Seasonless Staples To Instantly Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Because real style has no "wear by" date. Featuring Everlane.

By: Amber

It’s weird to even say that seasonless fashion is a big trend for 2017 because it’s the antithesis of a trend — they’re classic, well-made and exquisitely designed pieces that can be mixed, matched, and layered all throughout the year, for any occasion. In other words they’re always in style and always relevant despite what the top editors are telling you to want, buy, wear.

But let’s take it back a few steps. Because we can’t ignore the fact that season-specific clothing has definitely had its moment. Fast fashion — trendy, poorly made clothing designed to be disposed after one season — has unequivocally dominated fashion purchases for the last decade or so. Big box stores who get dangerously close to (some go all the way, let’s be real) committing design piracy, ripping off the original designs that designers work so incredibly hard on in order to bring affordable versions of high-fashion clothing to High Street. But now that top influential designers like Banana Republic, Rebecca Minkoff, and Burberry are (finally!) realizing that the whole presenting a massive RTW collection on a runway twice a year (that really won’t be *ready to wear* until the next season) is played out, where does this leave those big box stores who depend on their designs to replicate with cheaper materials and poorer workmanship? We’re not sure (we don’t have all the answers, okay?). But we know one thing for certain: gone are the days (at least for now since it’s currently trending) where of season-specific trendy pieces are all the rage.

Why is this so major? Well, as you know here at GOCO our mission is simple, but complicated — to curate a versatile, fully functional wardrobe that is specifically tailored to your individual personal style and equally unique lifestyle. We like to call this a minimal wardrobe because everything in your closet fits your style, makes you feel confident, and is effortlessly interchangeable; there aren’t any extras or things you don’t need/like/wear. Where it gets complicated is that with the prevalence of fast fashion, which let’s be honest, is super hard to resist 99% of the time, it’s hard to actually find the timeless pieces that won’t need to be replaced at the start of every season. 

We hear you yawning over there. Timeless sounds a lot like basic, and basic translates to boring. But look at these pieces as the foundation of your wardrobe, not the entirety. Your closet should be well-edited and thoughtfully curated, high-quality basics are the start. One brand who never lets us down for minimal high-quality fashion basics is Everlane. You know how they’re are a few brands who make really cool, high-quality pieces, but everything is over-the-top expensive so you turn around and go back to Zara? Like seriously unattainable? Don’t worry, we’re not rich and we understand the struggle. Everlane cuts out the middleman (the retailers who mark up like crazy so they can make a profit) so you only pay factory price…which aren’t too far off from Zara. You can read more about their commitment to radical transparency here.

Whether you’re currently in the process of overhauling your wardrobe, building one from scratch, or filling in holes, we’ve rounded up some of our must-haves pieces that you can wear all year round.

The Boxy Striped Tee 

French girls love classic stripes so of course we love classic stripes. A striped top is a great essential to have because it’s a semi-bold print but it doesn’t take as much commitment as say animal or floral print. It has a sophisticated air to it and goes with anything. We love styling this one with leopard flats for running errands in the city because mixing prints is always a good idea.

The Japanese GoWeave Sleeveless V-Neck Dress

We all know the importance of the LBD, and even though they’re one of the most versatile pieces anyone can have in their closet, it doesn’t mean you should only have one. This sleeveless option is perfect to have because it’s minimal enough to be styled all year. You can wear it on its own or have fun layering. We love this paired with a simple pair of white sneakers for a casual day look and also live it pair with a great pair of thigh-high boots to amp it up for nighttime. What we love most is the fabric. The hang is perfection, drapes like silk but isn’t. It’s actually 100% triacetate, which is crease-resistant and cooling, with a subtle texture. The perfect cruelty-free silk option.

Wait, we lied — best part is this dress has…wait for it…pockets!

The Twill Shirt Dress 

This is the best shirt dress we’ve ever owned. It has an oversized fit, hit right above the knee, and the perfect high-low hem that’s universally flattering. More deets we love? The curved shirttail hems created a softer line on the leg so they don’t cut them off and make you look shorter. This one comes in two perfect neutral shades — a vintage-y black and a mustard-toned brown. This dress also has pockets! Win.

The Relaxed Cotton Shirt 

Because who doesn’t need the perfect white shirt? Even if you have one, you probably need an update or could use a fit variation. Monochrome is the quickest shortcut to chic, and the easiest way is to pair this top with slim-fitting black trousers and you’re set. We love anything with a hint of androgyny and the the relaxed fit of this has just the perfect amount of boy. For styling, you can go classic with a pointed-toe heel or go super sleek with just the right amount of sex appeal with a pair of double-strap sandals.

The Stretch Ponte Crop Pant 

These are what you wear when you’re the type who believe leggings are totally pants, but you’re tired of people saying they’re not. These fit like leggings — stretchy, super comfy, elastic waistband — but the material is thick enough to give them the look of full-on pants. These stop right at the ankles, which we love because they’re perfect to pair with gorgeous heels, especially ones with ankle straps or even a lace-up style. If you want your legs to look super long, just add nude pumps or sandals.


What’s your take on seasonless fashion? Do you think this trend is here to stay? Do you love Everlane and what they’re doing to revolutionize the fashion industry as much as we do? Don’t hold back! We want to know your thoughts.

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**FTC: No monetary compensation was received for this post, however products were sent to us. Opinions are 100% our own, of course.**

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  1. I always lean toward the boxy striped tees. I have so many in so many colors! And I always wear them with leopard flats! Great post 🙂

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