The Masterclass

Okay, this is big. HUGE.

If you struggle with creating daily outfits (as in, “I have nothing to wear!” is your daily mantra) because your closet is an overstuffed, dysfunctional mess overflowing with randomness that you’re never going to wear, you half like, or clothes that don’t fit your lifestyle or personal style, don’t freak out; we got you. Our masterclass “Your Ideal Wardrobe” is all you need to dramatically step up your current closet sitch.

This is a 10-day email series that breaks down the key elements of a fully functional, thoughtfully curated closet. In other words, everything you need to know to finally reach your #closetgoals.  Oh, yeah, it’s completely free! No pressure or anything…

In 10 days, we’ll teach you:


  • – The key strategy to curating a fully functional closet
  • – Your personal style philosophy decoded
  • – A step-by-step guide to developing your signature look
  • – The secret to having a larger wardrobe without sacrificing function or space in your closet.
  • – A fitting room routine that will have you selecting only the best pieces for your closet
  • – The perfect size for your most functional wardrobe
  • – Why you need to end your obsession with fast fashion
  •  – Your complete guide to assessing quality of garments


After you join, use the hashtag #YIW_GOCO on Twitter to relay any questions, concerns, or comments with us. We can’t wait to help you reach your #closetgoals.