The Toxin-free Beauty Line Proving Skincare Is The Best Makeup

You can chill on the concealer and foundation, just get these from Abotaniq.

By: Amber

Don’t get us wrong: we love a layering our mascara, a good, light dusting of highlighter, and rarely leave the apartment without our my-lips-but-better shade on our lips. Makeup is great when you want to accentuate or exaggerate your features, but when it comes to face makeup like foundation or concealer, we use it sparingly, pretty much only when we’re going to be on camera. We’ve just always preferred a more natural look. The more skin, the better. But if you love a good beat, that doesn’t mean you should skimp on your skincare. When you put on makeup the goal shouldn’t be to cover up or mask. Whatever you are trying to hide will be there when you wash your face at night, so why not work to have the smoothest, silkiest, blemish-free, bright complexion possible?

Cue Abotaniq.

Why Abotaniq rocks

Now, you’ve probably noticed — we try a lot of skincare products. Some we like, some become holy grails, and tons never make it here on GOCO. But when we use products that actually transform our skin, even if in the subtlest ways, we have to share with you because the smallest improvement in your skin makes the hugest difference. Even the tiniest pimple can ruin your entire mood, right? So imagine finding the perfect night cream, eye cream, or serum. Better than gold.

CONFESSION: we were sucked into trying Abotaniq because of the chic, minimal packaging. Don’t act like you’ve never done it. But what’s even better than their packaging are there products. Okay, first we have to start off with their philosophy.

Fine lines, wrinkles? These terrify us all. But as we all (hopefully?) know, the earlier you step up your prevention game, the better you avoid signs of aging. Case in point: stop procrastinating. Abotaniq uses innovative scientific technologies and the most traditional and ancient botanical extraction techniques, to bring us anti-aging solutions so you don’t have to run to lunchtime procedures prematurely or pile on loads of makeup. How? Every product is designed to nourish, replenish and hydrate the skin.

That leads us into the ingredients they use in all their products, or rather what they refuse to use. Everything is completely toxin-free, yet still effective. How can this be so? Technology. Nature is good enough. But technology makes nature even better. (BTW, this is why we’re all about natural beauty, in case you were wondering.)

Okay, we hear you: what should you try first? Just scroll down. 



For skin that’s seriously smooth

We’re always a sucker for anything that will create a brighter, smoother complexion and we also love a dual-purpose product. The papaya extract in this formula exfoliates and cleanses, so you cut out a step. Guys, this actually foams up, so if you love natural cleansers, but like to stillcrave that instant gratification factor, this baby is for you.

Now don’t let ‘exfoliating’ scare you. It’s still a formula that’s gentle enough to use day and night. It won’t leave you feeling raw and stripped even though it will help dissolve surface cells that make your skin appear dull.

If your skin has been looking dull or tired, use this for a week and you’ll see a subtle, but noticeable difference. The more you use it, the more noticeable it will get. Be consistent and it will pay off.



So you can go foundation-free

We have an affinity for night creams. There’s just something so satisfying about spreading a luxurious cream all over your skin before bed. We like ours thick and creamy. The only thing that could make it better is a hardworking thick and creamy night cream. Brighten while we sleep? Yes, please.

Since we have acne-prone skin, as we never fail to remind you, we’re dedicated to prevention. That means we keep a few specific blemish-preventing products on rotation and unfortunately a lot of them are drying. This cream is so hydrating that even when we use the harshest on our skin, it feels supple when we get in bed. Whether it’s dullness or dark spots you want to fade, this is definitely a must-try from Abotaniq.



So you can stop piling on the concealer

Dear Hormonal Breakouts, we need to break up! It’s not us, it’s you.

Yes, we said it. It’s you. Only you.

There’s nothing worse than having a month full of good skin days all for your period to come around and eff everything up. Ever since completing our eight-month Accutane cycle eight years ago, we pretty much only get hormonal breakouts. But it’s just as tragic because not only are all acne scars super hard to fade, but we also have serious hyper-pigmentation so it’s not the blemish we hate. It’s the lingering dark spot that sometimes persists for six months plus.

That’s why it’s so vital for us to always keep a dark spot zapper on our top shelf. The Dark Spot Diminisher is the perfect spot treatment to use AM/PM after cleansing and toning. Yup, you can use it twice a day, everyday without getting irritated. That’s major. Also, a little goes a long way. You’ll have this tube for a while.



In case you didn’t get all 8 hours of (beauty) sleep

Eye creams are always slightly weird for us. Meaning, we use one religiously as part of our AM/PM skincare routine, but how do you know when you’ve gotten a great one? Most benefits of eye creams are long-term, geared towards preventing crow’s feet, decreasing discoloration and puffiness, and also warding off fine lines. Basically, it’s not a product that you use and see instant results, you know, how you would if you used a sheet mask. It’s not even something like a serum where you’ll likely see a difference within a month. But it’s essential to find a good one you love because in ten years, oh, you’ll thank yourself.

We have a nice thin formula that we like to actually use on our lips (do you ever do this?), but ever since trying this one, it’s become our go-to because it’s actually a lot richer and more supple, which makes it soothing after application. Oh, and we also love that this comes in a squeeze tube and not a jar. Jars get annoying sometimes, right?


Plant-based | Naturally derived ingredients
Eco-friendly | Recyclable packaging
Ethical | Cruelty-free, designed and made in New York, USA.
Our top picksBrightening Night CreamFirming Cream Concentrate For Eyes
Price Range | $44 – $129

Brands like Abotaniq make you really want to start incorporating natural, toxic-free beauty into your daily regimen, right? Which one are you most excited to try? Let us know below in the comments. If you’re still not sure about natural skincare, drop the reason for  your hesitation below too.

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**FTC: No monetary compensation was received for this post, however products were sent to us. Opinions are 100% our own, of course.**

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