The Things Getting Us Through This Winter

The cold weather, the dry skin, it can get pretty ugly, but here's how we're dealing.

By: Amber x Dani


1. Josie Maran Cleansing Oil, ($32). This is my favorite of all the ones we tried. I’m so glad we discovered this and switched over to the oil-cleansing method. When I say my skin is so much more hydrated and soft and glowing, girl, you need to try this oil. Any oil. It’s so much better than any other cleanser I’ve ever tried. My skin has never been so balanced and calm. 

2. This Body Brush, ($17). I’m really lazy when it comes to moisturizing my body after I get out my shower. Either that, or I just don’t have the time. So after I did a little Googling and found out that dry brushing 1.) is a thing, and 2.) not only helps cellulite (which isn’t a problem for me, but hey), but also is a really effective way to exfoliate dead skin away, thus revealing more youthful, moisturized skin, I decided to do a little online shopping I ended up getting mine from Amazon (it was one of the only high-quality synthetic one I could find. A little painful at first, but I’m already seeing results.

3. Diptyque ‘Amber’ candle, ($62). A lot of people can pretty much never justify paying so much for a wax in a jar (essentially), but I’m such a candle person so it makes sense to me. I just enjoy it so much, especially after a long day of work. I’m all about atmosphere, a vibe in a room. When I say this candle is warm and sensual, believe me, it is. It’s so comforting, yet subtly sexy. Diptyque candles burn so slow I’m hoping it’ll last me the entire winter.

4. Coconut oil, ($12). Everything on me gets dry in the winter – my face, my skin, and of course, my hair, which is already Brillo-pad status to begin with. Because I have to moisturize it so often, I really don’t see a point in buying any commercial products; I’d run through it way too quick and blow through so much money. Besides, coconut oil is about as best as it gets for my hair. I usually alternate with olive oil, but lately I’ve only been using coconut oil, and loving it.

5. Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap, Almond, ($16). I love that this use-for-everything-cleanser is oil-based. It doesn’t leave my body all crusty and dry once I dry off from my shower. The fact that all of the ingredients are organic is a plus. The almond scent is very neutral and unisex which is great if you live with your man, but I’m sort of dying to try the rose scent. Best part? You literally only need a tiny bit, just a few drops, and it goes such a long way.



1. Steve Madden mid-calf boots, ($89). Since Dani and I do not wear leather or suede (or any other animal products for that matter) it’s definitely a challenge to find a stylish pair of boots that aren’t cheap. I’m a sucker for anything velvet this season and my go-to neutral (when I’m straying from black) is always leopard print. While my dream is to strut around in a pair of thigh-high boots incessantly – over skinnies and faux leather leggings, under skirts and maxi dresses with high slits, or paired with tunic-style dresses – I haven’t found my solemate (so corny, I know) yet, so I’m still on the hunt. 

2. Herbivore Jasmine body oil, ($44). I get super ashy when the weather is dry and cold, so I love layering an oil under my lotion to keep it thoroughly moisturized. This one smells amazing, is sans chemicals, parabens, toxins or other junk most beauty products have, and it literally melts right into your skin, giving it a subtle glow. Need.

3. Diptyque ‘Feu de Bois’ candle, ($62). I fell in love with Diptyque because of the fiery, woody, scent of this candle. It’s beyond my favorite of the French company’s range. If someone wants to send me one so I’ll have a backup when mine is done burning, I’m totally fine with that, just saying.

4. Urban Outfitters Seed Stitch knit throw blanket, ($129). NYC winters are brutal, especially when you aren’t fancy enough to hail a taxi or call an Uber. A cable knit blanket is essential when you want to be super cozy without running your utilities bill up through the roof. This one is oversized and so incredibly soft. Come on, this with Feu de Bois burning while you curl up with your yummy cats after a long work day? This is me literally every night.


So what are some of the things getting you through this winter? We’d love to hear about them in the so leave a note in the comments section below. Are any the same as ours?

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