Munich-based dermatologist with his own clinic and his line elevates plant-based skincare by combining the powerful highly-concentrated extracts from a 400-million-year-old plant with modern scientific research to create #holygrail products that are as effective as they are beautiful to look at.

When you’re about to try a $250 face cream, a million thoughts are going off in your mind, and needless to say, your expectations are astronomically high. Aside from the stunning packaging, we’d been dying to try Royal Fern Skincare because of the incredible ingredients, including the eponymous Royal Fern Complex and others we love like hyaluronic acid, cocoa butter, and retinol (!). Can’t even begin to tell you how much this cream and this cleanser has exceed our expectations and made us the biggest Royal Fern fans in existence.

Sure, you can get tons of face creams at the drugstore for a fraction of the price, but aside from the fact that most of those brands test their products on animals and pack their products with chemicals, the formulas aren’t created using advanced cell research and they don’t melt into your skin and basically change your life like this one does. Even the smell is gorgeous. Dr. Golueke has taken sophisticated skincare to a whole new level by collaborating with a bio chemist who knows his stuff, so we of course had to pick his brain about the line and, duh, skincare secrets.

The secret behind the genius 

“[The Royal Fern Complex] is a patented complex consistent of five active ingredients: fern extracts, seabuckthorne, wild rose blossoms, voacango seed, mineral oxides. Our line is a hybrid between science and nature, developed by a dermatologist and a biochemist who holds over 500 patents for the industry. So it is a natural, but scientific backed line.”

Ingredients talk

“Of course our patented Royal Fern Complex as mentioned above, our line is the only one world wide using the ancient power of ferns. On top of that, we combine the complex with study proven ingredients mostly from natural sources like Retinol, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid.”

The product you need to try first

“I personally love our cleansing balm, it is soap and sulfate free and also removes make up gently without stripping the skin. It not only cleanses, but treats the skin due to our patented Royal Fern Complex combined with hyaluronuic acid, cucumber and green tea. And our hydra-firm intense mask, a sleep-over mask with cholorophyl, which induces the production of collagen, and our complex.”

Cream versus serum

Our serum contains a higher percentage of the patented Royal Fern Complex and extra hyaluronic acid, so it is extra firming and moisturizing.”

Why you shouldn’t use face moisturizer as eye cream

“The texture of the eye cream is different than the facial cream. It also contains specific ingredients that target common issues with the eye area. Our eye cream contains chamomile against puffiness and a higher percentage of vitamin C against dark circles.”

His anti-aging advice

“Avoiding the sun, living healthy, getting enough sleep, being happy and having good genes.”

Don’t miss the new launch!

“Our new rich cream with double moisture and double active ingredients for colder temperatures or skin in need of more moisturizing.”


Plant-based | Yes
Eco-friendly | No environmentally harmful ingredients
Ethical | Cruelty-free, everything is vegan except for the Eye Cream
Our top picks |Phytoactive Anti-aging Cream, Phytoactive Anti-aging Serum
Price Range | $85 – $295

What do you think about investing in a product or two from the Royal Fern Skincare collection? Let us know in the comments below! We’re definitely dying to try the Serum next. You can shop the full collection below as always.

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