The Skincare You Won’t Regret Splurging On, Feat. Kypris Beauty

Because proper skincare is a better investment than your 401k.

By: Dani

That’s our theory, and we’re sticking to it. Now hold on, let us explain. 

When it comes to health we’ve always been the kind of people who believe prevention is the best medicine. When it comes to skincare, we feel the same way: why spend thousands of dollars trying to treat a problem when you could have easily prevented it, and for a lot less money? Seems like a no-brainer to us. Of course, great skincare doesn’t always mean everything is high-end and expensive…but sometimes it does. For our foundational skincare arsenal, we usually stay within a 80/20 ratio of affordable versus expensive products. So while most of our products lean more on the low-end side of things, we love incorporating a few luxury items that really amp up our regimen. 

We know you will probably read this and think to yourself, “Sounds good, but I just can’t justify paying $225 for a face oil.” But let’s put this into perspective. Most conventional brands fill their products up with cheaply sourced ingredients like palm and mineral oils that are horrible for the environment and cause tremendous harm to animals. Another thing mainstream brands do is include “trophy” ingredients in their products to suck buyers in that aren’t necessarily clinically proven to be effective. When you think about it, what are you actually paying for?

So no, brands that create natural and organic products aren’t just running crazy markup scams. Not by far. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. One of the main problems is demand. Even though the natural beauty community is steadily growing, and the demand for more clean, plant-based products is increasing, it still doesn’t compare to the demand for the mainstream, conventional products out on the market. Without high demand, these products are seen as a premium, and thus the price reflects just that. On the production side of things, when you’re sourcing organic ingredients and making sure all of your worriers are paid fair wages, it’s going to take a lot more time and effort and money. We went over this in more depth here, but the point is that, sometimes, and in this case it’s definite, you get what you pay for. 

The amazing products

All products by Kypris Beauty are wild crafted, organic, clinically proven, cruelty-free, vegan, sustainably procured, sourced from local, small women-owned farms, synthetic fragrance-free, petroleum-free, synthesized with Green Chemistry, made in the US, and 100% natural and nature-derived. And the list doesn’t even stop there. Kypris as a brand is also certified sustainable by many accounts, including ECOCERT, Non GMO, RSPO Certified, Members of the Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade, Fair for Life, 1% for the Planet, Certified Therapeutic Grade. Damn.

As you can imagine, our standards for beauty products are super high, given the fact that we try a ton of new products every day, and since we’re complete skincare junkies, but we have to say this is one of the best product ranges we’ve ever tried, hands down. And that’s not even an understatement. 

Let’s start off with the Antioxidant Dew. This is our go-to nighttime serum as of late. We’ve been using it just about every day, sometimes as a moisturizer and other days as a serum. The actual formula – packed with ocean extracts and herb derived antioxidants – is more lightweight than your typical serum, but don’t be fooled. It definitely goes to work. Because of its featherweight texture it works so well as a layering piece, which we love doing. 

One of our favorite scents in the world is rose. It’s just such an ethereal smell. So when we saw the Beauty Elixir I – 1,000 Roses we were dying to try it. And let’s be clear: there is, as presumed, the essence of a thousand distilled roses in this bottle. Pretty fucking incredible if you ask us. The formula is more oil-like than a serum, but there’s a lightness to it that tells you there’s nothing inside that doesn’t need to be there. We find that it thoroughly hydrates your skin, which is great if you’re oily like us because then your skin can stop producing excess oil and find the balance it needs. We use it just about every day and – *SPOILER ALERT* – this will definitely be in this year’s 2017 Favorite products list! 

We also are in love with the Beauty Elixir III – Prismatic Array, which was specially designed for sensitive skin, since unlike most other natural oil blends, this one has no essential oils. Essential oils are great since they have so many benefits for the skin, which is why you’ll find them in just about every natural skincare line. But if you have sensitive skin then you’ll probably realize that essentials oils can be extremely irritable and problematic. We also used it as a highlighter because we’ve been into the whole highlighting-with oils thing lately – just a few dabs on the high points of our faces – and was like, “Damn. But that glow, though.” The finish is more of a sheen than a swipe of glitter. It looks youthful, flattering and, again, very natural. 

We’ve been using Kypris’s products for over two months and now, our skin is totally addicted to them. They are incredible. If you’re interested in trying out a line of holistic, high performance skin care, Kypris should definitely be on your wishlist. 


Plant-based | 100% natural, certified organic, synthesized with green chemistry, clinically proven, synthetic fragrance free
Eco-friendly | Recycled paper packaging, recyclable violet glass bottles
Ethical | Cruelty-free, vegan, co-op grown, certified sustainable, made in USA, from small women-owned farms
Our top picksBeauty Elixir III – Prismatic ArrayBeauty Elixir I – 1,000 Roses
Price Range | $64 – $225

What do you think? Is a facial oil ever worth over two hundred dollars? Let us know in the comments. Also shot out any of Kypris’ products that you’ve tried.

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**FTC: No monetary compensation was received for this post, however products were sent to us. Opinions are 100% our own, of course.**

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