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You’re probably wondering why we need your help, right? Because you see bloggers balling out these days, constantly being flown to the Almafi coast, Santorini, and Paris, bathed in pure luxury from start to finish, a new Dior/Chanel/Hermes in their feeds every month, you probably think the same goes for us. Hmm, not so much.

The reality of the situation isn’t nearly as glamorous. We didn’t start GOCO for the aforementioned superficial reasons. We took a risk because we wanted to effectively change the current conversation in the fashion and beauty worlds, stimulate critical thinking, and encourage people to take action to make this world healthier, kinder place. The truth is, we could make so much more money if we partnered with mainstream brands who test on animals and pay their laborers pennies for their work…but that’s not us.

Our vision is massive. We want our blog to be a community – a space where readers can come not only to learn about ways to be more conscious, but to share their own approach to ethical fashion and beauty, and the products and brands they love most. And that’s only the beginning. A YouTube channel, a high-end vegan shoe line…this is an empire in the making, and the only way we can make our dreams a reality is with your support.

And you know what? We hate ads just as much as you do and that’s why we’ve decided that we will not go that route to monetize our blog.

We do everything we can to keep costs low, including doing everything ourselves, from writing, post photography, SEO implementation, copy-editing, administrative tasks, and social media planning, research and scheduling. However, web hosting, email marketing, photography equipment, product testing, traveling for meetings, and so much more monthly expenses add up and in order to even begin making a profit, we need a little support, as we bear all of these operational costs ourselves.

And let’s not forget, the ‘free’ content we create isn’t exactly free. It takes a lot of time, research, and organization to create just one post.

We want to continue growing our blog and sharing everything we know and continue to learn about cruelty-free beauty and ethical fashion because this is what truly inspires and fulfills us.

We are extremely grateful if you decide to support GOCO monetarily. It means that you support what we do, value the content we provide, and that you appreciate the amount of hard work that goes into producing GOCO every day.And don’t worry, aside from our gratitude, you’ll be getting some pretty cool perks for supporting us monthly. And no matter the amount you decide to give, every dollar will go back into the creation of more amazing (free!) content for our readers.

What we’ll use the money for

Our initial goal is $3,000/month. That money will be enough to keep GOCO going, indefinitely, and will allow us to not have to torture ourselves in corporate America for eight hours a day and instead focus on creating the most amazing content for you.

Here are GOCO’s primary monthly costs:

Hosting. We need a hefty hosting plan to support the highest spikes in traffic we ever get so we don’t crash. That means no basic plan for us.

Email Service Provider. Our email list is our baby and our most important asset. It’s how we update our squad on new posts, giveaway launches, and other goodies. The fee for this service grows as our subscriber list grows and guys, it ain’t a pretty number!

Ongoing web development. When you run a website yourself there are a million and one small glitches that come up all the time. Then there are those gigantic things that pop up out of nowhere that have to be updated or fixed. Even the smallest issues or adding a minor feature to the site can cost hundreds of dollars since neither of us has any programming or HTML skills, so it’s something we always have to outsource.

Facebook Ads. Algorithms. All content creators hate them. Unfortunately Facebook has made it so that influencers have to pay (we’re talking big bucks) for decent reach, which basically means that no one sees our posts on Facebook if we don’t “boost” them or run official ads. We need to do this daily so we get traffic to the site.

Product testing. We try SO many new lifestyle products each month to see what the best are and it adds up. Fast. With more wiggle room in this budget, we can introduce our readers to more exciting things.

Photography/equipment. Things break. And (un)lucky for us, everything we use, from lighting to our camera lenses, is extremely delicate and expensive. Besides, we’re always trying to step it up and make our content even better.

Traffic exchange. This is our main source of traffic to the site. The way it works is we exchange traffic with other blogs paying per click. So the more we invest each month, the more traffic we get to the site.

Those are the basics. With those areas covered, GOCO can support itself. Yay!