The *Subtle* Art Of The Sheet Mask

Also known as, Masks for Lazy People.

By: Dani

Don’t know why, but we find sheet masks so much more fun than regular masks. Guess since we’re pretty new to the game, we still haven’t gotten over the novelty of it all. Plus, there’s no need to wash off a sheet mask when you’re done. That’s always the worst part, right? In all seriousness, sheet masks are not only nice for us lazy people, but also for anyone who has dry or dehydrated skin, travels on airplanes often, is always short on time or just likes to take really, really good care of their skin.

What started as a Korean beauty craze (there, if you don’t sheet mask then everyone’s looking at you with a side-eye), and a sort of luxury for die-hard skincare fanatics, has now become an obsession among your everyday girl (and guy) as of late. If you’re wondering, the thing that makes sheet masks a level above any other form of moisturization, whether a cream, balm, or serum, is that your skin gets a chance to soaks up all the goodness before the product begins to evaporate, thanks to the sheet, obviously. Which means whatever your mask is packed with – vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, grape seed extract – really, truly, penetrates into your skin and gets locked in. So yes, we suggest that you start burning that Diptyque you’ve been “saving for a special occasion”, run some bath water, and try a sheet mask ASAP. Just warning you, there are a ton out there to choose from. But you’re here for a reason; you want to know the best of the best cruelty-free options. We got you. And don’t worry, if you have oily skin you can still find a sheet mask that will work for you. There’s a sheet mask for just about everything – to detoxify, tone, exfoliate, moisturize, you name it.

But these are the best

The first sheet mask we ever tried was the from Joanna Vargas’ eponymous line, who’s best known for her transformative (in-office) skin treatments and her noninvasive approach to anti-aging. In hindsight, this was both a good and (kind of) bad thing. Bad because, well once you’ve had caviar it’s hard to go back to McDonald’s, y’know?

You get what we’re saying.

So while, at first glance, the $75 price tag might seem a bit overdramatic, the results-driven formulas (and the fact that there’s five in each pack) make up for it. Besides, it’s still much cheaper than going to get a facial.

Anyway. Joanna’s masks are a single sheet, so you don’t have to worry about piecing together two separate sections, and fit the face like a glove, which is actually a bigger deal than it may seem if you’ve never tried sheet masking. There’s nothing more annoying (okay, there is) than trying to multitask – scrub down the tub, get a quick ab workout in, things like that – and your mask keeps falling on the floor. Yeah, it would be great to pop on a mask and be able to chill out for thirty minutes every time, possibly in a tea bath, but most of the time, we’re just too busy or too restless. Since these are so form-fitting, we can just continue doing whatever we were doing. The aim is to keep your mask on for around 20-30 minutes, or as long as you have the patience to keep it on. We usually end up wearing them way past the 20-minute window, and always massage in the leftover essence into our skin once we take it off.

Her Twilight Mask promises to deep condition the skin to reveal a luminous, even complexion, increased cell turnover (with its Epidermal Growth Factor), and the kind of vibrant glow that makes you look like you’re beaming from the inside out – basically, you’ll look like J-lo for the day – which, like a lot of Joanna Vargas things, is actually not bullshit. It really does make your skin look calm, plump, and well-rested (read: younger) immediately after use. Instant gratification anything is the best (are we right?). Especially when it’s a truly glowing face. Besides being incredibly moisturizing, it is also luxurious and relaxing. It leaves your face feeling supple and dewy without any stickiness.

The Dawn Mask is really great because it exfoliates (delicately) with Mandelic acid, which we now know is an AHA that’s great for treating acne, anti-aging, wrinkles, and sun-damaged skin. After you remove the mask you’ll notice how soft, smooth, and refreshed your skin feels (and looks). Both masks are highly effective, as they are designed around one focus: increasing collagen. Which makes perfect sense because the number one effect of a collagen boost is plumpness to the skin, along with increased elasticity. But be forewarned: no collagen ingredient can actually ‘form’ new collagen in your skin, but it can have a temporary plumping effect which will simultaneously blur out any annoying fine lines or wrinkles. Good enough for us! And no, we won’t pick between the two. Why would we willingly subject ourselves to such cruel and unusual punishment?

Have to say, while we don’t have any fine lines to speak of, post-mask our skin did actually appear more radiant and plumped. Here’s a tip for you: if you want to take your masking to the next level, put your sheet masks in the fridge before you leave in the morning. When you get home from work, maybe after dinner, take out your mask and apply your sheet mask. This perfect for weekends too. The coolness of the mask will provide so much extra relaxation especially after a long stressful day, like a mini spa treatment. We’ve tried this a couple of times and it’s so good. Also, can we stress once again that there is no need to get out of bed to wash it off? We’d like about five thousand more, please and thank you!

Of course, we had to get you the hook up. Just for you, the team at Joanna Vargas is giving all GOCO readers 20% off their entire Amazon collection until April 21st. All you do is use 5EUT44DB at checkout.


Have you’ve tried any of Joanna’s masks? Let us know in the comments section below! As always, we’ve curated a special edit below full of all products mentioned! Have fun perusing!

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