If You’re Not Supplementing, You (Most Likely) Should

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By: Dani

How many times a day do you think about your gut? No, really, how many times?

The truth is most of us don’t think about our guts at all, that is, until there’s an issue down there. Jules Miller, creator of The Nue Co., a line of organic, powder-based supplements made entirely from “real” foods, is guilty of this too, as it wasn’t until she landed in the hospital due to her IBS that she realized she had to overhaul her diet. See? Gut health is no joke, guys.

The good news is that we have Jules here to explain why probiotics (the “good” bacteria that grow in your gut and keep your intestinal eco-system healthy) are so important and why you should supplement even if you’re already eating a plant-based, whole-foods diet. Here’s a quick spoiler: stress. Stress robs our body of the vitamins and nutrients that we take in, so sometimes it’s a good idea to supplement just to be safe. As long as you don’t OD, especially when it comes to protein, but more on that below.

What’s the point of supplements, anyway?

“Vitamins and minerals are compounds necessary for the healthy functioning of our bodies. A supplement is exactly that, a way to supplement our health through products that are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals. One of the most efficient ways to do that is by taking a supplements made from organic foods, a form that our bodies can understand and digest. Our largest source of essential vitamins and minerals should come from a balanced diet of whole foods.”

If you’ve never taken supplements before

“Supplements are a great way to support our overall nutritional intake. However, first and foremost, we should be nourishing our bodies with a varied diet of fresh, whole foods. The benefits of supplements will be much greater when introduced as part of a nutritious diet. Additionally, a lot of commercially available supplements can be 50% comprised of fillers, binders and thickeners, leaving very little room for the active ingredients. By choosing a supplement made solely from organic, whole foods, we are able to provide our body with nutrients in a way that it understands – through food.

For someone looking to introduce an overall supplement into their routine, a protein with a prebiotic and probiotic is a great place to start. Protein is the building block to every cell in our bodies, supporting the immune system, hair, skin, nails and muscle repair. Our Plant Protein + Gut Food delivers all nine essential amino acids and the same amount of protein as two eggs. Our blends are fortified with prebiotic inulin and a 15 billion strain probiotic to support good gut health.”

If you eat clean, you may still benefit from supplementing

“Eating a varied diet of whole foods is the foundation of good health. Supplements can be a great way to ensure that we’re getting adequate, essential acids when the whole food items that we do choose are lacking in specific nutrients. For example, taking an organic protein supplement daily can be a great way to ensure you’re getting the protein you require. There’s a saying that we are what we digest, meaning that while some particular foods may boast a certain amount of nutrients, there are factors that affect the way our body may digest, absorb and assimilate those nutrients. Incorporating an organic supplement into your diet is a great way to ensure that you’re topping up on those nutrients and providing our body with an additional opportunity to take what it needs to be nourished.”

Results in about 30 days

“We recommend that any new supplement be taken consistently for a month to get the most out of the product you’re taking. Every body is different and therefore some may see benefits more instantaneously than others.”

It’s bigger than a product

“For us, social responsibility is about employing the best practices possible across all facets of the business from the labs we work with, the way the ingredients are sourced to ensuring the team have work/life balance. We value the provenance and development of our ingredients and product extremely highly. Working closely with a lab backed by 25 years of experience, we are able to ensure that we source only the most premium of ingredients in a fair and sustainable way.”

Where you can start

“If you’re looking to start with one key product to supplement with on a daily basis, Our Plant Protein + Gut Food is a great way to ensure you’re receiving adequate protein. Protein is the building block for every cell in our body, supporting the immune system, hair, skin, nails and muscle repair. One tablespoon-sized serve delivered all nine essential amino acids and the protein of two eggs. Additionally, our Debloat Food + Prebiotic is an anti-inflammatory blend of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and maqui fruit to soothe the stomach. Our go-to is one teaspoon, shaken with 100ml of almond milk after-dinner.”

Don’t OD on supplements – it is possible

“Every time we ingest something, we are both nourishing our bodies and also tasking it with digesting whatever we have consumed. We often feel tired after a big meal because our body has to work overtime to digest what we’ve just dealt it. Supplements should be considered in the same way. They can be an incredible effective and efficient way to nourish our bodies but in doing so, we are also throwing our body another source to ‘handle’. Unless specified by your doctor, there is usually no need to take more than the recommended daily dose as our bodies will dispose of the superfluous nutrients that it doesn’t require.”

Listen to your body

“We encourage taking something consistently for maximum results but equally, listen to your body. Our supplements are designed for daily use but can also be taken as needed.”

Ease into it

“If you are new to supplements try introducing between 1-3 at a time to your routine. But the important thing is really to ensure that you are taking good quality, highly absorbable supplements. I know that when I first introduced supplements to my routine I struggled to take them in the morning as they can be really hard to digest. I would always feel nauseous.

Our supplements work in conjunction with each other and are solely made from organic foods, meaning that they are digested far easier and more effectively (meaning no sick feeling in the morning!)”


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