The Two Guys Proving That Burning Incense Is Super Cool

We talk to the boys behind Cinnamon Projects (!) about why you shouldn't sleep on incense.

By: Amber

Our primitive memories of incense date back to when our older sister used to babysit us in the basement of our grandmother’s house. You know, burn a little something something to get rid of that stale basement smell? Let’s just say it wasn’t nearly as glamorous or as cool as burning one of Andrew Cinnamon and Charlie Stackhouse’s chic Japanese-style incense sticks, which are the perfect, not-too-big, not-too-small size, BTW.

By now you know how obsessed we are with fragrance — from perfume to laundry detergent to scented candles, we can’t get enough. (ICYMI: Cinnamon Projects’ roll-on perfume made our recent favorites roundup.) Sometimes we’re in the candle mood, but we pass up on the glow when we crave the smokiness that only a smoldering incense can bring. If you know this hubby and hubby duo it’s probably because of their background in architecture, graphic design, photography, and sculpture. But they’ve used everything they’ve learned from their experience in luxury advertising, fashion, and retail to create a line of covetable home fragrances that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are intoxicating.

Making your apartment smell bomb

“Series 01, our first fragrance project, is the result of a year-long exploration into our own creative process and inspiration. To transform our archive of inspiration, a vast collage of colors, textures, images  and ideas into experience…we turned to fragrance.

Our process of scent development began with editing images. In our archive, all images are time-stamped on entry. Once sorted by hour, twenty-four unique volumes were revealed. Taking note of the undeniable patterns and influences inherent to each hour, the project became an exploration of the dialog between creativity and time and each scent in the collection portrays the spirit of a single hour in a most inspired day.

We looked to the hours filled with abstract and environmental references to guide our atmospheric scents. With its seductive smoke and rituals, fabled history and potential to inspire and create collective  atmosphere,  incense proved to  be an irresistible canvas. The material/structural purity of Japanese-style incense served as an ideal medium for conceptual innovation.”

Why get into home fragrance

“An ancient ritual, scenting space resonates with us for a number of reasons. Mostly importantly, it’s an important step in shifting personal or collective energy.

By using a scent in your space, you prepares for what is next to come…mediation, creativity, romance, rest, etc. Each moment in our day requires a different approach and scent can easily lead the way. The lighting of a each stick can be a ritual of intention.”

Their current fave

“Currently, we are burning a lot of 4PM with the Circra Mineral in Black Onyx. Black Onyx is the stone we rely on when working on new ideas. Specifically, it encourages decisiveness and strong intuition…critical facets for a creative. 4PM has notes of Iris, Juniper, Mandarine and Patchouli. It’s impression is clear, bright and focused…ideal for concentration.”

You can burn them any time of the day, promise

“Series 01, the name of our inspiration archive, is organized into twenty-four folders which correspond to the hour of the day in which its imagery was collected.

Each Series 01 scent of incense or perfume is named for it’s hour of inspiration. With that in mind, our titles are not prescribed usage times. They are meant to remind of relationship of time to mood as well as encourage one to experiment with multiple scents.”

Why burning incense are cool

“Every format of scent has it’s own qualities. Candles create light and room sprays have a focused intensity. We love the Incense format for a few reasons. Incense smoke creates a visual atmosphere that one connects to the scent.

Also, incense has the unique capacity to evolve during the duration of a burn. In our formulas different notes are stronger at different spots in the stick. We call this Dynamic Diffusion. To shift the mood, one may easily clear one scent of incense with another without making the air too heavy.”

There might be candles soon (!)

“We love candles too. There are so many amazing one too! For us, a scent’s format is driven by the bigger creative concept…in that way, incense chose us. We would love to approach a candle series in the same way.”

What else is next

“The process of creating new scents has proven to be nothing less than addictive. Blacklight is the second perfume in our series inspired by the concept that scent may be used as a personal reminder. Recently launched in April, offered as a perfume oil and Eau de Parfum spray, it’s a very curious character.

Building on the idea of wearable reminders, we are working on a section of jewelry pieces incorporating precious metals and stones. Stay tuned.

– As told to GOCO.


We are so down with the candles! Guys, you have to let us know how you feel about burning incense! Did we convince you to try some?

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