We don't wear real fur. You shouldn't wear real fur. It's simple, really.

By: Amber

Because animals are not ours to wear. But you already know that, right?

We’ve actually made the commitment to not wear any clothing or accessories made from animal skins, including leather, wool and silk. At first, a part of us felt like we were giving up all the luxuries that we’d been aspiring to own since we were kids. But then we realized there is no luxury is owning and wearing suffering. Point blank.

Animals are not ours to exploit. (If you’re curious why we’re so passionate about not wearing animals skins and why we hate when labels who use them in their collections brand themselves as “ethical,” then you’ll love this post.) Gilat, the creator of Unreal Fur, happens to feel the same way, and it’s why Unreal one of the coolest ethical brands out there.

First, can we tell you how much we’re obsessed with Aussie designers? Uh, no. That would be an entirely separate post (but wait for it, we’re bound to write up a list for you guys one of these days). They just get something aesthetically that resonates within us so deeply. It’s the closest thing to a religious experience when you find a brand that you can connect with on so many various levels and Unreal Fur is one of them, hands down. There simply isn’t another brand that’s dedicated to making high-quality fall and winter-appropriate jackets made with beautiful faux fur that passes. Most of the imitation fur out there is either cheap-looking or poorly made. Or both. 

No animal skins allowed

Put simply – animals are not ours to wear! We can wear so many other fabrications…fur does not need to be one of them. This applies to all fabrications. I have always been passionate about animals and loved the whole idea of being able to create beautiful faux fur products with such amazing faux furs and not hurting any animals in the process.

Not using animal products to benefit or gain on a commercial basis is what we’re passionate about. We want to encourage others to take on our message and #gofaux use alternatives to animal skins, furs and create beautiful products which are not harming anyone or anything.”

Because there’s no ethical way to kill an animal who wants to live

“The inhumane way in which they are slaughtered, I’ve seen videos and short films and it makes me feel sick to the stomach seeing these factories hurt poor, innocent animals who cannot help themselves.”

PETA approves

“We may be small but we support and represent a bigger message than just being a faux fur fashion brand, we are part of a group of PETA approved organizations which aim to irradiate any animal cruelty across the world in any industry. We also want to educate others on the benefits of going faux and how beautiful the faux furs can be!”

The Unreal design process

“I alway use a mood board which is in touch with things from nature, current trends and also the core message we want to push to our customers – that you can still remain fabulous and fashionable without wearing huge, oversized bulky fur jackets.”

On why fur is synonymous with luxury

“Not being able to compete in larger markets as fur is still considered a luxury/must-have item is a constant challenge. Faux fur is cheap, does not resemble the real thing. People put us in the inferior manufacturing category cause its ‘faux’ – They don’t understand the concept of being luxurious and often as beautiful to touch and feel if they don’t have the product in their hands. Also a lot of brands/stores don’t understand our message and what we stand for.”

Unreal is totally inclusive, BTW

“They are designed for everyone! Men, children and women of all shapes and sizes! We hope to inspire women to wear faux fur all year round and not feel like it’s a one off piece for just winter. We are transeasonal, affordable, ethical luxury! We also have on trend shapes & patterns to accommodate for the younger market who love to mix and match our jackets with their favorite wardrobe pieces.”

This is the best faux fur you’ll find

“We only source our faux furs from premium quality mills who only work with faux fur. We spend more on manufacturing to ensure we get a superior product. You can tell from the way which our long pile faux fur falls on the body how luscious and soft to touch our jackets are. Spending a little more on an Unreal Fur Jacket means you can wear it for seasons to come. It doesn’t date, it doesn’t fall apart it is the ultimate faux fur piece!”

The piece you’ve got to have

Unreal Dream Jacket in Black, Silver Lining Jacket or the Elixir Coat – All three are different in their styles, however are amazing and have been super popular for consecutive seasons! There’s just no reason to wear animal fur when Unreal Fur looks this damn good. The pieces are all sumptuous and beautiful to the touch, not to mention cut beautifully and designed with the modern girl who wants glam without fuss in mind.”


Based In | Australia
Ethics | 100% vegan, sweatshop-free, PETA-certified
Best For | Luxury faux fur jackets and coats
Product Range | Faux fur coats, vests, capes, stoles, and scarves in a wide range of colors, including pink, navy, green, gray, cream and more
Price Range | $$$
Top Picks | Unreal Dream Jacket in BlackFur Delicious Jacket in Black

Unreal Fur is now stocked globally in over 20 countries, 100 cities and 450 stores. Stockists include Revolve, Shoptiques, Harvey Nichols, Rent the Runway, House Acct, Anthropologie, ASOS, Shopbop, MyWardrobe, and the Iconic.

What do you think of wearing fur? Do you make exceptions for gorgeous pieces or are you with us and NEVER wear fur? Let us know in the comments below! We’ll be hanging out as always.

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